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Fashionable people hold on to their smartphones as if they’re glued to their hands. You can leverage this inestimably high demand for more fashionable sartorial products by creating a mobile application for shopping. Just don’t avoid the apps that are already popular in the USA. You can learn a lot from those businesses and the apps they’ve built.

You’re probably aware of the modern catchphrase that goes “There’s an app for that.” Apple came up with it and even trademarked it. However, no living soul could predict how impactful this statement would turn out to be.

Whether it’s about food, fashion, or fitness, mobile devices and mobile applications rule just about everything. It became much more noticeable during the COVID-19 pandemic and after it.

During the second quarter of 2019, retailers with physical stores in the USA reported an incomprehensible reduction in foot traffic by 75%. Then, in the first half of 2020, e-commerce stores experienced an increase in sales by 30%.

Today, fashionable people hold on to their phones as if the devices are glued to their hands. The demand for fashion shopping apps is at its peak right now. Every individual in love with dressing their best will appreciate a new mobile app that caters to their requirements.

So, if you’re planning to penetrate the field of fashion e-commerce, you should definitely hire a top-rated mobile app development company in New York.

The 10 best apps

Today’s customers want to purchase everything online. With more than 67% of mobile device users relying on their smartphones for “window shopping,” now is the perfect moment for you to build yours.

The features mentioned above may not be enough. In that case, the following examples should guide you in your venture. You have to try to make your application as effective as the ones mentioned below.


Satisfying personal sartorial preferences gets easier for folks with the app of ASOS. The brand doesn’t just offer trendy products but does so at surprisingly affordable prices. Buyers can plow through incredible collections or inspect items selected explicitly for them via the “Your Edit” section. 

2. Amazon

This brand is popular in all four corners of the world. However, Amazon recently took its game of fashion a couple of notches higher recently. It has been adding new garments and accessories constantly for some time. Buyers can buy products based on exclusive deals, special sales, designers, latest entrants, prices, and more. 

3. Depop

When it comes to e-commerce fashion app development, Depop deserves your attention. It offers sustainable and affordable ways of buying and selling garments at discounted prices. This platform has everything from vintage pieces to streetwear. 

4. ThredUP

Fashion fanatics just can’t stop singing praises in the name of thredUP. The specialty of this app is its filtering system that allows buyers to search for precisely what they seek. This application makes it extremely easy for patrons to pay, process any returns, and chat with the customer service representatives of the company. 

5. Shopbop

Shopbop lets its users discover the newest trends in the sphere of fashion. It also presents pieces created by budding designers. Shopbop is a retailer with a worldwide presence that keeps you informed about the most preferred items combined with a super-fast checkout experience. 

6. Zara

The clothes offered by Zara are available in brick-and-mortar stores, but the app makes shopping much more convenient. The clarity of the search bar above the app’s screen simplifies browsing. It even lets buyers scan products when inside a physical store to ascertain their exact sizes. You should definitely attempt to include the features of this app with e-commerce fashion app development services. 

7. Etsy

Etsy lets buyers gain access to editors’ picks. It also lets them communicate with the owners of shops and even sell their items through their mobile devices. Etsy is specifically worthwhile for buyers who seek vintage items from local businesses or thrift stores.

8. Zulily

Zulily is quite popular among fashion enthusiasts because it helps them find attractive deals for their entire families. Zulily particularly emphasizes clothes for babies and the requirements of mothers. Buyers can avail of almost 70% off on prices quoted by brick-and-mortar retail establishments.

9. Gilt

Gilt is perhaps one of the few fashion app brands where buyers can expect up to 70% off on recognized brands, such as Valentino and Jimmy Choo. Gilt is the best place to buy clothes for men, children, and a few home products too. While searching for e-commerce fashion app development service providers, don’t forget to acquire references from Gilt.

10. Finery

This app also has a special ability worth exploring and integrating into your app if possible. Founded by the model Brooklyn Decker, this app lets its users organize their wardrobes by personalizing their virtual closets.

Why develop an app?

At this juncture, you may want to know whether it’ll be worthwhile for you to invest in app development services. Well, a couple of eye-opening statistical data pieces are mentioned in the segment above.

Google researched the subject further and found that over 58% of smartphone users rely on their devices to explore product prices, compare products, and make purchasing decisions accordingly.

Also, mobile devices are now the main information source. Folks take their phones out of their pockets whenever they need info regarding special offers, deals, and discounts.

This graph from Statista displays the percentage increment in sales of the entire retail e-commerce field from 2017 to 2025.

percentage increment in sales of the entire retail e-commerce - Moon Technolabs

The benefits of development

Numerous advantages come with hiring a top rated mobile app development company in New York. The abilities possessed by modern mobile devices, when combined with a mobile app, can help you create new opportunities.

  • Hardware accessibility

As opposed to websites, mobile apps have the power to interact with the microphone, camera, accelerometer, and geolocation features of a smartphone.

  • User experience

There isn’t anything better than a mobile application if you hope to deliver an above-par user experience.

  • Building a community

By adding a few social connectivity features to your fashion e-commerce mobile solution, you’ll allow them to share information about the items they purchase.

  • Engagement

Mobile apps also surpass every other means of digital engagement. If you resort to the gamification of your app, you’ll be able to come up with much more effective business promotion strategies.

  • Push notifications

With push notifications, you can showcase media content and educate your users about the latest offers and discounts engagingly.

  • Payments

If you expect your customers to pay for your products through mobile payment platforms, you’ll need a mobile application. Mobile payment systems and gateways offer multiple payment methods and support various currencies.

  • Personalization

App analytics will provide you with insightful information about customers. For example, you’ll know when they choose to buy something, what kind of device they use to run your app, whether they have children or not, and their favorite pastime activities.

How to build an app?

There are two paths to creating an app for a fashion e-commerce platform. Almost every top rated mobile app development company in New York follows them.

How to build an Fashion app - Moon Technolabs

  • Using app development software

This one is the most pocket-friendly and easiest method of building a customized e-commerce mobile app for fashion. It doesn’t require the services of a developer with in-depth coding experience. Unfortunately, it isn’t the best choice, especially if you hope to create something feature-heavy.

  • Using conventional development services

This approach, as you can probably guess, is much more expensive. It’s also the only way to create a high-quality shopping application. Mobile apps designed by professional developers aren’t just reliable but have more chances of becoming successful.

Must-have Features

For customers to use an e-commerce mobile application, it has to come with a specific set of features. So, make sure the creators of your fashion app development solution incorporate the following.

  • For onboarding

If you hope to build a shopping application with the power to attract people, the onboarding process should be simple and easy enough for everyone to navigate. You also have to include something that’ll help your customers if they can’t recall their passwords.

  • Profile creation

Registration wouldn’t have been necessary if you were about to create a website. Without a registration system in place, it’ll be a challenge for you to reach your patrons and would-be patrons on your fashion application.

  • Several accounts

If you’re a business owner with a marketplace, you’ll need an account creation system for customers and sellers. The accounts for sellers should come with an exclusive collection of features, including product addition, accepting payments, etc.

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  • A landing page

An application’s landing page is often the first thing users explore after onboarding. You must include information on the landing page that’ll appeal to your users.

  • A catalogue of products

There has to be a catalogue enlisting the products you have to offer on your mobile application. This catalogue should have clean images, product names, and the price of each item. If possible, consider allowing your customers to decide on the layout.

  • Pages for the products

Every product included in the catalogue requires individual pages containing information, such as product image, description, reviews, and a button to add items in the virtual shopping cart.

  • Enhanced searching

You have to categorize the product searching system with the support of your mobile fashion app development solution providers. It’s also worth adding smart searching systems to ensure your app can predict whatever a customer searches for.

  • Favourites

Customers should receive the opportunity to add products to their list of favourite items, as well as the shopping cart. The cart is, of course, the final stage of the buying process, but the most common problem business owners have to deal with is abandonment. You can reduce it by adding eye-catchy CTA buttons and giving discounts.

Must-have Features in Fashin applications - Moon Technolabs

  • Push notifications

Push notifications give mobile apps their greatest advantage. They appear on mobile devices instantly, and they’re usually bright enough to be visible. According to digital marketers, push notifications have an extremely high open rate. You should use them to inform customers about discounts, exclusive offers, and bonuses.

  • Programs for loyal customers

Customer loyalty programs aren’t just powerful tools of marketing. They can increase sales beyond your imagination. The personal profiles of each customer should have info about bonuses, discounts, and loyalty programs.

  • Product feedback

Also called reviews or ratings, product feedback is a necessary system. It lets buyers learn more about a product. After all, when buying online, customers can only see pictures and read descriptions. Information shared by previous buyers will help them make the right choice.

  • Communicating with dealers

If your platform is going to be a marketplace, then you have to create a communication system. Through it, your customers will connect with your seller base.

  • Making payments

Among all the features of an online retail app, payment support is an important one. It should be able to process and manage payments easily and swiftly. Most buyers will abandon their carts if the payment system isn’t up to the mark.

  • Ordering and tracking deliveries

After placing an order, customers deserve to know how you’re handling it. You have to send push notifications to your buyers whenever you receive an order. The moment you dispatch it, you should notify the customer of an estimated delivery time.

  • Confirming orders

Once the customer receives the product, they should be able to confirm that they’ve received the product. They should also have the chance to place complaints if they find something amiss.

  • Analytics

Another crucial aspect of online retailing incorporates analytics. Even the best fashion app development solution won’t be of any use without it. Analytics give you an understanding of the way your customers react to the promotional campaigns undertaken by your business.

Final considerations

Whether brand-oriented or community-oriented, fashion mobile applications have emerged as an overpowered tool with the ability to disrupt and reinvent the omnichannel experience. Despite appearing overcrowded from the surface, you still have a chance to grab your portion of the lucrative business pie of online fashion retail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile apps come with numerous advantages, especially when combined with new-age smartphones. You’ll find a list of those advantages enumerated above.
An app will be incomplete without exclusive features. A few extra ones, such as Augmented Reality, map integration, gamification, voice search, and a page for blogs will give you the edge you need against competitors.
The cost of an e-retail platform for fashion can be anywhere between $25,000 and $200,000. It can be even more than that.
Several factors dictate the cost of development, including the tech stack, design complexity, features, complicatedness of the features, and the size of the development team.
If you’re thinking about investing in app development, then you probably have a website already. You must make sure both platforms have the same design standards and colours. You should also synchronize the two.

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