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Spending a few minutes or hours online, whether playing games or reading news/informative articles, is an efficient way to pass your leisure time. Google also has many cool and fun websites to visit whenever someone feels bored. Here, we have listed some popular websites to try depending on your likings, hobbies, and preferences in 2023.

Fun Websites | Cool Websites

1. Find the Invisible Cow

Find the Invisible Cow is a fun website to try at least once a week to avoid boredom. You must move your device cursor across the display to locate the cow. Make sure to play with the gaming sound on, as the cow only hides from you if you do not make any noise. 

2. Hacker News

Y Combinator is the start-up incubator and investment firm responsible for operating Hacker News. The website is the right place for everyone who wants to stay updated with the latest incidents in any new business and cybersecurity worldwide. The website mentions itself as an online forum to discuss everything that satisfies your intellectual interests.

3. Map Crunch

Do you want to get a virtual travel experience to different locations across the world? You should try Map Crunch, one of the websites to cure boredom and get lots of enjoyment. You should only click on the Go button to get a Street View from almost every unspecified location on the planet. You may get an Options menu to select your interested countries.

4. Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer’s website has every type of information you require to be a hacker, such as the ones portrayed in TV shows and movies. What would be more enjoyable than only some simple keystrokes to provide hacker abilities to you temporarily?

5. The Useless Web

The Useless Web functions as an aggregation of some of the best crazy and cool websites to visit to overcome your boring feelings. You have to click on the highlighted red button on the website page. After that, visit any one from various websites, a few of which you will like immediately depending on your preferences.

6. Music Theory

Visiting the Music Theory website is a simple and easy method to list oneself in the Top fun websites. Doing so will let you spend your time online and forget your boredom. You will get multiple tools, such as quizzes, calculators, and ear trainers. Moreover, you will get instant access to lectures related to music theory.

7. Paper Toilet

As the name itself, Paper Toilet displays a toilet paper roll that unwraps and warps while the user scrolls down and up.

8. Drive Me Insane

Drive Me Insane is also one of the fun websites to try in your life. If you want to experience fun while anyone else makes the payment, you may use the home automation features available on the website. Switch on a few lights, fiddle with the signature, and find results available on the screen.

9. Zoom Quilt

Zoom Quilt website has collaborative artworks of people to inspire the undertaking’s concept. It is much more than a website and an eternally zoomed image to combine several fantasy artworks into only one composition.

10. Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine website is one of the popular websites to use when bored. This entertaining website’s specialty is revamping your favorite websites when you enter the respective details. Visitors only have to specify a date and time, which is simple as entering any URL. Doing so will let the Wayback Machine provide a snapshot of the revamped website to display on the respective date.

11.  Shady URL

Are you willing to play a few funny and harmless pranks on your friends or scare them a bit? Visit the Shady URL website and enter any URL there. The website will shorten the respective link to let it appear as a scam or virus website.

12.  News of the Future

If you want to overcome your stress levels from the year, check out the fun websites of News of the Future. The website contains many future news articles from the year 2030 and beyond it.

13.  Bees Bees Bees

Bees Bees Bees website allows you to view the first idea of Oprah before she handed over a free car to every individual in 2004.

14.  Giphy

Giphy’s online website stores the most popular GIFs almost every day and is shared by more than millions of users. They involve tons of entertainment and provide a safe approach to getting one’s point. Giphy also Tweets as similar to a pro with a combination of GIFs.

15.  Habitica

Habitica is much more than one of the cool websites to cure boredom. Instead, it provides habit-forming tools and free productivity systems to encourage you to approach your daily life with the attitude you experience in video games. This way, you may accomplish your goals to achieve good health, success, and fulfillment.

16. Cookie Clicker

Love to make cookies; try the popular Cookie Clicker fun websites today. As an ad-supported clicker gaming website, Cookie Clicker allows players to click on a big cookie to create millions of small cookies there.

17. The Moth

Individuals who appreciate storytelling should try the fantastic website of The Moth. Here, website users get the opportunity to write and narrate personal narratives. Moreover, the website has a podcast that collects tales from the site’s stage worldwide. However, one can only hear the tales but cannot read them.

18. Mubi

The Mubi website is for everyone who often faces difficulty selecting a movie based on multiple options. The website lets you view 30 films at any specified time. Furthermore, you may add or remove one film every single day. Another reason to categorize Mubi as one of the websites to cure boredom is that it has a streamlined and well-managed set of movie options to select as per your choice. 

19. Vsauce

Vsauce is a recommendable website for everyone who wants to enjoy studies. If you ever feel bored and want to do something, you may visit the Vsauce website and read a few interesting topics to gain your knowledge level.

20. Cool Things

Do you want to spend a few hours online searching for useful and interesting household items? You should include the Cool Things website in your bookmarks of cool websites. Here, you will get a repository for data on interesting topics and articles. Products like entertainment, technology, hobbies, and inventions come under the respective category. Cool Things store is also an excellent resource to find plenty of gift ideas to shop for women and men alike.

21. The Oregon Trail

If you love to spend hours playing video games, The Oregon Trail website is the right website to cure boredom. The gaming website includes many aspects of strategic planning, simulation, and adventurous activities.

22. Patatap

The Patatap website has a single function to respond to the pressed keys on your computer or laptop’s keyboard by triggering several auditory and visual effects. The website responds to your keyboard’s random input with many delightful visuals and noises. Users will be hooked on Patatap once theyenjoy typing letters/numbers.

23. Gnoosic

Gnoosic website includes a music-specific search engine to collect information from website visitors. Moreover, the site adjusts itself to predict the likes and preferences of other musicians/users in different music brands. Indeed, site visitors will get an enjoyable method to discover new music.

24. Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood incorporates 48kHz or HD 3D audio cum algorithmic randomizer to be an amazing random, fun, and cool website. It offers a prominent rain experience over the internet and lets users focus while sleeping, studying, or unwinding.

25. Quick Draw

One can use the Quick Draw website to practice drawing doodles and show the creations to the entire world. However, you get only 20 seconds to draw an answer/doodle to any question. It is also an effective website to visit while feeling bored, as it trains time management.

26. Drench

Drench is an entertaining game where players get a board with a combination of colors. They also face the challenge of covering the board with only one color. Accordingly, you have to plan your moves smartly, as the game provides limited turns for completing the entire board.

27. Eye Bleach

Eye Bleach’s fun website keeps your mind calm after exposing you to many jarring visuals. You may filter Eye Bleach results based on any criteria of your choice.

28. Code Academy

Many people are continuing to work from home and staying under quarantine. Hence, Code Academy is the perfect website to learn code, as it gives you instant feedback and facilitates working on live projects.

29. Oddee

Eddie’s website focuses on a few of the weird stuff around the world. It has original content and an appropriate platform to pass the time while bored.

30. Mental Floss

Mental Floss is an engaging online magazine. It has articles on several interesting topics. The uniqueness of the cool website is that it provides well-researched and well-written topics, which receive limited media attention.

31. ZergNet

ZergNet is also an excellent resource for finding well-written pieces. It serves articles written by a few experts in the publishing industry. TV shows, movies, and other types of pop culture are the primary focus of the website’s content.

32. Fogetify

Are you finding a relevant resource to learn about new musicians and music bands? Try the music discovery app of Fogetify, where you get information about less-known but excellent musicians and music bands.

33. Uncrate

Uncrate features about 9,000 merchandise specific to men. Besides, you will get many other items, like blazers, vintage bikes, and wireless headphones. It is a fantastic website to try before wasting your time on a shopping binge or when you do not want to buy anything.

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34. Lego Videos

If you like to watch humorous videos in your spare time, you should bookmark Lego videos as one of the cool websites to cure boredom. Here, you may find and view entertaining videos from the vast catalog of the website, as it serves several interests. Lego videos let you speed on almost everything you want, whether dazzling ninja battles, ghost hunting, or wicked auto racing.

35. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is an excellent resource for all who want to learn about innovative items available online. Besides a wide selection of products, the Product Hunt website also has a popular section where you can browse the latest trends every month.

36. Colors Screen

The Colors Screen is a fun website or cool website, where users can do various color screens by clicking on an object.  When you click on any object the display screen will be of that color in full-screen mode, by pressing ESC, you can get back to the normal screen.

37. OCEARCH Shark Tracker

If you miss Shark Week badly, you should check another fun website, OCEARCH Shark Tracker. The website has a separate marine research group from which you may track the highlighted and tagged sharks, each of which has a separate name. What would be more enjoyable than finding shark spots across the world online?

38. SuperCook

You may have many ingredients handy but wonder what recipe you should prepare. In this situation, the SuperCook website will help you. Just enter the list of ingredients in front of you and let the site return a list of recipes you may prepare using the respective ingredients.

39. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy online is the right website for all who have a passion for creating beautiful interior spaces without the help of experts. The website offers a one-stop solution for inspiring innovative ideas to make one’s interior décor visually appealing. Furthermore, the website features many stunning apartments and home tours to let users consider them as sources of design ideas for their native place.

40. Hotspot 3D

Are you finding a new smartphone or laptop, and you have to narrow down the available options for it? In this situation, you should check the handy website of Hotspot 3D. It offers 3D views of several devices side-by-side so that you may determine the best according to your requirements. The right product will also give you the best value for your investment.

41. Big Think

According to the highlighted name only, the Big Thing platform has a few of the renowned people of the world who reveal or share their success secrets with others.

42. The American Life

The American Life is also one of the cool websites to try for all who often search for an entertainment podcast. The website evokes almost every type of emotion via diverse stories.

43. How Stuff Works

One can understand the purpose of the How Stuff Works website based on its name, which explains how things work. You may discover almost everything you want here, even in straightforward language. Just bookmark the website in your regular schedule to overcome your boredom feelings.

44. Soft Murmur

Whether you have an Android or iOS device, you may not miss enjoying a few nature sounds, like rain, waves, and wind. You only have to download the app of Soft Murmur on your favorite Smartphone to chill down and accomplish a few simple tasks simultaneously.

Cost to Develop Cool or Fun Websites

Creating a cool or fun website may cost you anything between $1000 and $5000, depending on whether you want a simple or custom-made one. The cost of designing a cool website depends on several elements. These include design, maintenance, web development team, marketing/promotion, and many more. However, webmasters who want to make the most of their investment in web design/development should contact our web developers at Moon Technolabs. We have experienced web developers who calculate the expenses considering every involved variable to provide you with a fair price quote.

Conclusion | Fun Websites | Cool Websites

Our blog post will give valuable information on several websites depending on the area of interest of its readers. Therefore, avoid wasting your time on any cliché website and explore a few of the best websites to spend your spare time most enjoyably.

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Find the Invisible Cow is the most fun and enjoying website/
Try any websites mentioned here to overcome boring feelings based on your likes/preferences.
Many cool websites are available online, including but not limited to Music Theory, Map Crunch, and the Useless Web.

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