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Letgo App is an unconventional e-commerce app because it works differently from other e-commerce apps. This app enables you to sell your old and used items by connecting directly to buyers near your location. Letgo provides a streamlined selling process by creating a direct link between buyers and sellers.

Multiple categories of products can be bought and sold through the Letgo app. It enables people to earn side cash by selling their old items without bothering about shipping, while buyers get many products listed at prices much lower than brand-new products.

Working on Letgo App

Consider the following points if you want to know how the letgo app works.

  • On downloading the app, you are required to create an account. Either a new account can be created, or you can use your existing Google or Facebook account to log in.
  • To sell your product, select the option “Sell Your Stuff” and choose the category under which your product falls.
  • Click a photograph of your product and upload it on the app. The image recognition feature of the app recognizes the product and auto-generates a description of the product.
  • You can choose to add more images of your product and edit the auto-generated description as per your own needs to attract more buyers.
  • Enter the price you want and post it in the listing
  • If you are a buyer, simply scroll the product listing under the required category. If you like a product, you can send a message to the seller.
  • The buyer and seller contact through the app to agree on the final price and set up a meeting point to complete the transaction.
  • Letgo does not handle payments but connects potential buyers and sellers.

Functions of the Letgo App

about letgo app

Letgo App is a convenient platform for both sellers and buyers. The sellers simply need to list their products under the relevant categories, while the buyers must scroll for the products they are looking for among the multiple categories. The app acts as a bridge between them.

The app connects only the local buyers and sellers to enable them to connect quickly and arrive at a deal. The platform enables interested buyers to send messages to the sellers to establish a connection and negotiate prices and other aspects of the transaction.

The Lego app does not handle payments left to the buyers and sellers to settle as they deem fit.

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Features of the Letgo app

Many interesting features of the letgo app should be kept in mind when using it.

Letgo app allows the selling of almost all kinds of things, such as clothes, accessories, electronic items, sports products, books, musical instruments, cars, spare parts, home items, and more. Even jobs and services can be listed on this app. However, this app cannot sell prohibited items such as weapons, live animals, currencies, food products, and drugs and alcohol.

letgo app for iphone

Letgo app uses the seller’s location to search and connect with buyers living near the seller’s location.

Letgo has a feature that lets you know the number of people who have viewed your listed product. By clicking on the settings tab and navigating the listing, you can check the number of views indicated by the number alongside the eye symbol.

Letgo provides the facility to move your product to the top of the listing on payment of $1.99. The top position enhances visibility, thereby increasing the chances of making a sale.

Reviews of Letgo App

Letgo app review is done based on both its merits and demerits. It is a good app for buying and selling old things swiftly and easily. No logistical issues are involved because the buyers and sellers living in the same city or town connect with each other and come into an arrangement to meet and close the deal.

Letgo app does not take any responsibility for the quality of the products. It also does not have anything to do with payments. There is also no return policy. These factors lead to negative reviews as well.

Cost For Development Of Letgo-Like app

The answer to the question of How much does it costs to make an app like letgo depends upon the app’s features, the platform used, and the country of development. Taking the leading app development countries such as India, the USA, and Aus into account, the cost will be from 5000$ up to $26,000, However you can connect with us to know more about the app development as well as perfect cost estimations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It can be downloaded for free from the Play Store or Apple Store.
Letgo has been acquired by another online marketplace called OfferUp.
The question is not relevant now because Letgo has merged with OfferUp.
Many include OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, 5Miles, and Declutter.
Letgo and OfferUp have merged. So there is only OfferUp now and no separate Letgo app.

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