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If you run a comparison between the best mobile app development software programs and platforms for Android and iOS devices, you can segregate the ones with which you create high-quality applications.

Software programs for app development are applications that help developers with the development process. These programs offer unique functionalities, such as coding-free development, IDE, data synchronization, templates, and analytics.

These programs allow every custom software development company to finish the work faster. These tools give APIs to make the integration process easier for backend services. In short, app development software solutions simplify the overall process of development.

Such programs also provide features, such as assisting workflow design and hardware compatibility. Today, numerous app development software solutions are available. IT agencies specializing in app development use them to build apps for mobile devices, browsers, and desktops.

Here’s an image displaying how developers create applications.

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App development software programs are platforms containing an all-inclusive suite of necessary, as well as interrelated tools. These tools facilitate the development, deployment, and even updating of the application. They contain functionalities required in every stage of development, such as coding, designing, integration, deployment, testing, and more.

With these tools, it’s even possible to upgrade the app other than advertising and marketing.

Here’s a graph displaying the statistics of downloads from App Stores of Google and Apple across the world.

statistics of downloads from App Stores of Google

A tip from professionals

Before choosing a software program for app development, the best custom software development company suggests considering the supported platforms, pricing plans, deployment options, and developers’ tools that’ll work with it.

The best programs 

If you continue reading, you’ll find a collection of 10 different app development software solutions you can use for your project.

1. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator lets developers finish projects ten times faster than usual. It facilitates developing apps on iOS, Android, and the web for your business.

Being a low-code platform that allows super-fast development and delivery of mobile and web applications, it reduces the overall development time. Developers won’t have to write line after line of code to create applications.

Zoho Creator also offers a few exclusive features, such as JavaScript, Artificial Intelligence, third-party integrations, cloud functionality, offline accessibility, multiple-language support, and payment gateway integration.

About 7 million people spread throughout the world use Zoho Creator. Additionally, these users have already developed and released more than 6 million applications.


  • It lets a custom software development company build more applications effortlessly.
  • It remains connected to business data and collaborates with teams.
  • It generates insightful reports.
  • It provides instant access to mobile applications.
  • It adheres to exceptionally effective security standards.


Zoho Creator lets developers build native mobile applications quickly with its cross-platform app building system. It allows them to create apps on the internet and publish the same on Android and iOS devices.

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2. Quixy

Quixy is often the first choice of small, as well as large enterprises.

Business enterprises are in love with Quixy and its cloud-based system that doesn’t require developers to write code to build applications. Furthermore, Quixy is easy enough for even a few tech-savvy commoners to create technologically advanced solutions for mobile devices.

Quixy can automate the workflow, build simple or complicated applications fit for enterprises, and eliminate prioritized manual processes. Business owners can use it to customize their requirements and build an app ten times faster than conventional development procedures.


  • You can build the interface of the app the way you want by using its simple drag-and-drop feature from more than 40 different fields. These fields include e-signature, rich text editor, widget for facial recognition, QR code, and more.
  • It can help design processes and build simple to complicated workflows, whether sequential, parallel, or conditional. It even has a visual builder that aids this task. It lets developers configure reminders, notifications, and escalations for every step associated with the workflow.
  • With it, you can integrate third-party apps seamlessly using Webhooks, connectors, and API integrations.
  • It supports app deployment with just one click and allows developers to introduce changes on the go without any downtime. It works on all browsers and all devices. It doesn’t even need a steady internet connection to work.
  • The software program generates actionable dashboards and reports in real-time with the option of exporting data in several formats. It also schedules automated report delivery via multiple channels.
  • It’s an enterprise-ready solution with SOC2 Type2 and ISO 27001 certification. It has all features an enterprise will need, including SSO, on-premise deployment, custom themes, IP filtering, white-labeling, and more.


Quixy is an entirely visual, cloud-based, and easy-to-use app development platform that works for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. It facilitates app development without coding. You can automate the entire process of development across departments using this software program.

3. AppSheet

AppSheet is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and large.

With this mobile app development software solution, top mobile app development companies can build and deliver feature-rich applications. Just like the other two programs described above, it doesn’t require developers to write code.

When it comes to enterprise-level solutions, AppSheet eases the task of development with team collaboration, shared innovation, lifecycle management, and security & governance.


  • This solution synchronizes data in the background and even in offline mode.
  • It comes with specific functionalities needed for performance optimization and controlling the overall lifecycle of an application.
  • It gives developers a centralized platform for management and increases their productivity.
  • Based on the pricing plan you choose, it provides format ruling and custom branding features.


AppSheet is an app development software solution that works on the cloud, as well as on-premises. It’s suitable for building applications on Linux, Windows, and even Mac. 

AppSheet gives developers unique functionalities for app customization with features like image capturing, maps & GPS, signature capturing, barcode scanning, and more. It even provides prioritized support and customized training.

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4. AppyPie

AppyPie is good for businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and large.

AppyPie has been helping top mobile app development companies build multipurpose applications from the first day. It comes with a massive range of app-building systems. Regardless of the kind of app you want to build; AppyPie will help you create it.

Usually, when developers change something in an app that’s already in the market, they have to resubmit it. However, if they use AppyPie to make those changes, resubmission won’t be necessary.


  • It’s one of the few app development software programs that allow you to create radio applications.
  • AppyPie boasts of having a prototyping tool for iOS and Android devices.
  • This solution can provide app analytics.
  • It comes with multiple features, such as push messages, IAP, GPS, etc.
  • There’s a platinum pricing plan that lets you remove the branding of AppyPie and include your own.


AppyPie is an app development software program that works on the cloud and on-premise systems. It lets developers create applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux. App developers love it for the features it has to offer. They can select the ones they need while eliminating the rest.

5. Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps is perfect for small and medium businesses only. It’s also the favourite of freelancers.

With it, the top mobile app development companies can create native applications for Android and iOS devices. These trained developers won’t even have to draw from their pool of programming knowledge to build something. After all, it’s a drag-and-drop app builder.

It also offers premium add-on features, such as a private app store, multi-language support, signature, and group management. The design engine is simple and easy enough for anyone to understand.


  • Bizness Apps gives developers access to a library of more than 800 fonts from Google.
  • It comes with ready-to-use templates suitable for various industries combined with a collection of 1000 icons.
  • It has specific features tailored specifically for technology, marketing, and design.
  • It provides app integrations, around 20 app credits, and unlimited PWAs.
  • In terms of building, it offers features like menu, messages, info-1-tire, info-2-tire, info-3-tire, emailing list, and more.


Bizness Apps works on the cloud, as well as on-premises. It’s suitable for building apps that’ll work on Linux, Windows, and Mac and provides features like a signature, app analytics, geo-targeted push notifications, etc.

The platinum payment play gives developers access to features, such as digital marketing assessments, app design services, and app promotional materials.

6. iBuildApp

iBuildApp is often the first choice of small and medium businesses, as well as agencies.

By choosing iBuildApp, you won’t have to worry about limitations concerning the number of individuals using your application. It contains about 25 app features that’ll help you engage your customers. You can also edit and update an already created app at any moment.


  • iBuildApp will give you loyalty cards and coupons that’ll help you attract repeat business.
  • It gives you a toolkit that you can use for promotional purposes.
  • It lets you send push notifications.
  • It allows developers to customize a feature for an application.
  • It facilitates app development for various industries, including event planning, radio, healthcare, restaurant management, educational facility management, etc.
  • It provides developers access to over 1000 different design templates.


iBuildApp lets you create applications for Android and iOS devices. Apps built using this software program also work on tablets. It provides features, such as content management, Zapier integration, audio player, Google Maps connectivity, and more.

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Providers of IT services and solutions prefer using to build applications for medium and large businesses only. is a low-code platform for developing hybrid mobile apps, PWAs, and web apps. Apps built using this software solution will work on all recognized platforms and devices.

It even lets developers integrate an existing backend with an application. It allows them to import backend services to use them on this app builder instantaneously.


  • comes with features for managing multiple teams.
  • It facilitates 50,000 to 200,000 API calls every month.
  • It gives developers the ability to backup apps, along with the plans of pricing.
  • The enterprise payment plan provides exclusive facilities, such as private deployment, enterprise-level SLAs, account management, and more.
  • It also supports advanced development and customization through customized UI components, advanced storage layers, custom CSS or JS writing, model-based structuring of data, source code editing, and more.

Verdict is a cross-platform app development software program that has collaboration features specifically for your organizational teams. These features will allow you to share your apps over an internet browser and various devices. Both programmers and non-programmers can use

8. Rollbar

If there’s an app development software solution for small and medium enterprises, it’s Rollbar.

This solution supports every popular framework and language you can think of. It will help developers in analyzing root causes by tracing stacks. Rollbar can pry out every piece of data you need to debug to include request parameters, browsers, local VAR values, IPs, etc.


  • Rollbar provides developers with real-time error visibility features.
  • It comes with the feature of triaging proactively. This particular system lets you assign owners to errors. It can also help you create tickets in your problem-tracking tool. Once you resolve the error, the ticket will get resolved too.
  • It comes with powerful security systems that protect your data by encrypting the same.


IT services and solutions providers use Rollbar on the cloud, but you can use it on-premise too. The software program lets you create applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s one of the few app development software solutions with the ability to integrate the tools used by developers seamlessly.

9. Shoutem

Shoutem is suitable for businesses of all sizes, whether small, medium, or large.

It’s a mobile app development software program that follows the same drag-and-drop system as a few other programs described above. Developers can preview the app they build using the native preview system of Shoutem. It also lets you republish applications without spending a dime.


  • IT services and solutions providers love it for the various monetization features it has to offer, such as local business promotion, e-commerce, mobile advertising, and more.
  • Shoutem supports different sources of content.
  • It has an automated publishing system specifically for Google Play and iTunes.
  • It lets you analyze the way your users behave when they use your app. You can use the data gathered via analysis for app optimization.
  • You can ask your developers to integrate the software solution with Ning, WordPress, Drupal, Twitter, and Facebook.


Shoutem lets you create applications for Android and iOS devices, but it will take some effort to upgrade the binary of the app. As a result, it’ll remain updated with all the versions of the OS. The API of Shoutem will also help you sync the database.

10. JIRA

This one is perfect for large, medium, and small businesses.

If you hire a team of agile developers, they’ll inevitably choose JIRA because it helps them in managing the project. They can also integrate JIRA with other development tools they use. This software program allows them to customize workflows. It’s also possible to create custom filters using the query language of JIRA.


  • It comes with customizable scrum boards.
  • It possesses Kanban boards that are surprisingly flexible.
  • There’s a roadmap feature that lets you communicate plans and draw the big picture.
  • JIRA facilitates agile reporting combined with insight generation in real-time.


JIRA is one of the best software programs currently available for creating mobile applications. It also lets you come up with sprint plans, user stories, task distribution, segregating & discussing matters with the development team, and app deployment.

Final words

Every software program described above has a wide array of solutions and functionalities suitable for building applications for mobile devices. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to include pricing details of these solutions in this write-up. You need to make sure that you select one based on your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most folks won’t think about using software programs designed specifically for app development. However, if you hope to save time and money, you shouldn’t hesitate to use them.
Multiple factors require your attention while choosing a software solution for app development. Comparing all the options given here may solve this dilemma, though.
As the overall development procedure becomes simpler with software programs, development services won’t cost you a lot. However, the pricing of each software solution differs from the other. Some of them will demand a higher charge than others.
If you’ve read the entire topic, you know that almost anyone can use some of these software solutions for app development. Then again, only professionals can deliver the best results.
All the solutions described above are excellent, but most developers prefer using AppyPie, AppSheet, Zoho Creator,, and JIRA.

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