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App scraping is extracting relevant data from an app and converting it into a specific format, such as a spreadsheet or database. Mobile app companies use mobile app scraping to analyze existing competitor apps to identify their capabilities and possible loopholes, e-commerce analysts to compare prices of products on various shopping apps, gaming app developers to analyze popular gaming apps, and more.

The process of android app scraping is highly complex. It entails several challenges, such as how the mobile app gets connected to the server, how the data gets transmitted, how to read and process data from the app, and which protocol the app uses.

If you are wondering about how to scrap data from an app, then consider the points discussed here.

App Data Scraping Company | Android App Scraping

There are third-party companies offering app data scraping services. Professional companies can extract large volumes of data from Android and iOS apps and deliver the data in excel or CSV format. The relevant information is mined from multiple apps per the client’s objectives.

The major benefits of professional app scraping services are comprehensive and enriched data extraction, automated process, easy API integration, customization, platform-independent, high scalability, support for 3rd party integration, and multiple delivery methods.

Hiring the services of a professional app data scraping company is an expensive endeavor. This is because such companies charge based on usage, making regular data scraping very expensive.

Custom Data Scraping Tools

Customized tools for android scraping are designed to extract relevant data from multiple android apps per your specific requirements. The requirements include competitive pricing intelligence, market research, lead generation, social media intelligence, news content aggregation, and more.

Programmers need to be hired to build custom data scraping tools. Depending upon the type of app to be mined, the customizable tool is required to be adjusted. Moreover, the presence of anti-scraping features in many apps also necessitates the modification of the tool.

Thus, you not only need to pay to hire programmers to build customized data scraping tools but also keep shelling out money for modifying the tools. Consequently, opting for custom data scraping tools is also an expensive proposition.

Generic Data Scraping Tools

Generic data scraping tools are widely available online. They are affordable, with many tools even available for free. Specific data extraction tools are designed to scrap certain kinds of data. The key is finding the correct data extraction tool per your particular data extraction requirements. Thus, you need to select a data extraction tool only after analyzing the exact nature of the data you need.

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Let’s have a look at some of the examples of data extractor tools for android apps.


Price2Spy is a tool designed to extract product data from competitor sites. It mines all the relevant data, such as product description, pricing, brand information, and categories. This tool enables bulk extraction of relevant data from e-commerce apps. Other data extraction features of the tool include image extraction, IP address extraction, email address extraction, and API.

Apart from Android, it can also be deployed on many other platforms, such as Mac, Windows, and iOS.

OutWit Hub

OutWit Hub is an android web scrapping tool designed to extract images, data tables, links, email IDs, and more. This tool segregates the web pages into various categories and crawls each to extract the relevant data. The data is extracted automatically. It can be launched from both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Apart from data extraction, it can also be used for SEO analysis of web pages and data structure recognition.

Northcutt Link Extractor

Northcutt link extractor extracts and lists all the links on the target website. This is a browser-based tool and does not require installation. The URL of the website to be mined needs to be entered in the given space in the tool’s UI, followed by clicking on the continue button. The links present on the website are displayed within a few seconds.

The links extracted by the tool can be used for SEO or web analysis.


ParseHub is a data extraction tool that uses JavaScript and Ajax to extract data from even complex websites with features such as infinite scrolling, tabs, popups, restricted contents with logins, and more. Click on the data to be extracted. ParseHub’s ML relationship engine scans the page and extracts the data within seconds.

The extracted data is provided in API, Excel, or JSON formats.

Data Toolbar

Data Toolbar scraps data from multiple websites within minutes. Select the data fields and images to be scraped. Multiple data fields and images can be added to the details page of the tool. The tool crawls through the web pages one after the other to extract the selected data fields. The extracted data is provided in HTML, Excel, or SQL.

Data Toolbar comes in 2 versions. One version is compatible with Windows, while the other is compatible with Android and iOS devices. There are two versions in terms of pricing as well, the free version and the premium version. There is no difference in functions between the free and premium versions. However, the free version provides data limited to 100 rows, while the premium version has no limit. The Premium version costs $24.


Octoparse provides a very simple process for data scraping. You simply need to enter the URL of the target website, click on the required data, and run the function to extract the data. The automatic IP rotation feature of the tool enables data scrapping from multiple websites by preventing those sites from blocking your IP address, the data can be downloaded in API, CSV, or Excel files.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Python can be used to scrape the private API of a mobile app.
Yes. Both customized and generic tools are available for scraping android apps.
There are many such as Octoparse, ParseHub, Data Toolbar, and more.
The private API of the app can be scraped using Python.
Yes. We can scrape large volumes of data from mobile apps per the client's specific needs and provide it in multiple formats.

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