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The demand for real estate mobile app development services increased profoundly last year. Based on what market researchers have to say, this demand isn’t going to die down anytime soon. You should leverage this chance to enter the real estate market with your own business application.

The demand for mobile platforms for purchasing and selling real estate is constantly on the rise just as much as the use of mobile devices.

This fact clearly indicates that an entrepreneur or an established business owner planning to invest in app development services offered by a mobile app development company in Los Angeles will inevitably profit from it.

After all, commoners are using these applications to buy and sell homes and other properties. On the other hand, real estate agents are also using them to complete their everyday tasks, contact their clients, coordinate with them, and conduct marketing activities.

Additionally, a study came out in 2018 from the National Association of Realtors called “Real Estate In A Digital Age.” It proved that almost 73% of all homebuyers use mobile apps or other digital tools to bolster their attempts to sell or buy properties.

Here’s the “Real Estate In A Digital Age” report that came out a year later. It says that about 44% of all home hunters begin researching properties online. The larger section of these users includes older millennials – 98% to be exact. Boomers, on the other hand, amount to about 89%. Baby boomers are also in the count, comprising about 68%.

As millennials make up for the largest part of the home buyers in the USA, it’s perfectly sensible to build mobile applications specifically to accommodate their preferences.

Here’s a graph representing the most recognized and widely used real estate digital platforms trusted by the people of North America.

representing the most recognized and widely used real estate digital platforms


Everything mentioned above clearly indicates that it’s time to enrich the real estate industry with mobile applications. The market of real estate will also benefit from it because it has always been willing to incorporate technologically enhanced systems and solutions to deal with new challenges.

Top 6 players

You’ve been patient enough until now. However, you shouldn’t jump right into the thick of things just because you know what features to add.

You should take a look at the top players in the real estate field in the USA. By acquiring more ideas from them, you’ll be able to conjure ways to beat them.

1. Zillow

At the moment, Zillow is the most recognized application digitizing the sphere of real estate in North America. From the first day, it has been a pioneer in valuing homes and providing estimates to users. Through it, a homebuyer will be able to explore previous sale prices for almost every house available for sale in the USA.

The perks

  • It boasts of having an impressive audience.
  • It provides excellent possibilities for advertisements.
  • It possesses incredibly powerful tools for searching properties.
  • It gives users references for home design and renovations.

2. Trulia

The top mobile app development companies describe Trulia as a real estate company that started its journey independently. At the moment, Zillow owns it. Now, you must be wondering why you should build something like Trulia. Well, Trulia is perfect for those who are searching for a home actively.

The perks

  • It possesses superb mapping features.
  • It can create a trustworthy picture of a specific neighbourhood.
  • It has a massive audience.

3. Redfin

This platform is a combination of a brokerage firm, as well as a real estate application. The app is incredible, to say the least. After all, it offers home value estimations that are much more accurate than the algorithm of Zillow at times. Even if a user doesn’t find the house he/she seeks through this app, he/she will get an idea of the homes available at a specific location.

The perks

  • The algorithm of this app is more capable than Zillow.
  • It gives the user an idea of what to expect against his/her money.
  • It charges less than any traditional agent out there.
  • It refunds users up to $1,500 in terms of agent fees.

4. LoopNettravelling

When it comes to investing in real estate, LoopNet is the best for investors. This particular solution, just like Zillow, is for larger houses. Also, LoopNet is better for those who want to explicitly invest in commercial properties.

The perks

  • It’s one of the best for those who want to invest in commercial properties.
  • It gives users access to multi-unit commercial and residential units.
  • It’s suitable for multi-unit commercial properties.

5. Xome

Those who love house auctions will inevitably fall in love with this application. It offers searching systems travelling similar to the others and also gives users access to auctions in real estate. Some of these auctions appear through MLS, while others are entirely exclusive to this platform.

The perks

  • This application is perfect for someone who wants to be part of home auctions.
  • Apart from regular searching, this app gives users access to auctions.
  • It’s the only app that lets users buy houses owned by banks, foreclosed, or on short sales.

6. BiggerPockets

If you’re going to hire one of the top mobile app development companies, you should consider replicating BiggerPockets. This app gives users a massive range of resources they can explore for free. These resources include eBooks, blog posts, forums, and guides.

The perks

  • It provides access to a huge collection of informative resources.
  • Users will learn how to increase the value of a house after buying it.
  • Apart from the app, there’s also a website with incredible content and property options.

The leading trend of top mobile app development companies - Moon Technolabs

The leading trend

So, why should you hire a mobile app development company in Los Angeles to build a real estate application?

For starters, a mobile app for your organization will separate you from your competitors. You’ll be able to present yourself as a technologically advanced real estate company.

If you manage to develop a useful and engaging application, there will be a higher possibility of potential customers choosing your company over others.

Here are a few other reasons why you should consider developing a mobile application.

Selling faster

Your real estate agents will be able to sell properties faster if they have a customized application to rely on. They’ll conduct virtual tours to eliminate long and time-consuming displays.

An application will also facilitate digital signing and transference of property documents, apart from allowing customers to find properties faster.

A channel of communication

Every homebuyer experiences the stresses associated with purchasing a house. They’ll have numerous choices at their disposal from which they have to select one as quickly as possible. These customers will appreciate the ability to reach a real estate agent the moment they need one.

If you integrate a communication channel that remains available 24/7, your customers will be able to converse with your agents instantly and reduce wait times simultaneously.

Exceptional customer experience

An application will ensure clients enjoy personalized experiences tailored specifically to their requirements. They can save properties they find in their “favourites” list, acquire information about the neighbourhood, gain access to mortgage calculation systems, explore properties through 3D tours, etc.

The services of a mobile app development company in Los Angeles will allow you to bestow rewarding experiences upon your customers. In turn, it’ll generate customer satisfaction.

A group of market researchers has evidence to prove that a real estate mobile application can be much more effective in retaining customers compared to websites.

Routine chore automation

There are a couple of tasks that a real estate agent and your company have to do almost every day. These tasks are mission-critical but also time-consuming and repetitive.

An app will allow you to automate these tasks. For instance, the app will facilitate auto-filling of property info, generate leads, and converse with potential clients via chatbots.

Buyers will also utilize the advantages of automation by receiving documents instantly, submitting offers, or getting notifications of new properties available for purchase.

Ideas and types

You probably have an idea for your real estate app, but if you don’t, this section will guide you. Customized real estate mobile solutions possess the capabilities of performing different functions and serving numerous purposes.

That’s why you should take a moment to identify the type, features, and purpose of your app before moving on to the process of development.

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world”     — Franklin D. Roosevelt

1. Managing properties

Property managers will inevitably fall in love with an app that makes their tasks easier. They can use their app to ascertain due rents, maintenance requests, and even gain advanced business analytics.

2. Purchasing and/or renting

Whether a renter or a buyer, an individual will be able to enter their requirements in such as app in the form of price, location, or available amenities to search for houses. The results will appear automatically based on what they want and provide them with in-depth info about all the listings.

At the moment, Trulia and Zillow are the most popular mobile applications for searching homes. Of course, a couple of other mobile applications are giving them tough competition in the field of real estate.

3. Assisting the agents

This particular type of mobile software can serve multiple purposes, such as communicating with clients, simplifying the process of listing, and taking care of documents and documentation.

The approach of these applications can reduce the workload an agent has to deal with and make his/her tasks easier.

4. Valuing a house

By utilizing private and public data on previous trends and housing trends, investors and agents can scrutinize the actual market value of a home. The same data will also come in handy while forecasting the value of a house in the future, as well as determining the factors dictating those predictions.

5. Touring virtually

3D or digital property tours will be beneficial to sellers, agents, and everyone else. These tours will create a significantly more authentic experience of exploring properties over the web.

Furthermore, research conducted by Zillow unearthed that a massive portion of its users chose to purchase properties that came with virtual tours. To be precise, these users are about 32% more than others who bought houses without viewing them online.

Another group of researchers reveals that almost 80% of all millennial property purchases wish to participate in virtual tours before buying a house.

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Mandatory features

Now, it’s time to take a look at the features you should include in your application. Just remember to consider the target audience of your app before deciding on features to include or exclude.

1. Navigability and street view

Just like Google Maps, users should get the chance to explore the locality of the property through the application. Fortunately, it’s possible to incorporate this feature with xamarin app development services. This feature will allow users to enjoy a more immersive experience while travelling along a street.

2. Database

Having a database is crucial for a real estate application. It’s especially mandatory for an app that lets users find properties. Generally, for this purpose, app developers commonly use MLS or Multiple Listing Services to populate the searches.

3. Enhanced search

With a structured filtered search, it’s possible to augment the UX of an application. For that purpose, developers will conduct A/B testing to ascertain the criteria order showcased in front of users, as well as the queries more popular than others. Analytics and AI can work together to deliver much more relevant search results.

4. Saving and adding to favourites

 An excellent method of retaining users is to allow them to segregate properties of the love in a “favourites” list. When they have such a list at their disposal, they can return to it whenever they need to. You can also use it to suggest options similar to their favourites.

5. Map-based view

Info about neighbourhoods will play a crucial role in every application dedicated to real estate. After all, home hunters will want to analyze a community before choosing to buy a house there. You can cater to this requirement of your uses by adding a map view system.

Mandatory features of mobile app development company in Los Angeles - Moon Technolabs

6. Messaging in real-time

All agencies, homebuyers, and agents should be able to send and receive messages via the app instantaneously. It’s one of those businesses where uninterrupted communication is of the utmost importance. Apart from sending text messages, users should get the opportunity to send other files as attachments.

7. Push notification

You must make good use of xamarin app development services to integrate push notification systems into your application. Without it, engaging customers will become next to impossible. You’ll remind users about updates, new listings, price changes, and more through push notifications.

8. Integrating with social media

You must consider allowing your users to sign in with their existing accounts on various social media channels during the process of onboarding. Apart from convenience, it builds trust among users while bolstering your credibility.

9. Virtual tours

Virtual tours will make all listings look much more attractive to homebuyers. The system of virtual touring will give them a detailed insight and property layout. Viewers will have a proper idea of what the house looks like. In other words, virtual tours will succeed where textual descriptions fail.

10. Profiles for every user

 The ability to create a profile will benefit both buyers and agents. Agents will be able to describe their specialities and experience to attract new clients. The client, on the other hand, will be able to revisit their searches and save listings.

11. Mortgage calculator

Homebuyers will inevitably have to do a bit of mathematics to ascertain whether they can afford a house they like or not. The presence of multiple calculators will ensure they receive estimations automatically and simplify the entire process.

12. Review system

Reviews, feedback, and ratings will generate trust and loyalty among buyers. If you allow existing and previous clients to leave their reviews for landlords or agents, your app will appear much more transparent in terms of information and reliability.

13. Panel for the admin

This feature will be inestimably valuable to property managers, agents, and landlords. Each individual associated with the purchase or sale of a house will be able to add or remove one or more lists. This feature will also let them visualize the revenue system.

14. Chatbots

 Chatbots will be able to communicate with clients over the web and answer their questions within seconds. With xamarin app development services, you can build a chatbot that’ll send messages automatically to the questions frequently asked by clients.

15. Calendar

 The presence of a calendar system will allow buyers to schedule appointments and viewings with agents. They will get a chance to check the dates available and book them via the listing application you build.

16. AR

Today, Augmented Reality has become an integral part of real estate app development. It’s beneficial to both sellers and buyers because it allows an individual to alter the overall visualization of the house for sale.

The cost of development

As already mentioned above, Zillow is the most popular real estate mobile solution in the USA. If you want your app to have the same features and ability, you’ll have to spend anywhere between $80,000 and $100,000.


So, do you think you’re ready to hire one of the top mobile app development companies to create an app like Zillow?

Then you should start getting your bearings straight. The information provided here should give you a clear understanding of how to approach the project.

However, you should take your time to research service providers before agreeing to hire one.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can allow agents and brokers to advertise their services, let third-party ads appear on your app, while-label your mobile app code to sell it, or stick to the “freemium” business model. For the last one, you should set aside exclusive services you’ll provide users who pay for them.
You must conduct a thorough market analysis, understand the intricacies of the development process, and learn what you must do to maintain the app and earn support for the same.
According to some of the most experienced developers, building a feature-rich real estate application is going to take almost six months. For smaller and less complicated solutions, two to four months should be enough.

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