tips to expand grocery delivery business in 2021

Over the last couple of years or so, the popularity of online grocery shopping increased significantly. Boosting online sales is the primary goal of almost every web-based business, whether large or small. Whether you’re hoping to create an online grocery delivery app solution or already have one, you need effective strategies to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Here you’ll learn what to do to grow your online grocery store in 2021.

The sphere of e-commerce has been growing at an incredibly fast pace over the last few years and in almost every industry. However, even a short while ago; it didn’t get much of a strong grip in the grocery market. Researchers found that the consumers purchased only 3% of the groceries sold by every online dealer in the US. Naturally, retailers began to think in despair that nobody wants to buy groceries from web-based stores.

Then again, the scenario started changing swiftly. Between 2016 and 2018, the online grocery market doubled its value. At the moment, market researchers are saying that online grocery sales will increase by at least three times within the next decade. While reservations are still there, many consumers are becoming more comfortable with ordering groceries online.

Even then, many grocery business owners aren’t being able to take advantage of this incredible market potential and earn profits. The low margins along with low purchase volumes are making many grocers see e-commerce as a dead end. They can’t use the facilities offered by e-commerce to grow their business.

So, what should these business owners do to increase sales and grow their grocery business?

Increasing your sales usually comes down to offering an incredible customer experience. Despite the sudden spurt in the popularity of online grocery shopping, many consumers are trying to buy groceries over the web for the first time. There are also a few who are attempting to give it a second shot shortly after the outbreak of COVID-19. As it’s a new venture to many folks, you can expect them to be a little apprehensive.

grocery business ideas to expand

The only way to increase sales and grow your online grocery business is to understand the fears your customers are facing at the moment. You also have to come up with solutions to address those fears. As a retailer, you must keep showing your customers that you can address every concern they have and that you can do it consistently. You must provide shoppers with timely order fulfilment services and accurate delivery. Every shopper has to be able to enter your online store with ease, find what they need within a few minutes, and check out as quickly as they entered. Also, the items should arrive at their doorstep soon after payment. So, what the most common concerns that are pestering your customers? What do you need to do to address them?

(1) No control: Consumers tend to be somewhat strategic when shopping for groceries. They enter a store with a mission. Since they get a chance to touch and analyze every product before buying, they feel as if they are in control of everything. It isn’t the case when purchasing online. They lose their autonomy, which makes them feel powerless. According to the senior vice president of a renowned online grocery organization, they are an intimate purchase. Buyers provide them to their kids, parents, and other members of their families. Understandably, they will only purchase groceries from dealers with whom they have a trust-based relationship.

    • Solution 1 – What can you do to build such a relationship with your customers? You must provide them as much information as you can about every product. This information has to be educational. Additionally, you should offer alternative options so that they feel they are still in control of what they’re purchasing.
    • Solution 2 – Proactive communication is the next strategy you must employ. If you can’t meet a specific preference of a customer, you must communicate that to him/her. After all, you can’t make the mistake of surprising your customer with products they don’t want.

(2) Unfamiliarity: Nobody wants to step out of their comfort zone because they’re familiar with it. A buyer knows where he/she must go to purchase groceries when he/she steps out of the house to drives downtown. They know what the store looks like, which aisles have the products they need, and they’re also familiar with the routines of the store and their own budget. These facts prove how uncomfortable grocery shopping can be to some folks. If you wish to increase your sales, you have to add seamlessness to the transition.

    • Solution 1 – The first thing to do to help your customers counter this fear of unfamiliarity is to engage them via emails or social media content to let them know how to order items online. You must educate them on how they can arrange for a home-delivery or resort to curbside pickup. It’s an incredible opportunity to share recipes or promote exclusive holiday groceries early.
    • Solution 2 – Some dealers have special products to offer every week, and customers want them. If you’re one of those sellers, you have to find a way to make them available online.

(3) Expiry date: Grocery shopping also incorporates adhering to appropriate timings. Your customers wonder how much time they have to get the items back home and store them. For instance, if they purchase an ice-cream cube, they’ll want to get it back home and shove it inside their refrigerator before it melts. When they opt for a curbside or doorstep pickup, they’ll expect you to have the infrastructure needed to make such deliveries. They’ll also hope your drivers will operate with as much urgency as you do.

    • Solution 1 – You need to plan the routes your grocery deliverers will take. Just make sure you don’t try to do it manually, especially if the route is too complex. You can use software solutions to do it.
    • Solution 2 – Another excellent idea is to convert your curbside pickup system to work like a drive-thru. You have to develop a workflow that allows groceries to remain refrigerated for as long as possible before they reach the curb from where your customer will pick them up. You should collect the payment online and facilitate a swift, contactless experience.

To conclude

The fame of e-commerce grocery delivery will continue to increase with time, and it isn’t going to die down anytime soon. Since new shopping habits are forming right now, you have a chance to exploit the online world and make e-commerce grocery delivery systems work in your favor.

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