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Progressive Web Apps (PWA), the term that was coined almost 4 years ago now, is still at bay when it comes to spreading its presence across diverse businessmen. Moreover, a lot of top mobile app development company think that it is going to lead the software industry in the future. PWA offers variants of features that will change the way for any business to represent its brand, product and/or services.

PWA is easy to install and access from any device. It is also easy to send push notifications and most importantly, work offline. In the first go, it will be difficult for you to identify the difference between PWA and native ones. Progressive web apps differ from conventional apps and also can offer more advantages. Let’s see what are the advantages they have to offer to various business segments especially to e-commerce or online market sector.

Before we move ahead, let us take a glance over and make a short note on progressive web apps vs native apps.

Progressive Web Apps Vs Native Apps

1) Adaptive Layouts: PWA can be installed in any device in Google, Opera, Firefox browsers irrespective of the device screen size. The layouts improvise according to the device’s screen and hence, make them more responsive in the race.

2) Easy Development: Experts from the software industry and any of the top mobile app development company believes that it is easier to build PWA rather than creating websites. Through the users’ perspectives, there won’t be much noticeable difference in terms of performance as they both provide instant notifications, icons, and responsive design.

3) Same Code: Unlike traditional apps, progressive apps function with the same site code. These apps do not require API with backward compatibility.

Progressive web apps open lots of benefits and advantages for users and business. Let’s see them one by one.

Advantages for your Users:

1) Direct Download – Users can easily download these while browsing the web or from the links in social networks.

2) Interest-based Criteria – Users are prompted to install a progressive app only after making sure that the user is interested in services by checking the perpetual site visit.

3) Instant Download – The components pertaining to download the app is already been installed in the cache hence, it doesn’t require a long time and neither users need to go to app store.

4) Avoid Large size Apps – Due to the installation via browser, progressive apps are lightweight and smaller in size as compare to native iOS or Android apps.

5) Access Offline – Even though a user has not installed it but still he/she would get push notifications, offline work and will have access to all the other functions.

Advantages for your Business:

1) Pocket-friendly – PWA works on the principle of ‘code once and runs anywhere’ due to which it naturally takes away the cost of maintenance & tech support associated with other traditional apps.

2) Higher Retaining Ratio – PWA works offline and hence, allows users to remain on the site and browse without access to the internet.

3) Faster Page Speed – Progressive apps are known to be twice as fast in downloading time as compared to native apps. This helps users to stay and not leave the page.

4) High Conversion Rate – Users are able to extract information using any device they prefer as PWA allows seamless browsing experience. Due to this, PWA increases the conversion rate and time spent by users on site.


The scenario of the mobile apps is changing with the PWA acquiring the center stage as the tech is constantly evolving. The future can’t be defined from now but it is for certain that the progressive web apps have changed the market place as of now.

Moon Technolabs is one such top mobile app development company, constantly involved in the research and development of the website and mobile apps design and development. Get in touch with us right away for a free quote if you wish to develop a Progressive Web App For Your Business.

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