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The future of the ‘Open Source’ model is becoming prominent and promising day by day. One of the prime reason it has gained momentum is due to cloud computing. To name a few, cloud services from Google and Amazon which are basically built on open source technologies has paved an immense way for the development by offering solutions to data management or big data applications depending upon the open-source.

A top mobile app development company is constantly involved in bringing new technology and innovation to the surface. Every day marks a new front in open source technologies and due to its nature, it is preferred more over proprietary software. Following listed are few of the trends contributing to the growing use of open source:

1) Free Access

The freedom and ease-of-access of source code lead to two major following benefits:

  • Can adapt to the various and changing requirements of a business
  • Quicker resolution of software defects

2) Cost of License

Keeping the license fee zero open up a few doors of advantages such as:

  • Open source is a free version of software packages offering OS licenses to let an unlimited number of users to use it. On the contrary, proprietary software packages fee increases in high proportion w.r.t increase in the number of end-users
  • Organizations can spend the unutilized resources on productive tasks such as innovation & digital transformation

3) Upper hand of Proprietary Softwares

Proprietary software showcases the limitations to the licensee in the following manner:

  • Does not allow the licensee from making any changes to the software
  • The licensee has to depend upon the support infrastructure provided by the software vendor
  • Developing reliance on new features set & release schedule of the software vendor

4) Moving To Digital Transformation

Open source offers a lot of elements for digital transformation which ensures automation for businesses around the globe to increase productivity & efficiency. Following are few examples of such software components which aren’t permitted with proprietary software vendors are:

  • Software-defined computing infrastructure (SDI)
  • DevOps (Development Operations) as no organization can rely on software packages
  • OpenStack or any other alternative hybrid cloud-based

5) Safety & Reliability

Due to the various developers working on the open-source code makes it more likely to deliver secured solutions. Since developers modify the results to achieve higher quality makes the OS undergo constant evolving cycle in real-time.

6) Custom & Control

Developers are able to edit and customize the open-source software as per their requirement which is impossible to do with proprietary software. There are no restrictions on how many times a user is accessing the software and also on any device.

7) Flexibility

Open-source programs allow more flexibility. Take, for example, Windows, which is closed-source. Hence, users are not able to modify the Windows 7 interface and use it on Windows 8.

8) Better Quality, Collaboration & Efficiency

Due to the open forum and global community support of top mobile app development company and individuals, open-source software solutions are efficient and pocket-friendly to evaluate and implement these solutions. These world-wide communities often introduce new features in a more efficient way rather than internal teams working on proprietary software. The combined force of skilled developers working together from every corner of the world does not only contribute to the rapid development process & troubleshooting but also an overall increase in the pace of innovation.

9) Training

People from non-technical backgrounds prefer open source as it helps them to become better programmers. Most beneficial for students as they keep on learning and growing their skills to develop better software by inviting comments and critique while they work. They can always take help of their superiors by posting a query in the program’s source code.

Concluding Note:

Android, Chrome OS, and Apple’s OS X or iOS are built on open-source code with former on the Linux and other open source software and later on Swift which was also made open-source by Apple.

At Moon Technolabs, we are constantly involved in bringing new innovation to technology through the medium of our mobile and web app development services to provide customized solutions to our clients throughout the world.

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