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The world underwent significant changes over the years, and it has become imperative for business companies to adapt to those alterations using the latest technological enhancements and developments. Applications for mobile devices took the world by storm. The smarter and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, as well as business owners of established local or worldwide companies, are taking advantage of mobile applications to boost the growth of their business.

There was a time when paying for mobile app development was possible only for the biggest players in the field of business. Today, however, it’s possible for you to get your own app, even if you own the smallest store in your neighbourhood.

Mobile apps are now ruling the lives of people across the world. According to researchers, residents of the USA spend around five hours per day on their phones or other mobile gadgets. Also, they dedicate almost 90% of those five hours to mobile apps and less than 10% to web browsers.

You can probably realize that having just a mobile-friendly website won’t do the trick anymore. You must act accordingly to counter the situation and turn the table in your favour.

Already, more than 40% of small businesses have mobile apps, and 30% more are willing to build an app as soon as possible.

More than 1.9 billion websites are currently standing against 3.4 million mobile apps, but they are losing the battle. If you wish to be on the winners’ side, you need to launch an app for your business successfully. You’ll even secure an advantageous position above your rivals. After all, not everyone is planning to get a mobile app. By getting one for your business before they do the same, you will stay ahead in the race.

1. Sales generation:

There has been a lot of talk about how mobile applications can boost a business company’s growth. If you don’t know how that works, you should continue reading. The first thing that a mobile app can do for you is to generate more sales. One e-commerce company started its business back in 2012 with a website. They were getting enough sales, but they knew what to do to increase it. That’s why they shifted to a mobile app. Within a year, the company’s sales increased from more than 30,000 orders to more than 130,000. As you can see, apps can outrun mobile browsers in this category as well as others.

2. Increasing customer retention:

As the owner of a business, you must know that retaining customers are much more lucrative than finding new ones. By developing a mobile app, you will improve customer experience, which will work in your favour and boost customer retention. Many companies have already been using apps to increase retention and drive sales simultaneously.

how to increase customer retention

Customers love it when you offer in-app payment options via your app. Whether they buy products or avail services within your store or away from it, they won’t have to reach for their pockets to take out cash or credit cards. Apps let you provide unique facilities to your customers, such as placing orders on the go. If they use your mobile payments system, you can offer them special perks. With abilities like these, you will retain more customers, and it’s only possible if you have a mobile app.

3. Operational efficiency improvement:

Mobile applications help business companies target their customers efficiently, but it isn’t the only thing they can do. Your app can help your business regarding in-house operations and communications. It can even reduce your overhead expenses. One company managed to get rid of an operational issue with an application. Around 20% of the employees of this organization work at the office and all of them have email addresses. The rest of the workers perform in the field. As this company didn’t have a dedicated email address, the field-based employees couldn’t receive information about personal benefits and other matters from the HR department. The human resources group of the organization had to put up with numerous phone calls throughout the day, which didn’t remain an efficient communication system after the arrival of smartphones. Once they got an app designed specifically for their business, the company managed to reach more than 80% of its employees.

4. Reducing operational expenses:

Did you know that you can stimulate the growth of your business without even bringing your customers into the picture? There’s a company that owns more than 500 gas stations and retail stores, and it employs more than 6,000 workers. Even after generating revenue that can feed the people of a small city for several years, this organization had enough room to enhance its operations. They relied on paper-based record-keeping systems, which are slow and error-prone. As the company grew, their processing speed kept on dropping. After some time, they realized the necessity of having a mobile app. As soon as they got one, they started saving money. It started operating via mobile forms within the application for things, such as inventory, requests for parts, and guest reports. Their decision allowed them to save a significant sum of money and increase employee productivity.

Wrapping it up

Mobile apps can drive business growth in plenty of ways but unfortunately, there are too many to include in this write-up. Nevertheless, as soon as you get a mobile app designed explicitly for your business, you’ll experience the difference sooner rather than later. Besides, there’s no better time than in 2021 to give your business the jump-start it needs. So, get an app developed and see what it yields for you.

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