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React.js is a library of JavaScript used widely for front-end development projects. It comes with a collection of libraries and tools that support a developer to remain in the flow and increase productivity. While there are several tools available, this write-up will talk about seven of the best choices.

Every app development framework comes with a unique collection of tools that can work seamlessly during the development process. If you choose React.js and hire a React.js development company to work on your project, your developers will have a massive array of options and tools.

Before starting the project, however, make sure that your developer team adheres to the best practices of React.js development for faster and more efficient results. This topic will tell you about some of the best tools currently available – seven, to be exact.

About React.js

Before going into the details, here’s an explanation of what React.js is all about.

React.js is a library of JavaScript used in building the user interfaces of mobile applications. A lot of people misinterpret it as a framework, tool, or language, but now that you know what it is, you shouldn’t make the same mistake.

App development vendors specializing in React can create massive web apps using data that can change with time. It’s possible, even without reloading the page. The primary objective of React.js is to be simple, fast, and scalable. However, it processes only the UI in applications.

It’s just a runtime of JavaScript that’s fast and lightweight. It provides an executed code on the computer.

React.js leads web app development

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If a developer from a React.js development company says React.js is omnipresent, it will be an understatement. The audiences of today have different interests, and they become obvious when they browse different websites. News and media categories cater to the most number of individuals followed closely by tech websites. Apart from that, there are web platforms for entertainment, art, and more.

Due to the flexibility of React.js, websites built using React.js are moldable into any class or type. Here are a few reasons why React.js stands above others in its category.

UI reusability and development speed

React.js leverages the framework of JavaScript. Whether it’s React.js for desktop websites or mobile websites, the whole codebase has separate modules. Each module has an exclusive purpose to serve, which increases the speed of web developers.

Specifically, the use of JSX editor and JSX class for code makes it profoundly easy to read and write, which also increases speed. Furthermore, developers won’t have to rewrite code if they wish to introduce a new version of the website. The process of debugging in React is relatively straightforward.

Building SEO-friendly sites

Regardless of how good a website is, it won’t be of any use to its owner if it doesn’t get visitors. Fortunately, web pages built using React.js are always SEO-friendly because they come with server-side rendering.

Understandably, these sites have a better chance of acquiring higher SEO rankings compared to the ones with client-side rendering.

Enhanced performance

As opposed to the Document Object Model or DOM hierarchy, React.js uses virtual DOM. It adds to the lightness of the website while improving its DOM version. With the virtual DOM’s aid, the browser will update nodes whenever changing something becomes mandatory.

That’s why it plays a crucial role in augmenting performance, user satisfaction, and app speed.

7 tools every developer needs

Now that you know a thing or two about React.js, it’s time to take a look at the best development tools. The developers of the Top mobile app development company in USA use the tools enumerated and explained below. Regardless of the web development firm you choose to work with, make sure the people there leverage these tools.

Create React App

Create React App comes from Facebook, and it earned recognition as a fool-proof method of building and maintaining an application using React.js. Developers don’t have to worry about the structure of the project or the modules they must app. Create React App will take care of all these necessities on their behalf.

The specialty of Create React App that makes it stand out from the crowd is its setup. Whenever developers build an app with this tool, they set up all the files needed to run the React.js application automatically. Nothing requires manual configuration as this tool handles everything.


XState is a library used for creating, interpreting, and executing finite statecharts and state machines of TypeScript and JavaScript for new-age web development projects. With useState, developers can symbolize a piece of state in a component that they can change at any time. However, the changing process takes place directly. That’s why the method of changing the state is obscure.

The logic remains scattered in the event handlers and a few other parts of the component. With useReducer, developers can represent the logic clearly in a centralized spot, which is the reducer. They can “dispatch” the events to the reducer, which ascertains the following state depending on the current state and the received event.

Two things remain unclear here. Developers don’t get a full picture of all the possible logical “flows” that may occur. Also, the side effects get managed separately. It makes things difficult for developers to determine what may happen as all the logic remains in their heads and not in the code.

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During situations like these XState and @xstate/react can help. By using the useMachine hook, developers can represent the state and logic just like the useReducer. The only difference is that they describe it as a state machine. In doing so, they get to specific finite states to control the behavior of everything that happens next per state.

They also get to control the effects they will execute on state transitions. It results in a much more robust logic, which, in turn, prevents them from getting into impossible states.

No Sweat ESLint and Prettier Setup

The ESLint and Prettier Setup from Wes Bos is one of the best packages for linting for developers to use. It has the power to lint JavaScript as per the latest standards. They can fix all formatting problems with Prettier and lint and fix everything inside the HTML script tags.

The best part of this configuration is that it can add semicolons wherever necessary automatically.

React Router

React Router contains a set of components that get composed declaratively with the application when the Top mobile app development company in USA works on it. React Router will render specific components conditionally to showcase depending on the route the developers use in the URL.

React Router - Moon Technolabs

When developers use several routes to ascertain the right component worth rendering, they witness the power of React Router. They decide on the components based on the path active at that moment.

In most instances, developers rely on React Router when building single-page applications to render some of the components that act like individual pages. In doing so, they make a single-page website look like it has multiple pages.

React Testing Library

Developers run tests to feel more confident about the digital products they build. If you opt for React.js development services from an agency, you’ll expect a bug-free digital product. In reality, you deserve such a solution, but to know whether an app, web app or website runs optimally or not, running tests is mandatory.

React Testing Library - Moon Technolabs

In that regard, React.js developers can benefit profoundly from using the React Testing Library. It’s a critical tool that lets them run tests effectively. Even the creators of React.js describe React Testing Library as the de facto testing system for code written on this platform.


This one is an open-source tool a developer can use to build and inspect UI components separately. Storybook increases development speed while easing it by isolating various components.

Storybook - Moon Technolabs

This feature lets developers tend to one component at a time. They can build entire UIs without starting a complex dev stack, navigate around the application, or enter specific data forcefully into the database. It even lets developers document the components for reusing and test the same visually and automatically to avoid bugs.

Framer Motion

Framer Motion is a production-ready React.js library. It’s an open-source tool for prototyping apps on React.js. The Framer library powers all the animation and motions. It comes with straightforward keyframes syntax, spring animations, shared layout animations, gestures, and layout.

The best thing about Framer Motion is that a developer doesn’t have to be an expert in CSS to create beautiful animations. They can build a prototype and integrate the same with the application.

Wrapping it up

At the moment, React.js is one of the most recognized names in the sphere of web and mobile app development. The list above contains the names of tools the best agencies always use. Of course, many more tools are available, but these are enough to create an app or a website everyone will love.

Now, you need to look for a reputable, recognized, and experienced provider of React.js development services. If you don’t want to spend too much time searching for an agency, you should try Moon Technolabs. You can learn more about the organization if you visit its website.

Frequently Asked Questions

React.js is a library of JavaScript used in building UIs. Most people tend to misinterpret it as a tool, language, or framework, but, in reality, it’s just a JavaScript library.
You may find it surprising, but Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Yahoo Mail, New York Times, WhatsApp, and Khan Academy are some of the brands using React.js right now.
Some of the best React.js developers are working with an agency called Moon Technolabs.

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