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The last major app development platform release from the esteemed house of Microsoft was .NET 5.0. It came out right after .NET Core 3.1. The organization decided to introduce .NET 5.0 and not .NET Core 4.0 for two specific reasons. First, they didn’t want to confuse their users with 4.x and .NET Framework 4.x versions. Second, they wanted to remove the word “core” from the designation to shine the light on the chief implementation .NET.

The information about the launch of some form of new technology comes out almost every day. At other times, you hear about another type of technology under development or an old form of technology receiving improvements.

Back in November 2020, .NET 5.0 arrived to change things permanently for every prominent .NET development company. Microsoft made the announcement in 2019 and introduced this version of the app development platform in the following year.

Speak to the people working with a .NET development company and they’ll agree that this particular version of the framework is different from every other older version created by Microsoft.

Other than providing every .NET development company with a slew of new features and improvements, it’s the only version created for all platforms. Indeed, a .NET development company can use it to automate supply chains, build IoT systems, or create mobile apps for retail brands.

If you wish to learn more about what .NET 5 has to offer and how your preferred .NET development company can leverage its features, you should continue reading.

A unified platform of development

The .NET framework has been around for more than ten years already. Ever since Microsoft launched the first version of the same, every .NET development company has been using it to build millions of apps. These agencies have used every feature available on every version of the framework.

Initially, Microsoft created it specifically for Windows. However, the Common Language Infrastructure led to the foundation of multiple versions replicating the .NET runtime. Today, a .NET development company can use the framework on any platform.

In the following years, Microsoft chose to release something else to make the work of every .NET development company easier. That’s what you recognize as .NET Core with its cross-platform abilities. It’s highly popular among every .NET development company you run into.

In an attempt to bridge the gap between all the versions created by the tech giant and provide cross-platform support, the brand introduced .NET Core 3 a short while ago for every dot net development company.

Of course, none of these iterations compare to .NET 5.0, which also happens to be the preferred version of every recognized, reputable, and experienced dot net development company of today. Even Microsoft describes it as the future of the .NET framework.

So, what’s special about .NET 5.0? It’s a long-awaited version of the amalgam of the .NET framework and .NET Core. In other words, it’s a unified platform that contains the best of both worlds. .NET 5.0 has all the latest features of .NET, .NET Core, Xamarin, and Mono.

It allows libraries, APIs, and runtime for app development across mobile devices, Windows computers, the web, and IoT gadgets. You only need the best dot net development company to work on your project using .NET 5.0.

In short, .NET 5.0 is a cross-platform, open-source tool that facilitates app development for Linux, Windows, Legacy Windows, HTML5, iOS, Android, Macintosh, and others.

From this description, it becomes clear that .NET 5.0 came out as an improved and go-to platform for every dot net development company to build applications. Here are some of the improvements worth mentioning.

  1. One .NET framework and its runtime are suitable for use everywhere.
  2. It extends the abilities of .NET using the best of .NET framework, Xamarin, .NET Core, and Mono.
  3. It delivers runtime uniformity and developer experiences.
  4. The creators of .NET 5.0 designed it as a single codebase that the developers of a dot net development company and the developer community can improve with every passing day.

Microsoft chose to name this version .NET 5.0 to prevent confusion with older versions of the .NET framework. The brand has also dumped the term “Core” to prioritize .NET 5.0 as the version that supports more platforms and apps than .NET Core.

The features and improvements

Now, it’s time for you to take a look at some of the improvements made by Microsoft and the features of .NET 5.0. The best dot net development company utilizes these features to belt out incredible projects for their clients.

As mentioned earlier, .NET 5.0 is a combination of the .NET framework, Mono, .NET Core, and Xamarin. Due to this new version, developers of a mobile app development agency don’t have to select one framework and dump the other for projects.

As .NET 5.0 came out right after .NET Core, it has numerous functionalities to offer to the experts of a mobile app development agency. Here’s a list of some of the included features.

  1. Cross-platform abilities
  2. Community-oriented and open-source
  3. Integrated with Visual Studio, Visual Studio code, and Visual Studio Mac
  4. High performance and scalability
  5. Facilitates simultaneous installation
  6. Command-line interface
  7. Small project files
  8. Supports the features of Xamarin, .NET Core, and .NET framework

Apart from all these features, a mobile app development agency can leverage other improvements and functionalities discussed below.

C# updates

The previews of .NET 5.0 that came out in May 2019 introduced a few novel capabilities. They included the latest version of the programming language of ASP.NET. .NET 5.0 also enables C#9 for every mobile app development agency and brings other features, such as the following.

C# updates Microsoft’s App Development Platform - Moon Technolabs

  • Record types

This particular feature enables a mobile app development agency to build reference types while ensuring the mutation remains non-destructive, such as a class-based unchangeable type after creation.

  • Statements from the top level

Every mobile app development agency can now use C# while adhering to a scripting method. The developers can eliminate the layers to feed code to the previous structure because this element lets them focus on everything that matters.

  • Relational pattern matching

With .NET 5.0, providers of IT services in the USA can extend pattern matching abilities to relational operators to compare and express.


If you want your providers of IT services in the USA to build cross-platform applications for your business, make sure they use .NET 5.0. It’ll allow the developers to create UI for various platforms through one project only.

The latest version of .NET gives the providers of IT services in USA an exclusive method of building user interfaces. It’s the multi-platform application UI or MAUI system. While under process, this open-source framework will allow them to develop applications for Android, iOS, and desktop devices using only one codebase.

Your preferred providers of IT services in USA will benefit from MAUI as it supports Model-View-View-Model or MVVM and Model-View-Update patterns. As a result, they can manage the UI and every update efficiently.

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One-file applications

.NET 5.0 provides support to single-file applications. It means that your IT services in USA providers can bundle an application and all dependencies in one file to deploy and publish the application. 

One-file applications in Microsoft’s New App Development Platform - Moon Technolabs

For instance, if your providers of IT services in USA run a command within specific folders of .NET 5.0 development projects for Linux, they’ll receive a single file for the app for Linux, .NET runtime, and all the required dependencies.

System.Text.JSON API

If you Hire ASP.NET Developer, they can use the new System.Text.JSON that can reduce wire and serialization expenses. It will allow the expert to ignore all default values when serializing for value-type properties. This alteration comes with the new .NET 5.0.

When you Hire ASP.NET Developer, you can expect them to minimize costs associated with wiring and serialization. This element even manages to handle circular references during serializing.

Garbage Collection

You should Hire ASP.NET Developer if you hope to make use of the Garbage Collection or GC feature of .NET 5.0. It plays a crucial role in memory management. By using the GetGCMemoryInfo method, the developer can reveal detailed data on the most recent collections.

If you Hire ASP.NET Developer, they can use this method to generate info associated with the machine, the newest collections, and heap memory. It may also come in handy when specifying the latest collection of the kind of GC, such as ephemeral collection, full blocking, or background.

Final words

.NET 5.0 is the future of .NET. Naturally, it sounds sensible for you to want to Hire ASP.NET Developer. In doing so, you can increase the ante of your game in the industry by utilizing the newest .NET Core technology to build applications.

If you Hire ASP.NET Developer from recognized agencies like Moon Technolabs, your business will start to function seamlessly. You should contact this organization at the earliest for more information or to learn about the various methods of implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

.NET 5.0 is the unification of two separate frameworks. It brings the best features of both platforms into one framework. These include the .NET framework and .NET Core.
The unified .NET 5.0 came out on 10th November 2020.
Moon Technolabs is one of the few app and software development agencies that have been working with .NET 5.0 as soon as it came out. You should be able to hire experienced developers from here.

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