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Milkbasket is a grocery delivery app launched in the year 2015 and is owned and operated by Reliance Industries. This app enables users to order fresh milk, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and many other grocery items to be delivered to their doorsteps. Milkbasket has created a unique grocery delivery concept: early morning delivery. The orders are delivered fresh at 7 am to the customers. This app also accepts midnight orders and delivers even such orders at 7 am.

Milkbasket stocks over 5000 various types of grocery products. The 7 am delivery services by milkbasket are active in more than 20 cities across India.

What is Milkbasket?

The milkbasket mobile application is the first online grocery delivery app. The distinguishing feature of this app is assured 7 am delivery every day of subscribed grocery items such as milk, fruits and vegetables, kitchen essentials, and more. There is no minimum order limit. The users can access over 5000 products from over 650 brands at the same place and set up daily deliveries.

There are many customer-friendly features in the milkbasket app, such as midnight ordering, Flexi ordering, repeat orders, digital wallet, and more. On the Play Store, it has received over 1 million downloads and a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

How Does Milkbasket Work & What Is the Model?

The operations of the milkbasket app are simple. The app lists milk, basic dairy products, and many other grocery items that customers can order daily at 7 am. Milkbasket is essentially an online grocery network that fulfills the customers’ daily grocery requirements without needing to visit grocery stores physically.

The business model of milkbasket is based on a hyper-local inventory-based grocery delivery model. The products listed on the app are procured directly from the manufacturers/brands and stocked in hygienic warehouses. Customers can place orders up to midnight to deliver by 7 am the next day. Subscribed products, such as milk, are delivered daily without needing to place orders daily.

The milkbasket app needs convenient features such as checkout and payment for placing orders. It has a digital wallet that is used for making payments for orders. Customers must maintain adequate funds in their respective mobile wallets to place orders.

The sources of revenue for the company are subscription fees, commissions on orders, and in-app advertisements.

What is Milkbasket Clone?

milkbasket clone app development

A milkbasket clone is an on-demand milk and other grocery delivery app with all the basic features and functions of the milkbasket app. Startups wanting to venture into the online grocery delivery business field often need clarification about the features to include in their apps to maximize customer satisfaction. To this end, the milkbasket application is a good template. Expert developers are available for creating milkbasket clone apps with all the features and functionalities that are also customizable and scalable.

The business model of milkbasket, which is early morning delivery of milk and other grocery items, can be replicated with the help of a clone of the milkbasket app. The milkbasket clone app has many components, such as the customer app, delivery partner app, and admin panel.

The aim of developing a clone app of milkbasket is to derive benefits from this app to improve the efficiency of delivery and other customer services of your grocery delivery app and make it successful.

The Advantages Of Using The Milkbasket Clone App For Online Grocery Delivery

The milkbasket clone app is similar to e-commerce apps but replicates the micro-delivery model of milkbasket. In the fast-paced urban lifestyle, people hardly have time to visit retail stores for grocery shopping. Milk and other kinds of grocery items are required daily in households. The milkbasket clone app eliminates the need to physically visit grocery stores by delivering milk and other items to the customers’ doorsteps. The milkbasket clone emulates the business model of milkbasket by allowing customers to place orders even at midnight, deliver fresh milk and other orders by 7 am, daily deliveries of subscribed items, Flexi ordering, and more.

The milkbasket clone app has the details of the delivery partners. The orders are assigned to the delivery partners near the customers’ locations. The delivery partners pick up fresh milk and other orders and deliver them early in the morning till 7 am. The delivery partners get order requests automatically. The process is swift, and the delivery time is highly convenient for the customers. The customers have the facility to cancel deliveries on specific dates and resume automatically.

The milkbasket clone has a long list of grocery items. The original milkbasket app provides over 5000 products. Thus, the clone app also has many grocery items besides milk. The vast list makes it easy to meet the daily grocery demands of most customers. The customers can also search for grocery items they require and use search filters.

Discounts such as Top Up Sale and Stock Up Sale on the milkbasket clone app reduce the cart value by as much as 70%, leading to many customer savings. Promotional offers such as product-specific discounts, free milk food delivery for specific days, buy 1 get 1 free offer, and cashback attracts more customers.

How Milkbasket Clone App Can Help Grow Your Online Grocery Delivery Business

The total value of milkbasket investments is $78.5 million. The major companies which have invested in milkbasket include Mayfield Capital, Kalaari Capital, Inflection Point Ventures, Blume Ventures, and InnoVenCapital. On 23rd October 2021, Reliance Retail Ventures Limited, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, completed the milkbasket acquisition by purchasing 96.49% stakes. Thus, it is evident that milkbasket is a perfect app to replicate for growing your online grocery delivery business.

The milkbasket clone app developed by an expert company incorporates all the essential features and functions of the original milkbasket app. However, the clone app is fully customizable and scalable. The theme, layout, design, and appearance can be easily customized to reflect your unique brand elements. The customizable nature of the clone app ensures that you can establish your unique brand presence and stand apart from your competitors while using the successful features and business model of milkbasket. The scalable nature of the milkbasket clone means you can scale up the app to accommodate more products, customers, and delivery partners as your business grows.

Apart from integrating the main features of milkbasket into the clone app, additional features to suit your specific business requirements can also be incorporated. The clone app can be easily tailored to meet your needs if you want to provide extra benefits and facilities to the customers to expand your reach. Innovative discounts and promotions at variance from the original milkbasket app can be easily offered through the milkbasket clone.

Features of Milkbasket Clone

The milkbasket clone app has all the essential features that helped make the actual milkbasket app successful. Such features ensure smooth and swift deliveries, a high-end user experience, and customer benefits. The clone app’s features are customer, delivery partner, and admin.

Customer App Delivery Partner App Admin App
Easy signup and login Quick profile creation Quick access to the profiles of the users
Scheduled deliveries List and details of assigned orders Complete list of the delivery partners and their details
Repeat orders and order history Complete details of the customers Receiving orders and assigning delivery partners
Live order tracking GPS navigation to reach customer locations Track order status in real-time
Flexi ordering View order history Announce discounts and promotional offers
E-wallet Update order status Track earnings and expenses and make financial statements

Customer App

The milkbasket clone app enables swift registration and sign-in using an email address/phone number or social media account. The users can create their profiles by entering relevant details such as name, delivery address, landmark, phone number, and additional delivery address.

The search bar is present to enable the customers to search for specific products. The clone app also offers filters to search based on type, price, and more. The customers are also able to schedule their orders. This feature allows the customers to choose the dates for milk and other grocery delivery and delete or add dates. Flexi ordering is an important feature that should be present in the milkbasket clone app. This feature allows the customers to mark the dates when they won’t need the orders to stop deliveries on those dates. The repeat order feature enables customers to repeat past orders on specific days without repeatedly going through the ordering process.

Order history is another important feature of the milkbasket clone app regarding customers. It is a list of previous orders sorted by dates on the customer’s profile page. A record of previous orders helps customers in tracking their grocery expenses. Other important customer-centric features of the milkbasket app, which should be present in its clone app, include real-time order tracking and an e-wallet to enable swift checkouts.

Delivery Partner App

The milkbasket app for delivery partners has a signup page for customers. The delivery partner needs to enter the relevant details such as name, phone number, and the area where he/she would provide delivery services. A profile is created on completion of registration.

The order manager feature on the milkbasket clone app provides a list of assigned orders for the day to the delivery partner. The order details also include the complete details of the customers, such as name, address, and phone number. The in-app navigation is another important feature of the milkbasket clone app. It uses GPS technology to display an optimized route to reach the customer’s location. An in-app calling feature also allows delivery partners to communicate with the customers.

The order history feature of the milkbasket clone app allows the delivery partners to view the orders they have completed to keep track of their earnings. The app should also enable the delivery partners to check their ratings given by the customers.

Order status manager is a feature that enables the delivery partners to update the order status, such as scheduled, delivered, or undelivered.

Admin App

The Admin component of the milkbasket clone app has a centralized dashboard to control the app’s customer and delivery partner components. The user management feature provides complete details of the users to the admin and quick access to any user’s profile. The delivery partner management feature provides a complete list of the delivery partners and their relevant details, such as areas covered, phone numbers, orders delivered, and more.

The order management feature of the milkbasket clone app enables the admin to receive orders, accept or reject orders, assign delivery partners and track the order status live. The admin can order the milkbasket discounts and offers through the app. The billing or finance manager feature allows the admin to track the transactions, maintain a record of earnings and expenses, and generate financial statements.

Milkbasket Clone App Development With Moon Technolabs

cost to develop app like milkbasket

Moon Technolabs has the required experts and technology stack to develop a milkbasket clone app. The features and functionalities of the original milkbasket app are perfectly implemented in the clone app by this company. Other required features and functions per your business requirements are also integrated into the app. The clone apps built by Moon Technolabs are fully customizable and scalable.

Cost To Develop Milk Delivery App Like Milkbasket

The amount of money to shell out for milk basket-like app development depends upon its features, functionalities, design, and complexities. The price is also heavily impacted by whether it is to run one or more than one platforms. The country where the development team is located also affects the cost.

The average cost of developing a milk basket-like app starts from $15,000 and goes up to $30,000 and more. However, you can connect with Moon Technolabs to know the final cost estimations.


Online grocery delivery is a highly competitive sector. By developing a clone of the milkbasket app for your online grocery delivery business, you can get an edge over your competitors due to this app’s excellent features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Reliance acquired Milkbasket in 2021.
Yes. The company’s unique 7 am delivery model and other customer benefits have made it famous.
AnantGoel, Anurag Jain, Yatish Talavdi and Ashish Goel are the founders of Milkbasket.
Yes, but this offer is provided to new customers only.

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