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What did you do to survive the near-death situation imposed upon your business by the COVID-19 pandemic? You leveraged the power of mobile apps to stay afloat, right? You even managed to expand your business as much as possible during this pandemic-induced condition using mobile technologies. You have to keep doing the same thing if you wish to grow your business even further.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic confined a massive part of the world’s population indoors. It had a direct impact on mobile app usage and trends associated with mobile technologies. The companies that managed to shift to the digital world survived. The others weren’t so fortunate. In reality, they made the mistake of underestimating the importance of mobile app development and paid the price, as a result.

You were calculative enough to contemplate the situation. You didn’t hesitate to hire experienced mobile app developers, which is why your business didn’t go on the fritz. However, you’re wondering what you should do to ensure your company’s growth once humanity manages to beat the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Well, the path will remain the same – mobile devices, mobile technologies, and mobile app development. Folks are using mobile applications for various purposes. Those who work from home use mobile applications for communicating and video conferencing. Students utilize apps to attend classes over the entertainment. Commoners consume content for entertainment via streaming services or by playing games. On-demand service providers deliver food, vegetables, groceries, medicines, and a massive array of other products directly to the doorstep via mobile applications. Mobile apps and the services offered by them weren’t anything more than a luxury for most individuals. Today, however, mobile apps are mandatory for everyone.

Businesses that thrived using mobile app

If you hire a mobile app development company today, you may find the diverse variety offered on the market surprising.

mobile apps for businesses

Regardless of the industry, you work in, you will surely find an option that will allow you to go online, increase your income, and broaden your target audience. If you already belong to one of these fields, then you’re already thriving.

1. Apps for education

Education is crucial to various age groups all over the world. Understandably, it isn’t shocking that the global e-learning market thrived during the pandemic. According to researchers, the market size will reach $157.7 billion by 2025.

2. Apps for health and fitness

Before the pandemic, couch potatoes never found motivation in anything to get off the sofa and hit the gym. However, once they experienced the brunt of COVID-19, they realized the importance of having a strong immune system that an individual can build by adhering to a nutritious diet and performing physical exercises regularly. Health and fitness applications gained immense popularity during the pandemic. Whether couch potatoes or fitness freaks, everyone started downloading apps that will teach them how to stay fit at home.

3. On-demand delivery

While many restaurants and grocery businesses drowned, many of them managed to survive. How did they do it? They invested in food delivery mobile app development services and joined the bandwagon of on-demand delivery. Restaurants remained connected with their customers via mobile apps. They started delivering food to their doorsteps. In doing so, they prevented folks from coming out of their homes and helped them maintain social distancing norms. Also, grocery businesses and pharmacies followed the same path and began delivering their products to their patrons.

4. Telemedicine

Another one of the businesses that thrived during the pandemic is telemedicine. It was there long before COVID-19 but gained popularity and relevance once the pandemic began. After all, patients couldn’t visit their healthcare providers and doctors encouraged the use of healthcare and telemedicine mobile applications. Sooner rather than later, using these apps became a trend.

The future

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic will leave a long-lasting effect on the world economy, and it’s already visible. It forced numerous businesses to reduce or stop operations entirely, which, in turn, affected their bottom line. At the same time, it helped in accelerating the development of several emerging technologies.

With time, more and more data emerges to make trends more apparent. There’s more than enough room available for businesses to adjust to the challenges introduced by the pandemic. Indeed, the business ideas mentioned above will remain relevant long after the pandemic subsides, but you must combine them with other mobile technologies if you want to come out stronger on the other hand and maintain the current growth momentum of your business.

1. 5G connection

The buzz in all industries concerning 5G tech and its impact on next-gen connectivity and services has been circulating for some time now. However, this technology isn’t available everywhere yet. 5G isn’t an enhanced version of 4G. It’s an entirely different network infrastructure. It has the power to change the way mobile networks function, but telecom service providers are taking it slow. They aren’t rolling out this technology everywhere. Are you wondering why?

benefits of 5G connection

Well, in simple terms, telecom service providers have been hesitating to invest in building capacity for 5G tech. They aren’t confident about the level of demand from consumers. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 situation will ensure the materialization of the 5G market sooner rather than later. If your customers can utilize the services you offer through your mobile app faster than before, they will find it easier to work from home, a study from home, and order food, groceries, and medicines. Researchers found back in October that the worldwide user base of 5G networks will reach one billion by mid-2023. You need to hire experienced mobile app developers to rebuild your application to work on 5G.

2. Artificial Intelligence

After COVID-19, consumer behaviours won’t be what they used to before the pandemic. Consumers will buy products and avail services over the web and more people will work remotely. With companies beginning to navigate their way around a post-pandemic world, the application of Artificial Intelligence will become inestimably valuable. It will help them adapt to the new trends. AI will be specifically useful to those who operate within the supply chain and retail industries. Through advanced data analytics and Machine Learning, AI will aid these companies in pinpointing new purchase patterns and deliver a better and more personalized experience to online consumers. Today, mobile app developers can combine mobile apps with AI tools that analyze massive amounts of data. In doing so, it helps the business owner unearth underlying patterns, enable computer systems to make decisions, recognize human speech & images, and predict human behaviour. Of course, these aren’t the only things AI is capable of. They will learn continuously and adapt accordingly.

3. AR/VR

AR/VR stands for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality. The pandemic-ridden situation fueled the rise of VR headsets to play videogames, explore travel destinations virtually, and participate in online entertainment as they remained isolated at home. They’re also using social VR platforms to interact with other people. Businesses have also been experimenting with VR platforms to train their employees, collaborate on various projects, connect employees virtually, and hold conferences. AR, on the other hand, proved to be quite a phenomenon in the field of real estate. Today, real estate agencies utilize AR-powered mobile apps to showcase properties available for sale to their clients. A prospective property buyer can get the same experience on a mobile app as he/she would get by visiting the premises physically.

4. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is just as popular as 5G tech. Cloud-based mobile apps were popular among people long before the pandemic, but after the events of 2020, folks fell in love with the abilities of cloud-based mobile apps that can access remote servers and store huge amounts of data without affecting device storage. If you’re going to hire a mobile app development company after the pandemic, you must consider integrating cloud-based systems into your existing application. Businesses and educational institutions will use this technology more than other departments. Also, as the demand for this tech keeps increasing, implementing the same into mobile apps to ease accessibility will be the key.


The aftermath of this pandemic will be almost similar to other global crises. It will accelerate several trends that were already there before the outbreak. As companies start shifting their focus towards recovery, they must invest in digital transformation initiatives proactively just as they did after the coronavirus started laying waste to the world. You have to do the same thing and hire a mobile app development company that can help you take your business to the next level.

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