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Sports fantasy is one of the booming mobile application development trends. Before few years, no one could have imagined that technology will give birth to fantasy sports players. But today, we have more than 100 million fantasy sports players worldwide who are fond of playing fantasy sports app.

Considering the admiration of the fantasy sports players worldwide, the fantasy sports app global market is expected to grow huge with a CAGR of 33.4% in the next five years. Soon, the industry will cross the 86.3 USD billion mark by the end of 2025.

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What is Fantasy Sports App Development?

Fantasy sports applications are developed for smartphones, desktops, and tablets allowing users to play the sports in a fantasy mode. With the internet’s help, the players can be a part of the sports game or the sports team and play it using their digital device. Here instead of the physical sports team, you will have a virtual sports team with performance statistics, including each player. The fantasy sports app developers have designed these games to give real-time sports on-field effects.

Here the virtual team gets virtual points that are further converted into cash or rewards as per the applicable rules and conditions. The mobile sports league committee gets all the players’ and teams’ records to give them a better chance in the future. It is more like fantasy but has all the elements of the real sports games’ championship.

How Fantasy Sports App Work?

To answer this question in detail and with technical understanding, it is essential to consult a fantasy sports app development company. Well, I would like to add a few layman points to help keen mobile app investors know how the fantasy sports application works.

The entire idea behind developing a fantasy sports game is to bring the different sports enthusiasts with their favourite sports team or players via a mobile application. The growing craze of smartphone applications and sports apps drives these sports lovers crazy for downloading and using fantasy sports apps.

The category for sports app is quite broad. Here sports players can choose from the various sports categories, including cricket, hockey, football, Kabbadi, volleyball, etc. It all depends on the favourite sport of mobile app users, and accordingly, they will choose their fantasy sports application game.

Mobile app sports fantasy games work in the following way:

  • First, the users will download the application and choose the games that they wish to play.
  • There will be different game categories; choosing the appropriate one as per the user’s interest will be selected.
  • After the particular game is chosen, the next is to develop the team. Team development is one of the crucial steps in a fantasy sports app. Here the players will have their choice to select the team. Hence, team division takes place.
  • Like a real sports game, after the team is developed, the next step is to select the captain and the vice-captain.
  • Modification of the team is also possible here, just like the regular sports game feasibility.
  • After the game or tournament ends, the winners are declared as per the performance. Here the reward points are shared with the team and the player.

Fantasy Sports App: Highlighted Features

While you plan to connect with a fantasy sports app development company to build a fantasy sports application like Dream 11 or Draft King, you need to make sure that features are the highlights.

If you have embedded the right and advanced features in your sports fantasy game, you will get more users with an enhanced % of retention. Let’s explore the most talked about features of the sports fantasy application.

Basic Features:Let’s have a glance at the basic features of fantasy sports app development.

  • Sign-up, sign-in, and registration with verification
  • Create a team, team management
  • Live score updates
  • View rewards and earnings
  • Digital wallet for players
  • Social media sharing
  • Payment management
  • Join contest

Advanced & Highlighted Features:Unveiling the fantasy sports app’s advanced features helps your application be different and more talked about amongst the users.

1. Live Game Streaming

Live game streaming is one of the popular features you need to embed by consulting with your fantasy sports app developers or development team. Here is a mobile app owner; the app owner collaborates with the official sports broadcaster for arranging live streaming of the game. It is indeed one of the most talked-features about in 2021 concerning sports fantasy application development.

2. Chatbot Support

The next important feature is live chatbot support. There are many users with many types of queries or questions in their minds while accessing your app. How about retaining these users by answering their queries on time? It helps to enhance customer satisfaction, thereby uplifting your game’s user count.

3. Push Notifications

Push notifications are quite crucial for enhancing the user engagement level. It needs to be introduced to help your app users stay active and connected with the latest matches or tournaments.

4. Loyalty Programs

How would you defeat the competition that is enhancing every day in the fantasy sports app development market? Every day new fantasy sports apps are coming into the market, thereby influencing the users with their features and promotional offers. Hence, you need to define your promotional offers by implementing customer loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs help your users to stay more active and engaged. It helps to build trust between the app and the user. Moreover, having the feasibility to convert points into cash is one of the best ways to help your customers stay loyal to your app.

5. Real-time Analytics

Analytics has always helped with better foresight. Here the fantasy sports app development company like us can help your users with real-time sports forecast using the analytics feature. Users can predict the game’s score or move using the real-time analytics feature available on the app.

Cost of Developing a Fantasy Sports App:
The cost of developing a fantasy sports app varies from one company to another depending on the team size, location of the company, experience of the developers, and the solution being offered. Moon Technolabs offer 100% customized fantasy sports app development to clients worldwide within a budget of approximate 8K USD to 15K USD.

Hire Fantasy Sports App Developers : 
Moon Technolabs has dynamic mobile application developers to build sports app games for clients like you. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and experienced project lead help your next sports fantasy app to be built excellently. Nevertheless, we follow the agile, mobile app development process to give complete justice to your app development requirement. We offer different development models, including full-time, part-time, and hourly development models for mobile application development services.


Fantasy sports apps are one of the trending mobile applications that clients focus on for generating good revenue out of the app investment. Moon Technolabs offer fantasy sports app development services at a nominal cost. If you would like to generate revenue from your next digital app project, we consider choosing the sports fantasy category for the same.

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