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Published On: April 20, 2022

An entrepreneur of the present day and age will look up to established startups and businesses to gain inspiration and ideas. If you’re an aspirant planning to lay the foundation of your business, you’ll notice how new ventures always prefer using Flutter for app development. This write-up will tell you about brands that leveraged this platform to get ahead.

Within these few months of 2022, Flutter has already introduced a few significant updates to its ecosystem. Some of these updates include stable support on Windows and the release of the new versions of Flutter and Dart – the programming language it uses. The creators of Flutter have even published a roadmap of the direction the UI toolkit will move this year.

For mobile app developers offering Flutter development services, it’s quite exciting to it flourish on various platforms and achieve maturity as a framework bolstered by useful features and systems.

Apart from the technical info, the announcements also included insights about the ecosystem of Flutter. It requires the attention of developers, development firms, and business owners alike. The announcement article describing what Flutter will bring to the table for Windows shines a light on several surveys. They found that this UI toolkit is now the most renowned cross-platform solution.

Furthermore, around half a million applications are using Flutter at the moment. As you can guess, there are just too many mobile applications created using this framework already available. Even the Q4 quarterly survey of Flutter users has a few insights about the developer community.

Here’s a fascinating metric – 56% of the users that participated in the survey mentioned they used Flutter to work on their primary projects. This value was stuck at 47% back in Q4 2020.

As the ecosystem of Flutter continues to grow and thrive, more and more businesses are planning to use this framework to build apps or update existing ones. Some brands are even attempting to build digital solutions by going beyond the boundaries enforced by the web, mobile devices, and desktops.

An explanation of Flutter

Before you learn about the companies that used Flutter mobile app developers to build digital solutions, you should take a look at what Flutter is all about and what it does.

Flutter is a UI toolkit of an open-source nature created by Google for the development of cross-platform mobile applications. The objective of Flutter is to support developers in building apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and other operating systems. The best thing about Flutter is that it facilitates app development with only one codebase.

Thanks to Flutter, developers can create feature-rich cross-platform solutions much faster than ever before without encountering hitches.

As it works perfectly with existing code, developers and business companies favor this UI toolkit for app development projects.

Top 10 users of Flutter

This list contains the names of 10 brands recognized throughout the world, and they’re all Flutter users. Who knows – maybe your company will become part of such a list in the future, provided you Hire dedicated Flutter developers.

Google Ads

Every user of social media knows the name of Google Ads. Some people don’t use this app because they don’t need to. Others, particularly business owners, rely on digital marketing companies to use Google Ads to promote their brands on their behalf.

As Google is the creator of this UI framework, it’s only natural for it to use Flutter. In reality, it would seem suspicious if Google avoided it. The brand used this platform to develop the mobile version of Google Ads.

Google Ads also Use Flutter - Moon Technolabs

Google utilized almost every bit of Flutter’s potential to belt out this incredibly useful tool for businesses and digital marketers. It lets users receive real-time alerts, manage ads, track advertisement campaigns, and receive insights directly on their mobile devices.

While there’s a web version of Google Ads, the app is more popular among on-the-go marketers.

Hamilton Musical

Hamilton decided to launch its personal business application built using the framework of Flutter to attract Broadway music lovers to the largest events. The app, created using Flutter, helps users gain access to videos, news, tour schedules, and more. It even lets them buy merchandise associated with Broadway music.

Hamilton - Moon Technolabs

The brand holds lotteries and contests from time to time that the users can participate in if they want to be the first to learn about the latest events. Just like every other company, Hamilton chose Flutter to avoid spending too much money and time building separate applications for iOS and Android.


Those who are into e-commerce will inevitably know the name of Alibaba. After all, it’s one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world. Recently, they considered building a mobile app, and they used Flutter to do it.

Alibaba’s choice was perfect as it wanted something that’ll facilitate incredible development and design while making the work of the developers easier. You will enjoy the same benefits if you hire dedicated developers.

Alibaba - Moon Technolabs

The brand needed something that can enhance performance sorely because it has hundreds and thousands of users rummaging through its website every day. The app Alibaba created using Flutter allows it to handle massive transactions across different platforms in real-time.

Coach Yourself

Coach Yourself is quite popular among people who prioritize good health and fitness. It also offers meditation techniques and monitoring systems. If you wish to build a personal development mobile solution, the Flutter-based app of Coach Yourself is an example worth following.

Coach Yourself using Flutter - Moon Technolabs

Some of the features of this app include providing meditation sessions and widgets offering insights. They help users keep tabs on their progress. Flutter was the appropriate choice for a mobile app like this one as it can offer a native-like performance and appearance.

It’s also relatively easy to add complicated features to Flutter using widgets that allow developers to complete their work faster.

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You’ll find a lot of information on the internet about Reflectly because it has won multiple design-related awards. It also created a buzz on social media when it arrived. Reflectly happens to be one of the most recognized applications created using Flutter, and it has a massive user-base spread throughout the world.

This app is famous for its lovely appearance, ease of navigation, and highly detailed features. Reflectly is a personal assistant-cum-journal that helps users manage and promote mental health through their mobile devices.

Reflectly - Moon Technolabs

Built using Flutter, this app has an AI-managed journal that asks questions to users and provides them with insights about their stress levels based on their answers, thought patterns, and habits. Reflectly is one of the first apps built using Flutter that earned more fame than it could bear.


Here’s another app built by a Flutter app development company – Hookle. It helps users oversee and handle their social media profiles. Most folks have accounts on more than one social media platform. Naturally, it becomes difficult for them to use and manage all of them from different applications.

Hookle - Moon Technolabs

Hookle makes it easier for social media fanatics through profile management services, post scheduling, and generating profile statistics. This app is particularly beneficial for business owners attempting to engage with customers and prospects through social media.


This brand had an app before, but in 2019, it chose to shift to Flutter. The people working with Nubank wrote an all-inclusive overview concerning the roadmap and criteria for scaling their app using Flutter.

Nubank - Moon Technolabs

It isn’t surprising at all that the brand, as well as its clients, fell in love with the latest version of the application. Also, the team of Nubank claimed that this UI toolkit is now a crucial part of their business culture, especially when it comes to app development.


Crowdsource is a fun-filled and innovative way of gamifying methods for innumerable users. Brought forth by Google, this platform trains people in understanding the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models of Google.

It’s an enjoyable way of helping the products of Google, such as Photos, Maps, Translate, and others to serve users across regions and cultures better.

Crowdsource - Moon Technolabs

At the moment, about 3 million users from 190 countries contribute to Crowdsource. Then again, this platform used Flutter in the past to include the smart camera system.

It’s a complex feature that leverages an on-device ML model for a live camera. While the complexity of this feature is high, Crowdsource made it a success with the air of Flutter. That’s when the creators of the platform developed confidence in the framework.

After this initial success, Crowdsurce rebuilt its Android app through Flutter.


Etsy is extremely popular among artists and collectors. It’s like a one-stop-shop built that also allows sellers to peddle their goods. To that end, the brand is currently searching for an app development company that can rebuild the entire platform.

Etsy - Moon Technolabs

Invoice Ninja

Currently, almost 180,000 businesses are using Invoice Ninja to simplify billing, invoicing, and expense tracking. This app is also utilizing the multiplatform abilities of Flutter with its web, desktop, and mobile versions.

Invoice Ninja - Moon Technolabs

Invoice Ninja is one of the first Flutter apps to appear on the Windows Microsoft Store. This app is a noteworthy option for entrepreneurs to consider because the code is open-source.

Wrapping it up

All in all, Flutter didn’t take long to become one of the best cross-platform app development solutions. Every business described above is winning hearts and causing ripples with its Flutter-based digital solutions in all four corners of the world. Now, it’s time for you to search for agencies specializing in Flutter app development. Well, this topic can make your task easier in this regard too. Moon Technolabs is an excellent app and software development firm with in-depth experience in building apps using Flutter.


Flutter is an open-source cross-platform app development UI toolkit that works using the Dart programming language. Both the framework and the programming language are Google’s products.

Flutter eases the task of development for developers by allowing them to reuse the code of an app to build a version that’ll work on all recognized operating systems, including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Moon Technolabs is an experienced and reputable app and software development agency that employed highly trained Flutter developers.
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