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the pattern app
Published On: November 11, 2022

The Pattern App

Multiple astrology apps use the usual sun signs and other astrological jargon to make predictions about your prospects in life. However, Pattern App, designed by the famous YouTuber Lisa Donovan and launched in 2017, has given a new dimension to online astrology.

Pattern App shuns the usage of sun signs and other quintessential terms associated with astrology but provides deep insights into your life and personality based on your birth chart. Life cycles based on astrological readings are also communicated. By understanding your life cycles, you can easily navigate difficult times. 

Another aspect of the Pattern App is that it helps find romantic interests by matching people based on the depth of shared potential determined through astrology instead of conventional parameters used by conventional dating apps.

The surge in popularity of Pattern App occurred after some influential people on Twitter endorsed it in 2018. The App has already clocked over 2 million downloads and has a user rating of 4.2.

What Is The Pattern App?

the pattern app, an astrological app, may predict your future, career, marriage, love, and other aspects of your life. By entering simply your name and birthdate,  The data is retrieved from the database in accordance with the dates, times, and names of the horoscope using this online platform also referred to as an app.

Why Do You Need Pattern App?

Astrology has gained widespread popularity in recent years. Whether it is for personal growth or engaging in romantic relationships, people, especially youngsters, are increasingly using astrology apps to get assistance. However, in the jumble of astrology apps, finding the ones with fairly accurate predictions is tough.

Pattern App uses simple-to-understand passages devoid of complex astrological jargon to provide insights into your life, divided into various categories based on astrological readings. You get to know about the various traits of your personality and the opportunities coming your way for personal growth. In the words of the founder, the Pattern app is based on the ‘finding inner you concept’.

Pattern App doubles up as a dating app with a difference. The App has redefined the functioning of the dating app. The potential matches are assessed based on personality aspects derived from both persons’ birth charts. The compatibility of a possible relationship between the two people is evaluated based on depth and not just superficially. Unlike other dating apps, the pattern dating app helps find partners by deploying astrological techniques.

How Does Pattern App work?

To sign up, you must enter your name, gender and date, place, and exact time of birth. The App’s algorithm uses this information to prepare your birth chart, which is used to gain insights into your personality and other aspects.

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The App uses simple-to-understand personality messages sans astrological lingo to convey deep insights into your personality. Each aspect of your personality is explained with 15-20 slides of passages. The passages are divided into three sections: Foundation, Development, and Relationship. Each section is subdivided into subsections to provide information about six features of your personality. 

Another section of the App breaks down your life into cycles. The cycles in your life are determined based on planetary positions in your astrological chart. The cycles come with specific dates so you can know when any specific cycle in your life commences and ends. The impact of each cycle on your life is explained in detail through slides. The cycles are determined on a long-term basis and not in the form of daily or weekly updates. 

The App enables you to connect socially with friends and romantic interests. Since you can connect with potential partners for dating, it is also a dating app. The App enables you to run compatibility tests with your romantic interests and friends. The App checks whether two people are compatible and determine the depth of compatibility. The birth information about both people provides deep insights into the strengths and challenges of a potential relationship between them. There are multiple types of bonds on the Pattern App, such as Extraordinary, Powerful, Soulmate, Delicate, Complex, Challenging, and Meaningful.

The App provides the option of either reading a quick summary or an in-depth analysis of your personality traits, life cycles, or compatibility with potential romantic partners or friends.

the pattern astrology app

Features of Pattern App | The Pattern Astrology App

Some of the major features of the Pattern App have been listed here.

  • Your Pattern provides deep insights into your unique personality traits. 
  • Your Timing provides comprehensive information about planetary cycles impacting your life. 
  • Compatibility testing with romantic interests and friends through the pattern app bond types Customised profile building. 
  • World Timing to highlight the global astrological events caused by the movements of stars and planets 
  • Connect feature enables the user to add friends and romantic interests, check their bonding scores, and interact 
  • In-app real-time chatting.
  • Share experiences with the community. 
  • Compatibility testing with celebrities and public figures available on the database and secret crush using the pattern app spying feature 
  • Personality guide 
  • List of past, present, and future interests 
  • Display of static and stable user traits 
  • Push notifications every 24 hours 

What Is The Cost Of Developing a Pattern App?

The cost of developing a machine learning and artificial intelligence-based astrology app like Pattern depends upon several factors, such as the features of the App and the level of expertise of the app development company.

To be specific, developing an app like Pattern can cost $30,000 to $70,000, including both the front and back ends of the App. The cost of maintaining the App and incorporating upgrades into it have not been included in the price mentioned above range.

Reviews & Download of Pattern App 

Pattern app has positive reviews, such as the Pattern App helping in finding a soulmate, and negative reviews, such as the pattern app ruined my life. However, the pattern app review is positive overall, with an average rating of 4.2.

Pattern app was earlier available for download from App Store for Apple devices only. But now the pattern astrology app android is also available for download from Play Store. However, it is relevant to mention here that the pattern app for android works on Android 4.1 and later versions only.

Key takeaways | The Pattern App

If you are looking for an app like a pattern app, then it is mandatory to follow these points for a healthy development environment.

  • Choose Experience company for development.
  • Decide modules and market for the app.
  • Ask for a dedicated team, if available.
  • Choose the model of development.
  • Get suggestions from the development experts.
  • Don’t forget MoonTechnolabs for App Development.


The Pattern is a unique astrology app that provides simple-to-understand information about personality traits and life cycles based on birth charts.

Yes. It is a popular astrology app endorsed by many celebrities.

Lisa Donovan is the founder of The Pattern app.

Pattern Connect enables friends and potential couples to interact and also run compatibility tests with each other.

Yes. It can be downloaded for free from Play Store or App Store.
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