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Now that you’ve built a mobile application, you have to retain your users and keep them engaged at the same time. Here you’ll find a few guidelines from experts that’ll help you in this task.

Some of the best marketers and market research organizations have evidence to prove that it’s expensive to acquire a new customer than to hold on to an existing patron. Sometimes, the cost of winning over a new buyer can be 25 times pricier than retaining one.

As soon as your marketing strategies start yielding results, you’ll lay the foundation of a permanent base of customers. However, it falls to make this customer base permanent. The best way to do that is to do everything within your power to deliver exceptional experiences.

There’s an abbreviated term called DAU that stands for Daily Active Users. Almost every mobile app loses its DAUs by 77% and it doesn’t take longer than 3 days to happen. Within the next 30 days, your DAU loss rate can go as high as 90%.

It’s a perfectly normal incident, but it doesn’t mean you chose the wrong top rated development company. It isn’t about selecting inappropriate retention tactics, either. In most instances, only a handful of people will keep using the application initially after downloading it.

You have to do what you can to retain them because they’ll bring revenue for your business. To do that, you must leverage your mobile application.

The basics

According to market researchers, mobile apps usually experience challenges in building a robust and consistent base of users. In reality, about 25% of everyone downloading an app will use it only once. Sooner or later, they’ll delete it.

Percentage of mobile apps that have been used only once from 2010 to 2019

Google Play Store and Apple App Store are already full of inept or poorly built digital products. Here are the most common reasons why you may lose users.

  • Not delivering fundamental values
  • Not a fleeting first impression
  • Not influential enough to re-engage and remind users
  • Not updating frequently or not updating at all
  • Not maintaining simplicity in terms of navigation
  • Not performing up to the mark or full of technical problems

You can ask your top rated mobile app development company to fix the problems mentioned above, but it won’t work. You can send push notifications or roll out new updates, but these plans won’t stimulate engagement.

If you hope to conjure a solution that’ll work, you need to contemplate the reason why a person would use an application. The following reasons will tell you why folks prefer using mobile applications.

Simplifying lives

About 63% of all users rely on mobile apps to fix an issue to triumph over an inconvenience. If your application doesn’t cater to this basic requirement, how can you expect users to download and use it?

Usage instructions

Tech-savvy users won’t need you to hold their hands, but they actually expect you to do it. For starters, make sure the onboarding system is intuitive and smooth. After that, prioritize user experience and navigability. They should be smooth as well.

Aesthetics and design

When it comes to mobile app development, appearances matter more than anything else. Users expect you to deliver clear pages, interactive elements, intuitive navigation, and every other aesthetically pleasing trait you can include.

Consistency in terms of experience

Ask your top rated mobile app development company to create an application that’ll operate consistently across different devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Updating content regularly

The app needs to get updated, of course, but you must also update it with new content. Otherwise, stagnancy will seep in and make the app uninteresting to users.

By now, you surely have a thorough understanding of the reasons why anyone would use a mobile application. It’s time to move on to the next step to contemplate user engagement and associated strategies.

The term “engagement” has multiple meanings, but in terms of mobile apps, it means,

 “The procedure of encouraging folks to feel interested in the work of an organization or something similar.”

As you’re the service provider, it’s your job to encourage users to try your application because it gives them specific benefits they won’t get anywhere else. Therefore, user engagement is about how your user responds to your attempts of delivering something valuable.

Updating content regularly for Angular app development services - Moon Technolabs

Just enticing your users enough to keep them attached to the screen of their phones isn’t the kind of engagement you need. Your ultimate objective should be to build an app that a user perceives as something worth using as long as possible.

So, you have to nurture your patrons and showcase the fact that your app is trustworthy. You have to prove your solution is effective and reliable enough to solve their problems now, as well as in the future.

The tricks

Without further ado, this topic will delve directly into how you can leverage angular app development services to retain your customers’ interests.

1. Recognize your user

As already mentioned earlier, the key to retaining users is to understand why they use your app in the first place. Building the audience base is the foundation for designing a mobile application. However, most developers tend to forget about this aspect as they have to work on functionalities and features.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a targeted demographic. It works as the source of information, regardless of the kind of business you do. Your efforts have to align to serve your customers better.

2. Give them something really valuable

As you take care of your marketing and promotional requirements, you have to make sure your product lives up to your customers’ expectations. If your users notice that your app helps them solve one or more problems they’re facing, they’ll inevitably keep using it.

3. Performance standards

The performance standard of an app and user retention shares an intrinsic connection. If the app works sluggishly, your users will stop using it sooner or later. You can fix this sluggishness with angular app development services, but you shouldn’t stop there.

If possible, consider augmenting every performance aspect, such as crashing prevention, low latency, connectivity consistency, and adequate responsiveness to gestures.

4. Incredible UX

Just as these experts suggest, the expenses associated with mental resources include visual load, cognitive load, and motor load. How many clicks you receive is important, but you probably don’t want to deal with redundant actions.

You can avoid this issue by putting labels on the buttons correctly. You must also be wary of the location, as well as the flow. In doing so, you’ll dial down the cognitive workload of a user. In simple words, you have to make the application navigable.

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5. Personalization

When it comes to retaining and engaging users via mobile applications, you’ll need your providers of angular app development services to help you personalize the app for your users. To do that, you have to recognize your user base and their preferences.

You’ll need the following pieces of data.

  • Location
  • Use case
  • Gender and age
  • When the use the application
  • Previous behaviour or conversion history

Once you have a proper understanding of the members of your user base, you should create user groups having similar preferences. It will allow you to gather data relatively easily and improve the user retention capabilities of the application.

You can rely on Artificial Intelligence for this task as it has profound user data collection and processing abilities.

6. Utilize push notifications smartly

Experts believe you can bolster user retention by up to 20% just by incorporating push notifications. It’s possible to increase user retention even further by including time-optimized and behavior-based notifications.

The former, for instance, can increase engagement via push notifications by seven times. You just have to send notifications at the right time of the day.

Almost 68% of all users remain dormant. They installed the app but forgot about it. Push notifications will work as a reminder for these people.

7. Reward them

Monopoly in business doesn’t exist anymore. Therefore, it’s safe to assume you have a competitor who sells the same product. It means you’ll be competing for a similar customer base. If you want them to choose you over your competitor, you should offer rewards.

You can reward them in multiple ways.

  • Give them discounts
  • Present exclusive deals to the most loyal buyers
  • Present incentives to someone who abandons the cart
  • In-app credits

 angular app development services for Reward them - Moon Technolabs

8. Refresh your content

You’ll hire dedicated developers for building the app, but you’ll also need content marketers, developers, writers, and copywriters to refresh app content.

You must keep on updating visual, textual, and audio-based media consistently to ensure things don’t get boring.

Just think of Spotify – the recognized platform for music streaming. The controllers of Spotify always attempt to introduce new playlists. It often offers a playlist to a user consisting of songs he/she has been listening to for an entire year.

This particular feature became so popular that the marketing campaign of Spotify went viral.

9. Utilize social media

Many companies out there haven’t yet been able to capitalize their presence on social media platforms fully. It’s mostly because they focus on social media marketing only. They forget about the other specialities of these platforms.

For instance, allowing users to log in to your application using their social media account credentials will make it convenient for you to include new users. By integrating your app into social media platforms, users will be able to share media, news, and other pieces of info directly from your application.

10. Pay attention to users

If you’re going to hire dedicated developers to build an app, you have to pay attention to your users to improve the app even further. To do that, you have to accumulate user feedback and take action based on the reviews.

You shouldn’t let negative reviews bring you down, though. In fact, one negative review will help you to enhance your application. For instance, if you augment it, you’ll solve problems faced by users. As a result, other users will also know what to do if they face the same issue.

Negative reviews will, of course, prevent folks from downloading and using your mobile solution. However, if you respond quickly to help a user mitigate a problem, you’ll prove to everyone else that your company is responsible.

69% of all individuals who gave negative reviews against an app feel that a business company is better than its competitor if it replies promptly to user concerns.

11. Keep track of your efforts

Multiple analytics tools are available to everyone these days. You can use these tools to ascertain the most crucial user engagement and retention metrics.

  • Customer churn, for instance, gives you the percentage value of customers who aren’t using your app anymore.
  • Revenue churn gives you the percentage value of receive you lose from churned users.
  • Net promoter score is the measurement of loyalty and user satisfaction.
  • Loyal customer rate is the percentage value of users using your app consistently for some time.
  • Customer lifetime value is the revenue amount generated by one customer.

The ultimate aspect of these metrics is that they help you take action to enhance your application.

Final words

User retention and engagement are the things that differentiate a successful app from a failing one. Engagement is all about delivering value through your application. After all, an app that can fix a problem is the one an individual will choose to use.

Just as you’ll take your time to seek out the best agency before you hire dedicated developers, you need to plan your approach to user engagement carefully, starting from the first stages of development. Once you publish it and customers start using it, you can track performance standards and utilize user feedback to pinpoint improvement opportunities.

Just like app maintenance, user engagement is a process that never ends. For your app to be a success, you must listen to your users, adapt to whatever they suggest, and deliver accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to recognize your user base and contemplate their preferences, you should come up with a target demographic.
Constant monitoring, constant updates, and keeping tabs on user feedback should help you enhance the performance standards of your application.
You can give discounts, offer exclusive deals to the most loyal buyers, provide incentives who abandon their carts, etc.

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