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The ever-increasing popularity of Xamarin makes it a crowd favorite. The framework always allows developers to create superb digital solutions, but they can unleash the true power of Xamarin only if they leverage the tools discussed here.

Just like most business owners and entrepreneurs, you must find the ever-increasing fame of Xamarin intriguing. Well, this cross-platform framework for app development from the esteemed house of Microsoft deserves all the bouquets it gets for all the right reasons.

If you hire Xamarin app developers, they can build solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms using this cross-platform app development framework. They’ll leverage Microsoft Visual Studio and C#. In doing so, they’ll enjoy the facility of code sharing between iOS and Android apps to compile them even further into native code.

Every app created using Xamarin has turned out to be the best in terms of native UI involvement, native performance, and device-specific feature accessibility.

As this topic is about the tools needed for Xamarin development, it’s better to get directly into the thick of things instead of dilly-dallying any further. When you hire Xamarin app developers, make sure they utilize these tools when working on your project.

Top 10 Xamarin development tools


Here’s a list of the names and descriptions of the ten best Xamarin development tools available now. They include IDEs, development tools, and elements needed to manage the design work.

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Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is an ultramodern and highly sophisticated IDE from Microsoft that comes with multiple features suitable for building applications for mobile devices, desktops, and the web. For mobile-based development, developers use .NET with it.

What makes a Visual Studio effective? It provides developers a feature-rich editor, debugging tools, and even native platform integration with Mac, iOS, and Android. It even has an integrated source control system.

Visual Studio Top 10 Xamarin App Development Tools - Moon Technolabs

On 10th May 2017, Visual Studio substituted Xamarin Studio. Xamarin Studio 6.3 was the last release of the platform, and now, Visual Studio possesses all the abilities of Xamarin Studio combined with the cloud and web development. The creators of Visual Studio also made a few improvements to its cross-platform app development systems.


The IDE called XCode from Apple is at the center of the development experience of this brand. XCode has a surprisingly productive environment that makes it suitable for creating apps for iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

XCode Top 10 Xamarin App Development Tools - Moon Technolabs

Developers can create iOS apps using Xamarin on Visual Studio. They can also run the ensemble on a computer powered by the Windows OS. However, a Mac computer should also be present on the network. It’ll work as a build host for compiling and debugging the code remotely.

Xamarin Inspector

Xamarin Workbooks & Inspector is an interactive console for C#. It provides various tools to users. The Inspector gets integrated with the workflow of app debugging of the IDE and serves as an aid for running diagnostics or debugging. Developers can use this Xamarin Inspector to examine an app, even when it’s actively running.

Xamarin Inspector Top 10 Xamarin App Development Tools - Moon Technolabs


Every Xamarin app development company should use NuGet as it’s a crucial tool for all modern app building platforms. It provides an exclusive mechanism using which developers can build, share, and consume valuable code. Usually, these code types remain bundled in the form of “packages.”

NuGet Top 10 Xamarin App Development Tools - Moon Technolabs

Apart from the code, these “packages” contain compiled code in the form of DLLs. They even have the content required in the projects because they consume these “packages.” At the website of this tool, it maintains a repository of more than 100,000 unique packages. Every day, millions of .NET developers use these packages.


MFractor is a tool for Xamarin mobile development that contains something called XAML IntelliSense, other than image tooling, more than one hundred XAML refactoring materials & inspections, and more. In short, MFractor simplifies Xamarin development. The profoundly powerful XAML editor of MFractor takes Xamarin. Forms development to the next level and helps developers pinpoint and fix problems affecting the code instantly.

MFractor Top 10 Xamarin App Development Tools - Moon Technolabs

It also adds all the missing essentials, such as localization assistance, image importing wizard, and multiple navigation shortcuts created specifically for mobile development. MFractor is even customizable to suit the needs of your project with a feature-laden configuration engine and support for code snippets.


This tool is a framework used in building maintainable, loosely coupled, and testable applications based on XAML in Xamarin. Forms, WPF, and Windows 10 UWP. It provides the development of a Xamarin app development company implementation of several design patterns.

They come in handy during writing properly structured and maintainable XAML apps, including commands, MVVM, EventAggregator, dependency injection, and others.

Prism Top 10 Xamarin App Development Tools - Moon Technolabs

The primary functionality of Prism is to target these platforms through a shared codebase stored in a Portable Class Library. This tool will implement everything that has to be platform-specific in the appropriate libraries of the target platform.


It’s time to move on to design-related tools, and InVision is the first one you’ll read about. This tool happens to be the world’s most recognized collaboration platform for product design. It lets developers upload design files to add gestures, animations, and transitions to convert static screens into interactive and clickable prototypes.

Once it’s ready, developers can produce context around the projects with boards. These boards are flexible spaces for storing, sharing, and discussing design ideas. The inbuilt layout options allow developers to create a visual hierarchy for your ideas.

InVision Top 10 Xamarin App Development Tools - Moon Technolabs

It even simplifies the feedback process by allowing team members, clients, and stakeholders to comment on the designs directly. As a result, you can see the reviews for all your projects in one place.


A remote Xamarin developer will use Sketch to work on Mac. It’s a vector-based tool for designing purposes that work on Mac devices and focuses strictly on on-screen design. Developers use it predominantly to build icons, websites, and UIs for mobile devices and desktops. The easy-to-use tools and effective tools of Sketch allow designers to prioritize what they do better than anyone else.

Sketch Top 10 Xamarin App Development Tools - Moon Technolabs

The creators of Sketch fabricated it specifically to cater to the needs of digital designers, and it’s visible in every aspect of this platform.

As a unit testing tool for Xamarin, is one of the best as it’s available for free. This open-source and community-focused unit testing system works with the .NET framework. Created by the actual inventor of NUnit v2, this unit testing tool is a modern piece of technology for unit testing. Top 10 Xamarin App Development Tools - Moon Technolabs

It works with F#, C#, VB.NET, and other languages based on .NET. The tool also works with CodeRush, ReSharper, TestDriven.NET, and Xamarin. As it’s part of the foundation of .NET, it follows the appropriate code of conduct.


The last tool included in this list is called Instabug. The remote Xamarin developer of your choice will use Instabug for bug reporting purposes while building mobile applications. It offers the most useful metadata on the market and incredible user support. It also comes with a “shake to send” feature that makes it more popular.

Instabug Top 10 Xamarin App Development Tools - Moon Technolabs

Whenever developers run into bugs of any kind, this tool creates a screenshot of the problem automatically. It allows developers to annotate by blurring, drawing on, or magnifying specific parts of it. Developers can even attach more screenshots, screen recordings, and voice notes of the app to provide context to their reports.

Additionally, Instabug can send in-depth user data automatically to developers, including the steps they must take to reproduce the bugs, create console logs, or send network requests.

Conclusive statements

Well, there you have it – the ten most widely used tools for Xamarin mobile development projects. As mentioned in the earliest sections of this write-up, Xamarin is extremely popular among developers. It’s mainly because this framework facilitates app development for iOS, Android, and Windows devices using C# and Visual studio.

Xamarin also makes compiling and code sharing a piece of cake. Due to these reasons, this framework should be at the top of your list of tech stacks for your project. Now you must be wondering where to search for app developers for your project. Well, you can choose Moon Technolabs as your development partner. It has more than enough experience in Xamarin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Xamarin is a cross-platform app development framework that lets developers build applications for Android, OS X, iOS, and Windows devices using C# and Visual Studio.
Some of the best Xamarin app development tools include Visual Studio, NuGet, InVision,, and Instabug.
Moon Technolabs is one of the best places to look for Xamarin developers for your project.

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