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With the arrival of smartphones and mobile applications, no one needs to step outdoors to take care of daily chores. Today, one can buy groceries over the internet, which is something that used to be unfathomable even a decade ago. It’s also worth mentioning here that the sector of online grocery delivery is flying right now. The apps you’ll learn about in this write-up prove this fact.

Having a grocery delivery mobile app on your smartphone or tablet can prove to be inestimably valuable, especially during pandemic-ridden times like these. Web-based grocery delivery services have been the lifeline of folks in the USA last year and they aren’t going to lose their popularity anytime soon. It’s safe to state here that this particular service is here to stay. The pandemic has changed just about everything “traditional.” Today, no one needs to step out of their house to take care of everyday chores. The same goes for grocery shopping.

The field of online grocery delivery is flying at the moment. It happens to be one of the most lucrative businesses right now. Just research the web and you’ll find plenty of statistical information on world-renowned websites about how well this industry is faring. If you have a stake in the grocery industry, or if you’re the owner of a grocery business, you should get in touch with a grocery delivery app development company at the earliest and get an application developed. However, before you go down this road, you should take a few moments to go through this write-up. Here you’ll find the names and descriptions of several online grocery delivery businesses trusted by the people of the USA.

The 10 best apps

Here are the 10 best online grocery delivery services operating in the USA right now. When you hire a grocery delivery app development company, you should incorporate one or more features of these apps into your own.


While the word “Instacart” doesn’t have any grammatical meaning or implication, it does make an individual feel as if it’s something you get almost instantly. Instacart is a brand trusted by the people of the USA because it delivers products on the same day. It’s a company that offers fresh, shelf-stable, and on-demand products, and the brand maintains flexibility in terms of prices all the time. 

Instacart operates in more than one hundred cities in the country. People choose this brand for its exceptional “search and find” feature that allows them to seek out whatever they want from the most recognized supermarkets and add the products to their virtual shopping carts. Also, the delivery fee charged by the brand is next to negligible. Instacart collaborates with over 300 grocery chains spread throughout the world to ensure customers receive the freshest goods at their doorstep.


The next grocery delivery mobile app worth mentioning is called Kroger. From the first day, it has been creating incredible shopping experiences for its customers. They love it because Kroger allows them to save a lot of money. The brand offers personalized discounts and attractive promotions now and then to its patrons. 

Kroger for grocery delivery app development - Moon Technolabs

Users can also include products in their online shopping cart within a few moments. They can also do it if they visit a supermarket. Basically, they’ll hang around the store and place their orders online instead of pushing a shopping cart and dropping products in it manually. There’s a feature called “Smart Suggest” on the app of Kroger that allows buyers to select discounted items. It’s something you should look into and consider adding to your on-demand grocery app development solution.

Amazon Prime Now

A lot of people are aware of Amazon Prime, especially if they enjoy consuming content on this OTT platform. If an individual subscribes to Amazon Prime, they can enjoy the extra benefits of the application. By paying just $199/year, they can get just about everything, including meals from restaurants and, of course, the freshest groceries. Amazon Prime Now is available in about 40 metropolises at the moment. Amazon Prime Now also lets customers purchase non-food products, such as household essentials, electronics, accessories, clothing, and everything in between. It’s one of the best options for large families in search of consistent services throughout the year. Amazon Prime Now is actually the logical choice for those who want to buy groceries in bulk.


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Walmart Grocery

This one is an award-winning mobile grocery application. Buyers can purchase regular groceries, including fresh fruits & vegetables, baked products, organic produce, market specialty merchandise, pantry staples, and more. There’s a “Favorites” option in the app that facilities super fast reordering. Those who purchase goods regularly from Walmart can use the Walmart Pay app to pay for whatever they buy within a few seconds. The security standards of this payment platform are extremely strict and safe. Regular users can attest to this fact. Additionally, purchasers will also receive extra concessions on in-store discounts, even if they purchase products over the web through the Walmart Grocery mobile application.

Google Shopping

Google has its finger in almost every business pie that exists under the sun. Naturally, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if this tech giant has a stake in the sphere of online grocery delivery. Google Shopping is a grocery shopping solution that redefined user experience and convenience as soon as it appeared. It goes without saying that this app is the favorite of hundreds and thousands of customers in the USA. With it, buyers can get their grocery essentials delivered right to their doorstep. 

Google Shopping For grocery app development - Moon Technolabs

It even allows folks to rummage through millions of grocery products offered by thousands of stores spread throughout the nation. Furthermore, buyers can conclude the checkout process with just their Google account – something that almost everyone in this world has. Whether a buyer wants to purchase everyday essentials or gift something special to their loved ones, Google Shopping has everything one can possibly hope for.


Here’s another grocery delivery application that can ship out products on the same day, just like Instacart. As you can probably guess, you need to be able to deliver products to your customers the day you receive an order if you hope to survive in the industry of online grocery delivery. Once you get an on-demand grocery app development solution created for your business, you’ll realize it isn’t as challenging as it seems. To a lot of people, Shipt is the ideal grocery delivery application because it sends fresh produce and other household essentials to its users consistently and on-demand. Currently, the brand is operating in Virginia, Wisconsin, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, Ohio, and a few other major US cities – 72 to be exact. Shipt works with hundreds of retailers in these locations.


CheckOut51 is yet another excellent example of what an online grocery business should be like. The app of this brand is available to both iOS and Android users, and it offers incredibly attractive loyalty points and rewards to its patrons. Whenever the items reach the customer from the physical stores, he/she has a high chance of getting one or more offers. CheckOut51 keeps changing its giveaways every week. Furthermore, buyers will also have the opportunity to earn cashback offers on the weekends. They simply need to upload a picture of the purchase invoice or receipt to redeem the offers they get.


Users of the 7NOW app have a massive selection of products at their disposal. They can explore and buy what they want from over 3000 items. 7NOW is the go-to grocery delivery mobile solution to the people of the USA, especially if they’re after baked products, candies, ice creams, frozen food products, household essentials, personal care products, and more. The brand operates in over 200 cities and 40+ metropolises, including Boston, Chicago, Fort Collins, Detroit, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Miami, New York, New Haven, etc. With every passing day, 7NOW adds new locations and cities. In other words, it’s an ever-expanding business.


This business came into existence back in 1989 and currently caters to 24 or more markets in the USA. To the people living in Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Washington DC, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, and Connecticut, Peapod is the first choice when it comes to buying groceries. By now, it should be clear to you that the grocery app development cost isn’t as high as you think. After all, there are already so many companies operating all over the country. As Peapod has been in the grocery industry for so many years, it offers a few unmatchable features you must consider including your mobile solution.


If you check the smartphones of 10 East Coast residents, 9 of them will have FreshDirect installed on their devices. The brand operates in some of the largest states, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and more. FreshDirect partners with regional farms, fisheries, and dairy establishments to bring the freshest produce to the tables of customers. The list of items available on the app of FreshDirect keeps changing based on the season because what’s available in summer won’t be available in winter, especially fruits.


Well, there you have it – an all-inclusive list of the most widely used grocery applications in the USA. If you need to know about the grocery app development cost, contact an app development agency as soon as you can. Just remember to do your homework before choosing a service provider.

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