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Users of the well-known meal delivery service Swiggy may order food from their preferred eateries and deliver it to their location. A Swiggy clone app is a copy of the original Swiggy app that offers comparable features and capabilities. Entrepreneurs who want to launch their own food delivery company and capitalize on the success of the Swiggy app can do so by using the clone app.

What Is Swiggy?

Knowing about the Swiggy app is imperative before learning about Swiggy Clone App.

So, Swiggy is an online food and grocery delivery app launched in 2014 and is currently operating in over 500 cities in India. This app lists the restaurants in and around the user’s location, along with the complete menu of every restaurant. The user must choose his/her favorite food items from any restaurant on the list. Swiggy has a team of delivery executives in each location responsible for collecting orders from local eateries and bringing them to clients. The users can track their orders in real time and also get notifications. Searches can be done based on the restaurant or the name of the dishes. Multiple payment options include net banking, UPI, credit/debit card, and cash on delivery.

Swiggy ventured into grocery delivery in 2020 with the introduction of Instamart. SwiggyInstamart has an extensive catalog of grocery items spanning many categories, such as dairy products, fruits and vegetables, beverages, cleaning essentials, cooking essentials, chocolates, and more. The concept of grocery delivery is the same as food delivery. Delivery executives collect grocery orders from retailers or warehouses called dark stores and deliver them to the customers’ doorsteps. Instant service is currently active in 25 cities across India.

Swiggy has a monthly user base of 20 million. More than 100 million copies have been downloaded thus far.

What is Swiggy Clone App?

what is swiggy clone

A Swiggy Clone is an on-demand food delivery app for Android and iOS devices. Like Swiggy, a Swiggy Clone has a custom dashboard to view restaurants and menus and place orders. An admin dashboard for the restaurant partners to receive orders and manage the orders and the menus, a delivery partner dashboard to receive the order details and send delivery confirmation, and a super dashboard for the app owner to control the application.

Swiggy Clone App replicates the features of the Swiggy food delivery app. The aim of developing a Swiggy Clone application is to enable a food delivery business to derive maximum benefits by using the various features of Swiggy. The same features have made it a top food delivery app.

The Swiggy Clone has specific features for customers, restaurant partners, delivery partners, and admin, which are the same as that in the Swiggy app. In light of the ever-increasing need for online food delivery, the popularity of food delivery apps is also rising consistently. Hence, developing a Clone Application of Swiggy enhances the efficiency of food delivery and gives a fillip to the brand reputation of the food delivery enterprise. Moreover, the app is similar to Milkbasket & BBdaily.

The Advantages Of Using The Swiggy Clone App For Online Grocery Delivery

Swiggy Clone App lists all kinds of grocery items in the same place under various categories. Thus, searching for grocery items is easy as a breeze. Search filters are provided to refine the search and narrow the products, making the process much easier. Thus, it eliminates needing to physically visit a store and look for grocery items.

The delivery executives carry the App on their smartphones, enabling them to quickly view the order details scheduled for pickup and the route map to the customer’s address. The customers can also live-track the delivery personnel through the routing algorithm of the app.

Many other food delivery apps have not ventured into online grocery delivery, while most apps do not include food delivery. A Swiggy Clone combines grocery and food delivery.

The app, backed by its fleet of delivery executives, provides swift and convenient deliveries of orders to customers. The app searches for delivery partners near the restaurant and assigns it to the one nearest to it. The customer can monitor the order constantly and even chat with customer service in case of a delay. There is no minimum order for delivery using Swiggy Clone due to the non-involvement of any third-party delivery service.

The app can list as many as 5000 products by over 500 brands. This means that users with varying grocery requirements get access to the products of their choice easily. All kinds of products feature in the catalog, from kitchen essentials and fruits and vegetables to cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products.

To provide more benefits to the customers, Swiggy Clone App has discount coupons such as SwiggyIT, PARTY, JUMBO, and more to reduce the cart value at checkout. Promotional offers linked to bank cards can also be provided to the customers. Swiggy One membership offers free delivery for all orders above Rs. 149 on payment of a one-time amount for the entire year.

How The Swiggy Clone App Can Help Grow Your Online Grocery Delivery Business

Swiggy is a highly successful food and grocery delivery app. The total value of Swiggy investments stands at $4.5 billion. The number of restaurants in its network is more than 18,000 across India. The online grocery delivery service by Swiggy is active in 25 cities of India through its dedicated retailers and warehouses called dark stores. Swiggy has purchased five other firms, which indicates its rapid growth and success. Swiggy acquisitions include Scootsy, Dineout, SuprDaily, 48East, and Kint.

A Clone App is loaded with all the features and functionalities which make the original Swiggy app successful. However, the Swiggy Clone must reflect your brand elements to stand out from your competitors, engage the audience, boost sales and increase ROIs. To this end, the app is customizable and scalable. The app’s theme, design, and appearance are customizable, enabling you to change them as per your needs to establish your unique brand presence. The scalable nature of the app means you can integrate more features and functions as your business grows.

Swiggy clone app development

Swiggy Clone App can be personalized to suit your specific business needs. The kinds of promotions and marketing campaigns you want to use to attract more customers can be entirely different from the ones used by Swiggy. All such marketing strategies can be easily implemented into Clone due to its fully customizable solutions. Features better suited for your online grocery delivery business can also be easily incorporated into the clone app.

Features of Swiggy Clone

  • A plethora of features should be present in a Clone of the Swiggy App to enable the business to take maximum benefits of the business model of Swiggy. A specific set of features is present in Swiggy Clone for customers, restaurant/store partners, delivery executives, and the admin.
  • The Swiggy Clone App has simple user registration and account creation through a mobile number/email or social media account. Customers can search for restaurants delivering to their locations. The searches can also be filtered based on dishes, ratings, veg or non-veg, prices, and more.
  • The cart feature is present in the app. The customers add the food items of their choice to a cart. The total value of the items in the cart and the delivery charges and other taxes are displayed to the customer. Multiple payment options such as UPI, credit/debit card, net banking, wallet, and cash on delivery enable swift checkouts.
  • The Swiggy Clone App provides real-time order tracking. The customer can track the order in real-time through the app, right from the preparation and packaging of the order till the delivery executive reaches the doorstep. Swiggy can be replicated even if you want a food delivery android app with chat. Chat feature to interact with the customer team in case of an issue such as wrong/missing items or delayed delivery is present in the app.
  • The Clone App of swiggy enables the restaurant or store partners to add, delete or modify items from the menu present on the app. The change gets reflected in real-time. The restaurants/stores can track their order history by viewing the order details of past customers.
  • The Swiggy Clone App receives the orders placed by the customers in the form of order requests. The restaurant/store can accept or reject the order based on availability and other factors through the app. If the order is accepted, the restaurant/store sends a message to the customer as a notification. The app also enables the restaurant/store to update the order status as preparing, ready for pick up, or dispatch.
  • Multiple payment channels are integrated into the clone app for restaurants/stores to receive their earnings. Moreover, the app also generates sales reports to provide complete information about profits and expenses.
  • The delivery partner must pick up the order from the restaurant/store, put it in a hygienic food box and deliver it to the given address. The Swiggy Clone has Google map APIs to swiftly guide the delivery partners along optimized routes to the customer locations. The delivery partners can accept or reject orders and update their working hours through the app.

The Swiggy Clone stores all the details of the delivery partners. They must create their profiles on the app by entering their complete details.

The app owner has control over the admin dashboard of the Clone App. It enables the app owner to manage all the daily business transactions. The app owner can announce promotions and offers through the admin dashboard. The commission earned on each order can also be easily controlled and tracked through the dashboard.

The necessary features to be considered for swiggy clone app development are below.

Customer Store/Restaurant Delivery Partner App Owner
User registration and login Add/delete/modify the items from the menu in real-time Create a profile by storing personal details Monitor the business processes through a central dashboard
Flexible search feature Accept or reject orders Receive orders to pick up and accept or reject the same Announce promotions and offers for the customers
Live order tracking Update order status Google-assisted route map to the customer’s address Control and track commission amounts
Multiple payment options Collect earnings through multiple payment options Update working hours
Chat feature Generate sales reports Receive commissions and tips

Swiggy Clone App Development With MoonTechnolabs

MoonTechnolabs provide development services for Swiggy Clone App. The clone apps of Swiggy are fully customizable and scalable. All the features in Swiggy are integrated into the clone app by the expert developers of the company. Apart from the basic features, additional features required to boost the sales and customer engagement of your food and grocery delivery app are also integrated for outstanding app performance and user experience.

Cost To Develop A Delivery App Like Swiggy

cost to develop app like swiggy

The cost to develop a swiggy app clone depends on its features, complexity, technology stack, the number of platforms supported, payment gateway integrations, the mobile app development team size, and the development company’s location.

The Swiggy app clone has many components, such as a user app, restaurant app, driver app, and admin app. Integrating the various necessary functions and features into each component is essential. The development cost of each component affects the overall cost.

The average cost of developing a Swiggy App clone for Android or iOS starts from $10,000 and goes up to more than $30,000, depending upon your requirements regarding features and functionalities. Moreover, you can connect with Moon Technolabs to know the final cost estimations.


Developing a feature-rich online food and grocery delivery app like Swiggy Clone App is highly beneficial. An app like Swiggy for a food delivery business streamlines the business processes, enhances sales, and provides higher returns on investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The features and functions of Swiggy can be integrated into any food delivery app.
Swiggy Genie is present right on the latest Swiggy app.
Swiggy is a cross-platform app that functions like a native app on Android and iOS.

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