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There’s no end to the list of benefits that you can reap if you indulge in fitness, but, of course, you’ll also need discipline and consistency to be able to stick with an effective routine for an extended period. Only then you can bathe in the advantages of fitness, and the following apps can make it possible for you.

A lot of people out there think their smartphone is just for sending & receiving text messages, making phone calls, and scrolling through social media platforms. These folks aren’t leveraging the power of their pocket-sized powerhouses. If you’re one of them, and if you want to get into shape, you only need your phone. Indeed, you won’t require anything else to track, manage, and stay atop your fitness or wellness objectives. Mobile apps for fitness and wellness are exclusive programs that’ll run on your tablet, phone, or other electronic gadgets once you download them. Some of these apps are free to use while others need you to spend a couple of dollars every month to unlock premium features. Nevertheless, all fitness and wellness applications simply aim to offer motivation, guidance, and accountability.

At this point, you’re probably wondering which applications you should use. Well, here you’ll find the names of 10 apps that almost every fitness and wellness buff in America. This list will also come in handy for those who want to invest in the ever-growing market of fitness. All the apps described here have free versions and paid versions. Some of them also have in-app purchases. Usually, the best digital fitness solutions possess flexible subscription options and provide different workout routines specific to your needs, fitness levels, and abilities. Users can even customize programs based on what they need and what they don’t. The features of these apps made them successful, and those who want to build something similar should incorporate them in their on-demand fitness and wellness tracker app solutions.

The list

Without further ado, this write-up will take you directly into the details.

1. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

The specifications

  • Users can download and use this application for free on both Android and iOS devices.
  • It features workout videos, routines lasting 5 to 30 minutes, routines for the entire body, abs, arms, and even cardio sessions, as well as workout instructions. There’s also a timer.

Why this one?

This one isn’t just an app designed by a top rated fitness and wellness app development company. It’s the perfect digital fitness solution for people who want access to hundreds of workout routines and exercises without spending an arm and a leg. You should try it if you’re a first-timer who wants to attempt working out every day or if you don’t want to empty your pockets just to get into shape. Some people can’t afford to pay gym membership fees while others hate getting ogled at by other attendees. This app is precisely what these individuals need.

2. MyFitnessPal

The specifications

  • Everyone can download this app for free and use it. Also, the paid version involves paying just $10/month as the subscription fee. It works on Android, as well as iOS devices.
  • This app lets users track calories, connect with peers, measure fitness activity levels, and create exercise & food logs. It has over 350 workouts and can connect to more than 50 devices and other applications.

Why this one?

MyFitnessPal happens to be one of the most recognized and widely-used on demand fitness and wellness tracker app solutions among the people of the USA. After all, it has a powerful database of activities and food items to consume. It also makes things easy for users to log in and track their progress. The massive workout library and the ease of connecting it with other applications make up for the icing on the cake. MyFitnessPal has been holding the top spot in every list of the most popular fitness and wellness solutions because of its capabilities. Even recognized app publishers acknowledge its effectiveness and usefulness.

3. Zones for Training

The specifications

  • Just like the others, this one is free. Users can download the app and use the same for free, but if they want to upgrade it to the professional version, they have to pay $6. This app works only on iOS platforms.
  • The application can monitor the user’s heart rate, offer heart rate exercise zones, and track heart rate while doing cardio workouts and strength training.


Zones for Training - Moon Technolabs

Why this one?

Only a top rated fitness and wellness app development company can create something like this one. It’s also one of the best fitness apps for people who own an Apple Watch. If you hope to take your heart-rate monitoring game to the next level, then Zones for Training will give you intricate information, as well as metrics. By using this app, you’ll stay in the zone where your heart rate remains in tandem with your workouts. You only need to keep tabs on your Apple Watch to check your pulse. It’ll monitor your activity levels to ensure you stay in the fat-burning phase if that’s your goal. It’ll also inform you when you reach the peak of your limits.

4. Glo

The specifications

  • While this application is available for free, you’ll have to pay $18/month to gain access to the more exclusive features. It is available on iOS, as well as Android.
  • This app is specifically for those who want to indulge in yoga, meditation, and Pilates, and workshops and lectures on the same.

Why this one?

This app is suitable for yoga fanatics of all skill levels. It’ll give you access to routines, classes, and guidelines to help you improve your abilities. Whether you’re still struggling with the tree pose or doing some of the most advanced moves, Glo will cater to your requirements. Both first-timers and veteran yoga-lovers will love this application. You’ll be able to take your training to the next level with tailored classes to satisfy your unique requirements, whether it’s about reducing stress, improving sleep or general strength development and training.

5. Fooducate

The specifications

  • This app is available for free, but in-app purchases can cost anywhere between $2 and $50 for the professional version and a few extra features. You’ll find it on both iOS and Android.
  • It’s mostly about educating fitness fanatics about food. It also has food intake tracking features, a barcode scanner, recipes, community support, and tips for dieting.

Why this one?

When it comes to getting results from workouts and fitness routines, your diet will dictate a lot of things. If you want to find out how many calories you’re dumping down your throat, and if you hope to track those calories, you’ll need Fooducate. Despite being a relatively old application, it’s one of the best applications of its kind. The barcode scanning system, for instance, will give you a grade letter that’ll help you ascertain if you should buy and consume it at all or not. It’ll also give you a complete nutritional breakdown of whatever food item you purchase.

6. JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

The specifications

  • This one is also free for everyone to download. However, you can choose to pay a subscription fee per month that amounts to $7 only. It’s available to Android and iOS users.
  • It can create customized weight training routines, track your workouts, give you massive exercise libraries, community support, and even measure body statistics.

Why this one?

This app is for you if you hope to sculpt your body using weights and become fitter, just like those movie stars you see on TV and your phone. Weight training only looks straightforward, but it isn’t. First-timers need to learn a lot of things before they can start lifting, and this app will provide you with the right guidelines, as well as the tools you need. You’ll also receive ongoing support from the always-active support community.

7. Sworkit

The specifications

  • Premium subscription costs $10/month, but you can also download it for free and use it. Find it on Android and iOS mobile app stores.
  • This app is mostly for strength training, stretching, cardio workouts, and yoga.

Why this one?

Sworkit provides beginners access to workouts, helps them learn unique exercises, set specific goals, and create their own fitness routines. It earned popularity among people in both Google Play and iTunes for the flexible features it has to offer. Apart from offering yoga, stretching, strength training, and cardio workouts, you can add the amount of time you can delegate to your sessions. You’ll even be able to create your own workouts.

8. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

The specifications

  • This app is available to users for free, but for premium subscriptions, one must pay $6/month. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, this app will work on both.
  • It offers customized workouts, virtual training, and workout data analytics.


PEAR Personal Fitness Coach - Moon Technolabs

Why this one?

If you’re in search of a personal trainer, but can’t find one, PEAR deserves your attention. Other than offering an all-inclusive workout library, you’ll receive real-time training from specialists. The Personal Fitness Coach of PEAR isn’t just a calorie counter, and it also tracks your calories. It will adjust your workout sessions to enhance their efficiency while your data keeps changing.

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9. Headspace

The specifications

  • Just as all the other apps here, this one is free to use after downloading, but premium services cost $13/month. This application works on both Android and iOS devices.
  • It offers sleep sounds, guided meditations, yoga training, wind-down exercises, and relaxing music pieces.

Why this one?

If you’re after guided meditations, Headspace will give you what you seek. It offers instructions from experts combined with unique programs suitable for individuals of all ages, fitness levels, and personal requirements. For those who simply want to reduce mental stress, Headspace will be the best mobile app for them.

10. The 7 Minute Workout

The specifications

  • This free application comes with in-app purchases costing about $4. Both Android and iOS users will find it in their respective app stores.
  • It features audio, video, and textual demonstrations of 12 different exercises.

Why this one?

Most people don’t get enough time to indulge in fitness, but with such an app, no one will be able to make excuses. The simplistic interface and fundamental workouts offered by this application will allow you to get the most out of your sessions. After all, you can spare seven minutes every day, right?


Well, there you have it – the 10 most popular fitness and wellness apps in the USA. Now, if you’re planning to build an app of your own, you’ll probably want to know the cost of fitness and wellness mobile apps. The problem here is that the expenses associated with the process can differ from one app development agency to another. Also, the features you choose to add to the app will dictate the cost of fitness and wellness mobile apps. Now, if you already have an idea worth investing in, consider searching for a reputable development agency for further information.

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