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on demand startup ideas in 2021
Published On: January 29, 2021

If you’re a wizard, then your smartphone is your magic wand. It helps you get the services or products you need or desire. With every passing day, more and more people are using smartphones. Naturally, the need for on-demand solutions is increasing continuously. Market researchers say that almost 22.4 million mobile users in the USA spend $57.6 billion on the on-demand economy. As an aspiring entrepreneur, if you’re planning to establish your startup in 2021, these app ideas will provide useful to you.

The world is undoubtedly changing and at a breakneck speed no less. Mobile users want speed, convenience, and simply over everything else, which led to the rise of on-demand mobile apps. Additionally, with the outbreak of the COVID-19, individuals now prefer products and services to arrive at their doorstep. They want to stay indoors to avoid risks.

While remaining behind locked doors and barred windows seem counterproductive to most people, it’s an opportunity ripe for the taking for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you’re planning to launch your startup in 2021, you should consider going for on-demand app development.

An Overview:

Reports generated by a world-renowned market research organization prove that mobile apps generated $188.9 billion through app stores and in-app advertisements in 2020. As you can see, there’s nothing better than having an app, whether you’re thinking about laying the foundation of your startup or have a fully-established business. If you manage to conjure a lucrative idea, investors will happily finance it. Mobile apps not only boost the business economy but also generate goodwill.

Do you need more convincing? Then check out the following numbers:

  • Almost 87 million people in the USA use on-demand services.
  • More than 22 million users spend $57.6 billion on-demand services annually.
  • 45 million business owners in the USA offer their services to the on-demand sector.

These alluring numbers should incite your interests and with your own on-demand mobile application, you can serve the masses. Then again, just making up your mind to join this sector isn’t enough.

on demand app ideas in 2021

You need a powerful idea which you can convert to an app. Here are a few noteworthy examples.

(1) For Traveling: Companies like Airbnb and Uber brought forth revolutionary on-demand services. No one wants to lag behind in a fast, opportunistic world, even by a fraction of a second. Within a short period, the transportation and logistics industry found a new direction after taxi booking applications, like Uber, Careem, and Lyft became popular. Due to the vastness of this industry, you may think about exploring other aspects of it. For instance, you can ditch the taxi booking app and build a cargo logistics app, an e-scooter app, etc. You may also add extra features to your application to enhance its functionality.

(2) For Fashion: What will you do if you can’t get out of your office on time to purchase a present for your loved one? If you’re thinking about buying clothes, you’ll turn to one of those fashion apps installed on your phone. Indeed, on-demand fashion apps are the one-stop destination for all last-minute orders. With an on-demand eCommerce fashion app solutions, you will get the exposure you seek. Besides, the fashion industry will always remain in play regardless of what happens. Market researchers say that more than 40% of customers enjoy shopping for fashion essentials online. It sustains the momentum as more and more individuals turn towards on-demand fashion apps.

(3) For Medicines: COVID-19 is an invisible enemy. You’ll never know when and how it will invade your property and infect one or more members of your family. It’s one of the main reasons why people are opting to remain indoors so that they don’t bring the coronavirus with themselves whenever they go outside. So, how will you get the medicines required by the elder members of your household? This is where pharmacy and prescription drug delivery apps come in handy. You can place an order for the medicines you need while staying indoors. COVID-19 bolstered online delivery of pharmaceuticals, but, according to experts, the trend will always remain.

(4) For Health and Wellbeing: People are becoming much more health-conscious than they’re ever been in the past. However, their busy schedules prevent them from hitting the gym or attending yoga classes. With an on-demand fitness and wellbeing app solutions, you will provide users with an exercise kit that they can explore and follow along using their smartphones. Now, the health and wellbeing industry incorporates several things. Your app can help people book doctors’ appointments or provide info concerning major diseases. It may also offer exercise and workout routines that they will follow along.

(5) For Beautification: Statistical data gathered by market researchers prove that an average woman spends almost $4000 every year on beauty services. If you already own a beauty salon, you may consider adding an on-demand beauty service app solutions to increase your profits. Having such an app at this time is even more beneficial because not many customers will find the courage to visit your salon. If you can offer your services on demand, you’ll retain your customers and may even increase your business.

(6) For Education: COVID-19 forced schools, colleges, universities, and every other educational facility to close its doors. However, it couldn’t prevent children from studying, taking lessons, listening to lectures, and earning an education. E-learning systems gained new traction in 2020, and they will retain their usefulness in the years to come. Therefore, you may think about building an e-learning application.

(7) For Food: The love of food can make people do almost anything. It’s also a necessity for everyone. Additionally, busy individuals don’t get enough time to prepare meals. What do they do then? They turn to on-demand food delivery application solutions. They place an order for the food they like and await the arrival of a representative of the delivery company. Food conveyance applications became popular the moment they arrived. The market may seem a bit saturated at the moment, but specialists believe there’s still enough room for newcomers.

(8) For Groceries: On-demand grocery apps are also raging these days. People place orders for the items they need and the grocery brand delivers the products through the hands of its delivery personnel. These apps eliminate the need to visit the supermarket or wait in a long queue. Opting for an on-demand grocery delivery app solutions can be exceptionally lucrative.

Final Words:

Instant satisfaction is the way of the modern world. If you need to get somewhere in a hurry, you use an app to call a taxi. If you need food, you place an order for it using a mobile application. On-demand services are a boon for humanity, and the apps that facilitate business owners to provide customers with what they need are a blessing upon them. There’s much to gain for entrepreneurs from the on-demand business sector. With high-quality app development services, you can get the necessary exposure for your business.

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