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The urban population today leads a hectic life and people get so busy running after their dreams and ambitions that they forget how important it is to stay fit and focus on their health. To lead a healthy life you need to maintain the vitality of your body and that comes from doing regular exercise and playing sports. Though these physical activities are necessary, we also need to keep a check on sugar, blood pressure, and heart rate. And the fitness tracker can be a perfect companion there. The increased use of fitness trackers has given birth to the need for fitness applications.

How much does it really cost to develop a fitness app?

There are various fitness apps that are present in the market like Runtastic, Fitbit, Google Fit and there are various app development companies that charge anywhere between $4,000 to $10,500 per platform for developing fitness apps like them.

The total cost depends on the features you want in your app. Top mobile app development companies in the US would normally charge about $100 per hour for developing an app.

Building a fitness app costs between a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But that will be a really vague answer so let’s break it down for you.

All in all, we should respond to the inquiry: what amount does it cost to develop a fitness app? As the training shows, its cost is around $20,000 to $30,000 for a solitary mobile platform. Any top fitness app development company can help you figure out the cost and how to develop a fitness app. 

Obviously, after the reconciliation of perplexing usefulness, for example, expanded or augmented reality, this number can increment altogether. So it very well may be smarter to begin by making an MVP to test your item with its main interest group.

In any case, usefulness isn’t the main thing that influences the cost of developing a fitness app. We’ll discuss this in the following passage.

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Fitness apps have various features and these are the features that decide your overall development cost:

  • Alert and reminders regarding your workout schedule
  • Record your achievements on unlocking the various levels of fitness
  • Graphs merged with calendars to help you track your progress
  • Rewards and promotions
  • Counting of Heart rates and calories burnt
  • Profile creation and total track of walking/cycling or any type of exercise
  • Option of sharing your achievements with the world and your friends via social platforms or text and email
  • If you are willing to develop fitness app like 7-minute Workout, Runtastic, it takes several weeks to develop, depending on the functionality you want to integrate.

$25 – $49/hour is the average development charge of fitness apps this price varies depending on

  • Platforms
  • Functionality
  • Features and
  • Device compatibility

Having an app on your device is truly amazing because you can always check and verify your vital signs before continuing your exercise. The best fitness app development company will always be helpful to your business alike. 

Fitness apps also have a wide array of health and fitness products that help you track everything that is related to your fitness. With the help of fitness apps, physical fitness is fully assured.

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So where can you get the fitness apps developed?

Everything discussed above depends on the idea and the features that you want in your application. Also, the cost of fitness app development by any company in Europe, US and Canada is much higher compared to Asian countries like India or China so from which region you are getting your app developed makes a great difference.

Factors That Affect the Cost to Develop a Fitness App

As you can now comprehend, besides the fact that the user impacts the cost to develop a fitness app.

Furthermore, you want to think about the quantity of upheld mobile working frameworks (iOS, Android), the date of arrival of the item to the market, as well as the expertise level and geographic area of the developers. The top fitness app development company would know what to do. 

Instructions to Calculate the Cost to Develop a Fitness Application

1. Developer chipping away at PC

You want to consider every one of the variables we recorded above to respond to the inquiry: “What amount does it cost to develop a fitness app?”. We should go through every one of them.

2. Pick a platform

The principal thing you want to begin your estimations with is an appraisal of the size of your undertaking. We mean the number of platforms it needs to help.

Will it be an Android-just undertaking, iOS-only one, or a solution viable with at least two platforms (e.g., Windows)?

Assuming you focus on different platforms on the double, realize that you don’t need to recruit two programming service sellers immediately. Maybe cross-platform or mixture development will suit you.

It will assist you with setting aside around 30% of the financial plan you would spend on the local development of at least two separate solutions. A top fitness app development company can run everything by easily and help you with your project. 

3. Settle on usefulness

A standard arrangement of highlights for a fitness app incorporates an enlistment structure, a client account with an associated installment door (if the app is paid), and an inventory with yoga exercises/recipes/presents (pick the choice you want).

On a case-by-case basis, you can likewise coordinate moving innovations like computerized reasoning, the Internet of Things, expanded or augmented reality, and so on. Note that such use will add essentially a few thousand US dollars to the fitness app development cost.

4. Set deadlines

Given the wild rivalry in the fitness app development company sending off an undertaking on time is significant.

In addition, assuming fundamental marketing research uncovers rivals in your business specialty that is going to send off, the application development cycle will likely be essentially sped up. If you go with the best fitness app development company, you’re likely to get the most robust and powerful results. 

For this, you might require extra HR, which will involve new costs. Accordingly, we firmly suggest that you pursue computations just settling on the deadlines.

Further, we would like to discuss here the normal rate of work per hour for different regions.

In India, fitness app development company is taking the following rate for different applications so you will be shelling out somewhere in between $3000-5000 for a normal fitness app. Whereas, for a more complex app like Fitbit or Runtastic these agencies might charge you somewhere around $9000-10000.

Keeping it brief let’s just say that when you are building simple apps with limited features it may cost your around $2000-$4000, $4000-$8000 for moderate apps, $8000-$12000 for complex apps

and more than $12000 for highly complex apps.


So, when you want to develop your own fitness app consider first what features you want in your app. If it is a complex app, then expect it to be expensive; however, if the app is simple, the cost will definitely be lower. But select an expert developer to get the best ROI on your product.

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