Mobile App trends worldwide from 2013-2016 What You Need to Know

Application economies are thriving over the world, as versatile designers of each country make new applications consistently. Just in the previous year, overall offers of cell phones have outpaced overall offers of non-cell phone gadgets. Application economies will just keep on growing.

The application economy is truly worldwide. Each e-business store had its incredible spenders in 2014 with Japan, the United Kingdom, USA and China that took lead for the iOS and South Korea, Germany and the United States at the top position for Google Play. While such nations characterize mobile marketing trends, they stay stable at the highest point of income rankings.

Whats the growth In Global App Economy

After just about 10 years of free development, the mobile applications economy is very nearly leveling out.

A report by the International Data Corporation said that the quantity of versatile application introduces would just develop by single digits throughout the following four years. IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Applications Forecast 2016-2020 said that the quantity of introduces would increment from 156 billion in 2015 to 210 billion in 2020—a year-on-year development rate of around 6.3%.


China was the greatest Mobile App Market, which positions behind just USA, world’s biggest development market. While the China’s development has been really noteworthy, different developing markets indicated awesome speeding up in the previous year.

Striking Rise in Smartphone Sales in India in years 2012 and 2013

In spite of the fact that Apple endured a decrease in deals by and large from 2012 to 2013, it saw an uptake in deals in the final quarter of 2013, with 50.2 million deals ascribed to an expansion in the fame of the iPhone 4S in developing markets. In its recent mobile marketing statistics 2015, 2016, Gartner says that advanced cells over the globe have positively beat highlight telephones.


In 2013, Android working framework piece of the overall industry expanded by 12% to achieve 78.4% while iOS piece of the overall industry tumbles to 15.6% from 19.1% with Microsoft’s Windows Phone at 3.2% and BlackBerry at almost 1.9%.

On the 2012’s figure, Samsung has best mobile marketing strategy with around 299794.9 units sold and almost 31% piece of the pie. Apple took after Samsung with 150785.9 units sold and a piece of the pie of 15.6%.

Usage Of Smartphone as compared To Other Countries

In a surprisingly short period of time, web and versatile innovation have turned into a piece of regular life for some in the rising and creating world. Mobile phones, specifically, are practically ubiquitous in numerous countries. The web has likewise made gigantic advances, albeit a great many people in the 24 countries studied are still disconnected. According to the mobile marketing news by Ericson, a telecom hardware creator, Indian clients spend more than 3 hours and 18 minutes on a normal every day on their advanced cells and 33% of that time is spent on applications.

India’s Application Downloads Are Expected To Reach 9 Billion By Next Year (2015)

A late study says that the applications downloads in India is prone to increment from 1.56 billion in 2012 to 9 billion by 2015. The joint-study by Industry of India and Deloitte and the Associated Chambers of Commerce presumed that it would be a CAGR of around 75%. It is likewise watched that the dominant part of applications are downloaded by the general population between 16 to 30 years old.



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