top 10 airlines booking apps in USA

 There was a time, not so long ago, when you had to contact a travel agent to be able to book flight tickets. Today, folks carry their travel agents in their pockets – flight ticket booking mobile applications. Here you’ll learn how to build one, as well as the most popular applications Americans are already using.

There was a time, not so long ago, when people had to contact a travel agent to be able to book air trip tickets. Today, most folks keep their travel agents in their pockets in the form of a mobile app that lets them book tickets from anywhere and at any time.

Due to the digital revolution brought forth by mobile devices and easy access to the internet, there has been a sudden change in the expectations of customers. That’s why conventional flight booking setups don’t work for airline companies or travel agents anymore.

The importance and necessity of digitization and technologically advanced solutions led to the rise of flight booking apps designed by the best mobile app development company in New Jersey.

Thanks to these apps, customers can travel to all four corners of the world without worrying about the intricacies associated with commuting long distances. Mobile applications, at the very least, have managed to make the process of preparing for the trip easier.

The best flight booking solutions

Today, the people of the USA have access to a massive plethora of applications allowing them to book flight tickets remotely. However, the apps described below are the most widely used ones.

1. Scott’s Cheap Flights

The ultimate objective of a high-quality flight alert system or program is to simplify the process of finding attractive deals. Service providers should send notifications or emails as soon as discounted airfares to specific destinations are available. Scott’s Cheap Flights does it better than others.

The specialities

  • The limited option is always free to use.
  • Premium plan available at just $49/year.
  • Despite the absence of an app, Scott’s Cheap Flights is easy to use on a smartphone.

2. Google Flights

Just because Google Flights isn’t an app for booking flights doesn’t mean people aren’t using it. When it comes to acquiring comprehensive flight pricing info, this one is the best. Even after being unavailable as an app, it gives users a simple interface to seek flight-related data based on calendars, airports, etc.

The specialities

  • The interface is simple enough for anyone to use.
  • Users can search flights against calendars to see when the price is the lowest.
  • There’s a price graph users can check to see the pricing trends.

3. Skyscanner

Compared to the others already mentioned above, this one is more of an app per se. If you wish to build something like Skyscanner, you’ll need the help of the providers of flutter app development services. There are two unique perks of this application.

The first one is the chart that displays the prices of tickets via an interactive and intuitive bar chart. The list changes every day to ensure no one relies on obsolete information.

The second one is that a user won’t even need to know where he/she wants to go. The app has an “explore” option that gives them the cheapest destinations to fly to as soon as they enter the flight date.

The specialities

  • The app runs swiftly and smoothly. It also has exceptional usability.
  • There’s a price chart that gets updated every day.
  • Choosing a destination becomes easier because this app tells the user where it’s cheapest to fly to on a specific day.

The specialties of Airlines Booking Apps - Moon Technolabs

4. App in the Air

App in the Air isn’t just an app that lets users pry out the cheapest flights. It works as a traveller’s personal assistant by providing notifications in real-time. App in the Air even provides in-depth information concerning COVID-19 restrictions, as well as an automated check-in system.

Through this app, users can book aeroplane tickets and hotels. It only works with a few airline organizations, including Southwest, United, American Airlines, Lufthansa, and others.

The specialities

  • This application works like a traveller’s personal assistant.
  • Apart from booking flights, users can rely on it to book hotels too.
  • Users can preview their loyalty points and gain access to deals unavailable on other similar applications.

5. Momondo

When it comes to visual aesthetics in terms of mobile app development, Momondo will surely occupy the first spot. It’s the most colourful flight booking mobile solution currently available.

The first screen contains information about departures. On the other hand, the app’s IATA code visually identifies the arrival airports. Nevertheless, users can select a city. The loading screen bolsters the visual identity where users can find images of their destination.

The specialities

  • With flutter app development services, you can present information about the quickest, cheapest, and most value-added flights through your app, just like Momondo.
  • All the results are easy to go through and decipher with just a quick glance.
  • As soon as a user clicks on the logo of the airline they want to use, the app will take him/her directly to the airline’s website.

6. Kiwi

This app is from a startup company based in the Czech Republic, but it has already won the hearts and minds of numerous Americans. After all, it has some of the most unique features.

Most flight search platforms attempt to book an entire route on the same airline or several airlines via codeshares. Kiwi is different because it’ll look at only the cheapest options, even if you have to use the services of two different airline organizations. This particular feature makes this app perfect for someone on a tight budget.

The specialities

  • It presents the cheapest options, even if it means putting the user on flights controlled by two or more different airline organizations.
  • This app is the best for someone on a tight budget.
  • Kiwi guarantees to cover all cancellations, flight delays, and schedule alterations.

7. Skiplagged

If you wish to use flutter app development services unconventionally, you should check out Skiplagged first. This app boasts of helping users in finding deals they won’t get anywhere else.

It has all the features a conventional flight booking app and search engine should come with. However, they also leverage the loopholes present in airfare prices. As a result, users manage to save a lot of money.

The specialities

  • It’s an unconventional flight booking app.
  • It offers deals users won’t find anywhere else.
  • It leverages pricing loopholes to bring down the cost of a ticket.

8. Kayak

Mobile devices have been around for quite a while, but most users prefer using the simplest applications. It’s perfectly understandable, especially when you consider the fact that a person wouldn’t want to complicate things while booking a flight ticket.

In that regard, Kayak is the epitome of simplicity itself. It has a superb filter-and-sort interface that increases the speed at which an individual can complete the booking process.

It also has a tracking system allowing users to keep tabs on their flight, along with airport gate data and price-related notifications for changes.

The specialities

  • This application revolutionized the online flight ticket booking system by simplifying it beyond all expectations.
  • The filter-and-sort interface increases the speed at which a person can complete the booking process.
  • It comes with a tracking system that lets users keep tabs on their flights.

9. Hopper

Some folks will say that this app isn’t exactly a search engine for searching flights. However, it can be the best thing for someone who wants to know when to buy a ticket.

In other words, a user can track prices to a specific destination and monitor the same until he/she finds a deal he/she likes.

It even has a colour-coded calendar that gives users the best flight dates. The ones marked with green are the days where the flight prices are the lowest. Red, on the other hand, demarcates the dates on which the tickets are the costliest.

The specialities

  • Hopper is the best app to determine the right time to purchase a flight ticket.
  • Users can track prices constantly until they find a deal they like.
  • It has a colour-coded calendar demarcating flight ticket booking dates based on prices.

10. Travala

Here’s another flight ticket booking solution that’s different from the others described here – Travala. This app appeals to those who wish to pay for their flight tickets using cryptocurrency. It supports 40 different cryptocurrencies.

It even allows clients to use their credit and debit cards. Some people avoid using Travala simply because they aren’t acquainted with cryptocurrencies, but the mode of operation isn’t different from conventional currencies.

The specialities

  • This app lets users buy flight tickets using cryptocurrencies.
  • It supports up to 40 different types of digital currencies.
  • It also payments via credit and debit cards.

What they are?

So, what are flight booking apps anyway? Before you can build one, you should know what it’s all about. With one such app, an individual can travel anywhere in an aeroplane. These apps facilitate ticket booking, flight boarding, travel management, and more.

Depending on the kind of app you wish to create, you can add the most basic features or augment the app with a few advanced systems too. For instance, you can allow your users to check in with one tap, acquire booking details, avail exclusive offers or deals, etc.

The benefits

A mobile app development company in New Jersey can build different types of apps for various businesses. So, why would you opt for flight booking app development services specifically?

The benefits of Mobile app development company in New Jersey - Moon Technolabs

For starters, you can help your users plan their trips seamlessly because they’ll be able to book flight tickets over the web remotely. Scalable applications make things easier for users to set up and even organize their trips. Apart from saving time, users will also save money.

Here are a few other perks worth mentioning.

  • Ease of booking tickets

App development agencies build these solutions strictly for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Understandably, these apps always come with user-friendly interfaces. As a result, browsing and booking tickets become unexpectedly simple.

  • Faster check-ins

Most of these apps have a check-in feature that allows users to check in early. It basically saves their time that they’d otherwise waste in taking care of the formalities associated with flying. The app will take care of these tasks virtually.

  • 24/7 availability

With the services of an app development agency, you’ll build an app that’ll remain available to your users 24/7. They can book tickets whenever they want to. They can also contact your customer support team if they need help with something at any time.

  • Time saver

This one is probably the most obvious benefit of developing an app through which travellers will book aeroplane tickets. Conventional booking systems are time-consuming, but mobile apps do it in a matter of seconds.

  • Changing or cancelling

Flight ticket booking mobile solutions even make it easy for fliers to make any changes or cancel the trip after booking.

  • Refunding after cancellation

Finally, with flight booking applications, users can get refunds easily if they have to cancel their flight for any reason.

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Statistical analysis

The benefits described above are what you can bestow upon your users if you consider hiring a mobile app development company in New Jersey. However, you’ll enjoy the perks of going down this road too. The following pieces of statistical information prove it.

  • One report states that almost 28% of travellers gain inspiration from social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. It led to an increase in the number of online ticket booking app downloads.
  • According to researchers, 27% of all users prefer using their mobile devices to book everything associated with travelling.
  • 39% of all flight booking app users found these apps quicker than traditional booking procedures.
  • 79% of all users are happy to receive price-related alerts in the form of notifications.
  • Travel and tourism brands having mobile apps receive almost 60% of all booking requests via mobile devices.

Here’s a graph that further displays the statistics of flight booking websites and mobile applications.

statistics of flight booking websites and mobile applications


Features to include

It isn’t possible to describe the features, but this topic will provide you with a shortened version. Apart from other considerations, the overall mobile app development cost will depend on the features you include.

For customers

  • Logging in via social media accounts, regular sign-up, or a combo of the two
  • Schedules of flights
  • Booking flights
  • A “frequent flier” tag for someone who flies regularly
  • Inspecting booking status
  • Checking flight status
  • Checking in
  • Providing reviews, ratings, and feedback against services

For the admin

  • Support for several languages
  • Managing exclusive offers
  • Chatbot
  • Managing information
  • Facilitating customer support services
  • Exploring what customers search for
  • Managing the booking process

Advanced features

  • Tracking flights in real-time
  • Push notifications
  • Digital travel agents
  • VR tours
  • Social media amalgamation
  • Secured gateway for payment
  • Integrating third-party systems and solutions
  • Multiple currencies
  • Invoice printing facility
  • Different types of trip searching options
  • CRM integration
  • IATA
  • Discounts with several bookings
  • Comparing prices
  • Calendar
  • Multi-day searching
  • Weather-related info
  • Alerting users when prices drop
  • Vacation packages
  • Email notifications
  • Cabin maps
  • Searching and filtering
  • Add-on feature selection

Cost of development

Several factors will dictate your mobile app development cost. You already know about the features, but you should also look into the tech stack needed for the job.

Usually, the overall cost of development remains between $50,000 and $100,000.

Wrapping it up

If you pay attention to the latest market trends, you’ll realize how lucrative it can be to get a flight ticket booking app developed. The mobile app development cost of building such a solution isn’t anything less than an investment that’ll just keep growing with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The factors that will dictate your expenses include the overall design, the platform for which you build it, dynamic functionality, the abilities of the developers, and mobile wallet integration.
Angular, HTML5, Flutter, CSS3, and React.JS are the best for frontend development. For the backend, developers prefer Node.JS, .NET Core, PHP, Postgress, MongoDB, and MySQL.
Building an all-inclusive app is costly, but it’s the only way to stand up to your competitors. For further clarification, you should contact a development agency at the earliest.

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