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While beginning another web development project, one of the crucial choices is to pick the right framework. Among different web development advances, PHP has advanced quickly, and by being utilized widely for building basic as well as complicated web applications. The best  Symfony development services company can always come in handy for Symfony requirements. 

Today, 79% of the multitude of websites on the planet are made with the PHP programming language. A web application can be fabricated either in unadulterated PHP or by utilizing one of its frameworks. Any top Symfony development company can get to the bottom of things and help businesses by carrying out the task. 

With regards to PHP frameworks, the Symfony framework, as per Google Trends is positioned after Laravel in fame. Albeit positioned lower than Laravel, an ever-increasing number of undertakings are utilizing the Symfony framework for custom web application development. 

Top Companies and Brands Using Symfony PHP

Many brands and companies are utilizing Symfony to develop their website, content, application, and so forth. In this present reality instances of Symfony are shown underneath:

1. OpenSky

OpenSky is widely recognized as the most effective eCommerce platform that delivers from apparel to kitchen appliances, electronics, beauty, and wellness products to jewelry products. 

The Symfony development services company’s outlook is all thanks to Symfony. The company has developed its website keeping the user flow and requirements in mind. And what better way is there to go with Symfony? OpenSky is amongst the other well-known websites that were made using Symfony. The best Symfony development services company can help you develop an eCommerce marketplace like OpenSky. 

2. eRepublik

In the gaming community, eRepublik is a popular name. eRepublik is an online multiplayer strategy game that allows users to rule everything. You can take initiative, let the disciples join your team, and go to war. Your fellow citizens can also help you or go against you in the war. 

This is one of the best examples of an online multiplayer game using Symfony. So, the range is not just limited. Even the gaming community has witnessed and stood with the best PHP platform, that is Symfony.  The top Symfony development services company can help you develop an online multiplayer game like eRepublik. 

3. Spotify

Spotify uses Symfony for the support of its 75 million clients, which are dynamic constantly. Symfony assists Spotify with taking care of approximately 600 thousand demands consistently. To develop an app like Spotify, the top Symfony development services company can help you with developing an app. 

It even assists with defeating the huge traffic that comes through cell phones. Symfony PHP framework helps in developing a strong and flexible platform helpfully. The best Symfony development company can help you with everything. 

4. BlaBlaCar

Many individuals around us use BlaBlaCar to figure out the ride at a reasonable cost. The working and overseeing group of BlaBlaCar utilizes Symfony to deal with the front end and back finish of both their website and the versatile application. The finest Symfony development services company can always lend you a helping hand in developing an app like BlaBlaCar using Symfony. 

5. Trivago

To check and think about inn costs, a huge number of clients visit the website and application of Trivago routinely. The website has weighty traffic on its pursuit choice, and in this way, it is the most popular piece of Trivago’s webpage. The best Symfony development services company can use the best strategy. 

Trivago’s group has chosen the Symfony PHP framework with the goal that their guests and clients can have the best experience looking at and contrasting the inn costs.

6. Dailymotion

The following perfect and most renowned illustration of Symfony PHP Framework is Dailymotion. It is one of the biggest video action websites from one side of the planet to the other. There is enormous traffic on the website of Dailymotion and is perused by more than 42 million clients.

Such clients look for more than 922 million online recordings and keep up with the nature of involvement, and the group has picked the Symfony framework.

7. Vogue France/Netherland

Vogue France is one of the most famous designs, trends, and style magazines all around the globe. The Vogue group utilizes Symfony, and likewise, Dutch Vogue is additionally developed with this popular Symfony PHP framework. These well-known brands use Symfony to give the best insight to their clients and guests so they can build the number of clients on their website.

“Symfony will go down in history as one of the most effective PHP architectures that consistently shifts the MVC paradigm and helps in developing the powerful apps.”

Characteristics of Symfony

Symfony incorporates PHP parts, an application framework, a Community, and a Philosophy. Every one of these works with Symfony so they might achieve the overall objective of the website without any problem. The best Symfony development company knows the A-Z of development. 

  • Symfony PHP Framework

A fundamental PHP Framework is attempted to encompass the Symfony Components for making the locales brimming with various features and online applications. For custom web application development, this is ideal. 

  • Symfony PHP Components

The portions comprise the reusable parts that a web fashioner can use to gather incredible PHP applications. It likewise contains phpBB, Drupal, and eZ Publish.

  • Symfony PHP Community

Various PHP creators are functioning as a piece of this organization and add to the unending development of Symfony.

  • Symfony PHP Philosophy

The Symfony Philosophy targets propelling the endorsed systems and cleaned expertise and making standardization and electronic applications’ capacity with custom web application development

Advantages of Symfony PHP Framework for Custom Web Application Development

Symfony has come to its presence with the thought process of making the developer’s work simple and proficient. It is because; Symfony requests no coding to make the application of the website. Likewise, it assists them with finishing their undertaking and empowers the application to develop at a fast speed alongside soundness and flexibility.

There are a lot more benefits of the Symfony PHP framework for the development of websites and applications. Some of them are examined underneath:

  • Rapid Development

The present period is requesting high-velocity development and development from brands and companies. Thus, they need to take on a component that can give them an adaptable nature to develop the best applications. IT services in the USA are gaining popularity in the field of Symfony. 

Symfony is the best framework that works on applications’ presentation and exercises and assists them with developing fast.

  • Versatility

Symfony is the main framework that can rapidly adjust to the necessities of developers. Application developers can easily develop a complex and component-rich application with its occasion dispatcher and reliance injector. There are many IT services in the USA that can help businesses with Symfony development. 

Individually, the developers can make every one of the capacities and take the application’s development as per their speed.

  • A Stretchy Framework

Each component and part of Symfony is accessible in an assortment. A developer can add any new component or capacity to extend the framework.

Likewise, the framework which is now developed can be utilized in different ventures. The assortment framework can be utilized to roll out huge improvements in Symfony without modifying the whole framework.  The best Symfony development services company can help you. 

  • Customization

Symfony offers extraordinary custom features and functionalities for developers and businesses. You can make your application as client arranged as you need. It has progressed OOPS service engineering to increase projects for custom web application development. 

Symfony offers 3 sorts of customization

Full-stack – Develop a complicated item with different functionalities

Step by step – If you need explicit elements given your necessity you needn’t bother with the whole framework. You can assemble your custom framework and develop an application with restricted particular capacities.

Miniature framework – If you want particular usefulness in your application, which doesn’t need the whole framework. You can in any case do that with Symfony 2. Utilize a specific element to develop unequivocal usefulness. It is comprised of blocks that can be utilized independently.

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  • Expandable

Everything in the Symfony framework addresses itself as a group. Each pack has novel usefulness. You can re-utilize the pack in different projects and offer it in the local area as well. It is likewise one reason which makes it well known among developers. Best of all, you can change or adjust anything, even the center of the framework without re-arranging the total framework. You can add the functionalities as the need might arise and broaden an application’s features however much you need. A top Symfony development company can get you all the developers to work on your requirements. 

  • Steady and Sustainable

The company offers 3-year support for a portion of the variants. It gives a day-to-day existence time backing to security-related issues. Symfony has rock-solid stability and supportability for an application developed in any rendition of the framework. It gives a greater need for practical benefits by making it more viable with public APIs. The best Symfony development company is just around the corner. Symfony 4 is worked with the most recent parts which are tried in all famous PHP projects with more than one billion downloads.

  • Simple to Use

As we have called attention to before, it gives adaptability to developers. Adding further, the framework has the “installed” prescribed procedures to assist novices with advancing rapidly. There is an exhaustive and itemized documentation which is incredibly helpful for beginners and experienced developers too. It is viewed as one of the best documentation among the other PHP framework. Each part is very much made sense of and streamlined with models. Besides, there is extraordinary local area support as well. It gives simple arrangement and reserving instruments to upgrade application performance. The top Symfony development company makes it easier for users as well businesses to understand. 

Symfony Framework — Choose it and Use it for Your Next Project

Most likely, the notoriety of Symfony is affected by its precarious expectation to absorb information, however, recall, Symfony is still PHP. So it isn’t so much that one needs to relearn how to compose code, all things considered, they need to grasp the code in a new and better manner. The top Symfony development company is all you need. 

Symfony framework is frequently prescribed to lessen item development time while improving the web application’s quality. You can go with the top mobile app development company in the USA to get the best solutions. After spending years, Symfony is transforming into a reasonable PHP framework to construct execution-rich applications relying upon the particular necessities of the clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Symfony developer fabricates backend web applications utilizing PHP and different innovations like Apache, MySQL, and so forth.
On an undeniable level, Symfony developers ought to have the option to Work with Javascript, HTML, and CSS Be capable in PHP 7x and Make utilization of Ajax, jQuery, and MySQL. Work with APIs, Unix/Linux, and MVC Framework Architecture Work with PHP Frameworks, for example, CakePHP PHPUnit Slim Framework Laravel Framework. The best Symfony development company is always appreciated.
The expense of employing a Symfony developer relies upon the information and experience that they have gained functioning as a developer and utilizing PHP explicitly. Junior developers: $8-12/hour, Software developers: $20-35/hour, Senior developers: $35-50/hour. If you go with the best Symfony development company, the amount differs.

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