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Fleet management software solutions and apps aim to help you contemplate where your vehicles are, their status, and the person in charge of driving and taking care of them. This write-up contains more information on how you can develop a customized fleet management software solution.

With every passing day, more and more companies are turning towards transportation in business. They’re also seeking new ways of optimizing logistics procedures, reduce expenses, and manage drivers with more efficiency. Software solutions designed specifically for this process will be helpful in achieving it.

If you hire a software developer and get a fleet management software solution created, it can precisely be the solution that you have been looking for. With it, you can reduce the consumption of fuel, decrease the time wasted idling in traffic, and increase the productivity of each driver. The entire market of fleet management has been growing rapidly over the last few years. Market researchers even went as far as to say that this industry has the potential to reach $34 billion by 2025. Naturally, you can expect considerable opportunities to earn more profit quickly if you digitize your processes.

About the solution

So, what is a fleet management software solution anyway? It’s a self-powered application or cloud-based software program that will help you track and manage your business vehicles, as well as technicians, from one centralized platform. It will be the dashboard you can turn to for tracking multiple pieces of data, including the speed, temperature, door opening, fuel level, route direction, and geographical location of each automobile you have at your disposal. If you hire a software developer recognized for his/her technological expertise and knowledge, the software solution can do even more.

Now, at the moment, the whole procedure may sound easy, but, in reality, maintaining communication between software and devices is a complex section associated with the network. Once you install a device on a vehicle, the system will gather data using GPS tech. This information will appear on the screen of the manager that will further allow the user to keep tabs on the said vehicle in real-time. If installed in all automobiles, it will show the destination, as well as the way drivers, manage them.

The process of Telematics

If you hire a dedicated development team and ask one of the members about how this whole thing works, he/she will use a technical term called “telematics.” This word refers to the utilization of information technology in remote communications.

know about process of telematics

Fleet telematics is nothing but the inbuilt onboard system that facilitates the exchange of information between fleet automobiles and the central authoritative body. It’s a device that remains under the dashboard connected to a diagnostics port of the Controller Area Network bus port. By using onboard diagnostics and GPS, the telematics device will transfer data from the vehicle to the software program.

The types

As long as you manage to hire a dedicated development team, you can be certain that the group can develop multiple types of fleet management software solutions. That’s why you must define the kind of program you want the team to build before you start searching for the best developers in the field. It’s also worth mentioning here that each solution you’ll learn about below has its unique set of features.

  • Delivery management

This one allows delivery businesses to handle the fleet and automate the dispatching operations. As the manager, you can assign tasks to the agents depending on their schedules while monitoring their location on the field using geofencing tech.

  • Fuel management

This one lets businesses optimize every process related to fuel monitoring, automobiles, and more. Managers can store fuel receipts, the maintenance history of the vehicles, and the personal information of each driver in a centralized storage system while gauging fuel consumption using all-inclusive reports.

  • Fleet maintenance

This one aims to offer information regarding fleet inventory tracking, repair logs, preventive maintenance, reporting, and order management. Users can create customized schedules and work orders based on preventive maintenance schedules or repair requests.

  • Truck dispatch

Software designed to facilitate truck dispatching is specific to freight brokerage firms. The features include dispatch & scheduling, GPS tracking, freight brokerage, and rates & quote management.

  • Route planning

The primary features of this one include planning routes and creating guides. It allows fleet managers to enter or upload the addresses of customers and plan routes for them. Managers can also monitor the progress of the drivers on routes in real-time and even move them from one route to another manually.

The modules

Fleet management systems have multiple features based on business-specific tasks. With customized software development services, you can pick a specific set of unique features in tandem with the requirements of your business. Some of the modules include the following.

    • Routing for monitoring vehicles depending on the duration of stops, GPS position, speed, etc.
    • Fuel management for controlling consumption and reducing idling time, emissions, etc.
    • Vehicle maintenance for optimizing the process of inspection & diagnosis and reminders of preventive checks.
    • Drivers’ management for storing personal data and the number of drivers working at a given moment for tracking behaviour and productivity.
    • Shipment management for the consideration of expenses, licenses, quotas, and more for streamlining dispatching, delivery, and cargo placement.
    • Security features for supporting drivers with different safety issues incurred on the road.

Every module elucidated above consists of several features. To make things easier for you, this write-up will include an overall scheme of all modules, as well as the key features.

  • Routing module

The routing module of an FMS lets managers keep tabs on the location of the automobiles. It will tell you about the distance covered by each and gather real-time data based on everything accumulated by the telematics device. The features of an on-demand software development company can add to this module include asset tracking, geofencing, route planning & optimization, and custom mapping.

  • Fuel management

The fuel management module, as you can probably guess, is in charge of the fuel tank and creates fuel management reports. With it, fleet managers can plan routes and coordinate drivers efficiently while reducing fuel expenses. The list of features includes engine idling, fuel cards, remote fuel tank monitoring, fuel management reports, and fleet emissions.

  • Vehicle maintenance

Understanding the vehicle maintenance module is even easier. It aims at scheduled inspections and alerts concerning required diagnostics. This module will have features, such as remote diagnostics, vehicle inspection DVIR, service history recording, and maintenance alerts.

  • Drivers’ management

This module is what you need for effective management of human resources by increasing the productivity of the drivers and reducing financial losses associated with vehicle security issues. The primary drivers’ management features should include driver profiles, behaviour monitoring, and e-logs for hours of service.

This module operates the workflow of a fleet, its orders, delivers, and expenses to reduce reworking and boost profits. The core features of shipment management include delivery scheduling & dispatching, rates & quotes management, compliance documents, cost analysis, cargo optimization, and inventory functionality.

  • Security features

The module concerning safety management protects automobiles and their drivers by offering emergency roadside support, remote tracking, and vehicle theft alerts. However, it’s a mandatory feature for both mid-size and large transportation organizations with fleets consisting of more than 50 trucks with 40 or more concurrent users. The features of this module include road risk alerts, remote control, accident detection & reporting, roadside assistance, and dash cam.

Final words

Fleet management software development with the support of an on-demand custom software development company has numerous benefits for companies utilizing vehicle fleets. After all, it can automate the tasks of the business and reduce operational costs at the same time. There’s only one thing you’ll need to make such a solution operational, and it’s the support of a software development agency. The best agencies have the potential to transform your business vision into a full-fledged solution.

You should keep your eyes open for software development firms that can provide enterprise-level development services, including custom fleet management software development. Only a reputable and recognized agency can create software programs that will help you streamline your business logistics processes and augment cooperation between businesses, clients, and partners. Just remember to explore the portfolios of the list of agencies operating in your area or offshore to see the projects they developed for their clients successfully in the past. In doing so, you may come across a few ideas that you may consider including in your business solution.

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