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Albeit a typical Internet client might have not seen it, the last ten years changed the center of thought behind a site, until the end of time. The times of static destinations with individual locations, that should have been stacked individually, are fundamentally gone. All things considered, a website page’s substance is frequently powerful – it changes the substance, in light of the client’s contribution, without reloading the total webpage. Indeed, even this blog page has components like that – simply add a remark beneath and see what happens.

It immediately turned out that the conventional approach to serving pages through HTTP is too delayed to even consider supporting unique pages productively. This is when single-page apps (SPAs) entered the web. Because of JavaScript capacities, a SPA loads into the program only a single time, and from this point forward all the UI works locally, downloading just crude information, which speeds things up a ton. This outcomes in the consistent client experience everybody needs. With the raising in Vue.js web development, it is only fair that businesses are looking for mobile app development companies who provide the best solutions. 

At Moon Technolabs, we suggest SPA development with Laravel Vue Stack, since it’s a proficient and moderately modest approach to making quick, current, and customized sites (contrasted with different conceivable outcomes, like structure a PWA). In this text, you will realize the reason why we think Laravel and Vue are simply ideally suited for single-page web apps.

Laravel- Vue Stack

Laravel is a PHP web application framework with a well-disposed expectation to absorb information and a ton of opportunities for experienced developers. It’s likewise completely adaptable and appreciates the support from a productive local area with a large number of developers from around the world contributing code to the framework. Vue.js web development is a moderate JavaScript front-end framework made explicitly for building single-page apps and UIs.

Even though they might appear as an odd couple, these frameworks go together so well that Vue comes as a default with Laravel – you simply need to make a few moves to appropriately set them up.

Laravel Vue stack permits you to productively develop a solitary page application with a consistent front-end. Any Laravel development company can help you with the requirements.  The two frameworks were made to work on the development cycle by:

  • laying the preparation for the developer (great frameworks empower developers to zero in on the first code since they give worked in answers for normal issues),
  • proposing rich and simple-to-understand grammar and giving magnificent documentation (and that implies Laravel and Vue are extremely simple to get by any equipped developer with a foundation in PHP or JavaScript), zeroing in intensely on User Interface and User Experience (which alone settles on them a top decision for making regularly very client-centered SPAs).
  • Since purchasers wherever are getting progressively familiar with SPAs and PWAs, the interest for dynamic sites will just develop. Believe it or not, the conventional, multi-page locales as of now look and feel obsolete for a developing number of individuals.

Is PHP Still Significant In 2022?

The short response is: yes. As of August 2021, PHP, a web-arranged prearranging language initially made in 1994, is utilized by 79.1% of all sites with a known server-side programming language. That is 6.6% more than in 2010. Frameworks, for example, Laravel and Symfony, assume a critical part in sustaining PHP’s importance since they impressively decrease normal development time.

Websites Using Laravel

The following diagram shows the popularity of Laravel. 

Industry verticals where Laravel is being used


Websites Using Vue.js

Just like Laravel, this graph showcases the websites using Vue.js. And the increment in the Vue.js web development.  

Industry verticals where VueJS is being used


Examination of SPA frameworks

Picking an ideal innovation stack for your venture might be pivotal to its prosperity. Regardless of whether Laravel Vue is a legitimate decision for most Single Page Apps, it won’t fit impeccably with each conceivable thought. Considering that, we should contrast Vue and other famous single-page app frameworks oftentimes used to construct effective activities. Laravel example is a better solution for that. 

Utilized by

  • Google, Samsung, Microsoft
  • Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Dropbox
  • Nintendo, Adobe, Xiaomi

Top Features

  • Two-way information restricting
  • Reliance infusion
  • JSX punctuation (JavaScript meets HTML/XML)
  • Gigantic ecosystem
  • First-rate documentation
  • Receptive two-way information restricting
  • Possible dangers
  • Steep expectation to learn and adapt
  • Not a total framework
  • Absence of large business support

Understanding Vue.js & Laravel

When it comes to the frameworks, one might wonder the amount of time period both of the frameworks have been running on. And coming to the time duration, Laravel has been in the picture for more than 10 years and undoubtedly it has received many phrasings from developers and businesses alike. Major companies like 9GAG, BBC, Pfizer – of them use Laravel in their project requirements. All of the fruitful endeavors are being particularly developed in Laravel. Keeping the entire process of authentication rather effective. With that being said, it also produces a more straightforward approach and many of the other powerful threats. And if we have to take one example, it would be cross-site scripting and SQL injection because both of them are being handled graciously when Laravel developers get their hands on them. Any Laravel development company or Vue.js development company can help you with the requirements. 

Understanding Vue.js & Laravel - Moon Technolabs

Talking about the framework, Laravel is actually pretty cost-efficient as it actually encapsulates presentation code and business logic code by implementing and separating models, amongst HTML developers and designers. Eventually making the bug fixing and other things handled perfectly without having to spend extra on the resources. 

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When it comes to Vue.js, it has a separate set of parameters and characteristics. Despite having a relatively smaller size, the framework never disappoints such as the other powerful frameworks like React and Angular. Vue.js is one of those rare frameworks with carefully constructed documentation. 

Vue for single-page applications

While Google and Facebook support the development of Angular and React individually, there is no practically identical worldwide brand behind Vue.

The framework was at first made by a solitary developer, Evan You, and is kept up with by a center group of developers from around the world. A downside for some, however for other people, similar to Chinese monsters Alibaba and Xiaomi, autonomy from choices made by huge American contenders presumably considers simply one more benefit. Laravel example is the ideal entity for that. With the perfect Vue.js web development, your requirements can be met with the best solutions. 

Vue for single-page applications - Moon Technolabs

With its legendarily useful documentation and striking prevalence among developers, Vue is not difficult to get for rookies, while empowering specialists to rapidly construct MVPs and scale apps productively when required.

Notwithstanding being less boundless than its rivals, Vue consistently fills in notoriety. As much as 20.09% of expert developers who took the Stack Overflow Annual Survey 2021 guaranteed they have accomplished broad development work in the framework in 2020. In correlation, React was widely utilized by an incredible 41.4% of Respondents, and Angular – by “just” 26.23%. Albeit each of the three frameworks being talked about turned out to be more well known than the year before, the effect of the Vue 3 delivery in September 2020 is yet to be seen. You can peruse our State of Vue 2021 report to get familiar with the framework’s nonstop development.

Albeit Angular and React are without a doubt strong, Vue’s moderate approach gives all that one necessity to construct an impressive single-page app, without being excessively perplexing or forcing. Vue can fill in as an undeniable front-end framework, which can be a benefit against React. Vue is likewise certainly a lot simpler to dominate than Angular, and what might be the most significant for some: the simplicity of prototyping is unmatched in Vue.

For What Reason Would It Be A Good Idea For You To Involve Vue With Laravel For SPA Development?

  • Vue and Laravel give a variety of underlying solutions, especially support while planning the client experience.
  • The two frameworks are not difficult to learn, have fantastic documentation and backing from submitted, accommodating networks.
  • Vue SPAs are for the most part little in size, so they load rapidly and utilize less transfer speed (which is significant for worldwide business sectors outside of Europe and the USA).
  • Vue’s part-based design empowers developers to develop MVPs quickly and permits the productive development of totally mobile single-page web apps.
  • Laravel upholds Model-View-Controller (MVC) plan design, which is great for developing UIs.
  • Laravel has an object-situated linguistic structure and numerous libraries supporting the utilization of products. Having said that, any Laravel development company can help you with your Laravel solutions. 


Laravel is a well-known framework, with monsters like MasterCard, Deloitte, and Tesco utilizing it in their ventures. With regards to Vue, there are staggeringly gifted new businesses as well as worldwide brands ready to pick this moderate framework for their front-end endeavors. You can peruse more about companies involving Vue in 2021 in our new blog entry. Any top mobile app development company in the USA can help you with the requirements. As per Stackshare, companies with both Vue and Laravel in their stacks incorporate Bitpanda, 9GAG, and Vue is additionally the frontend framework that was utilized to develop Laravel’s website. You can go with either a top Laravel development company or choose to hire Vue.js developers for your Vue.js web development requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Being an open-source PHP-based development framework, Laravel gives simple to utilize and strong development design to a wide range of web projects. Additionally, Laravel is worked with an incredible code establishment that assists web developers with completing prevalent web development. Web development with Laravel is tied in with working with sites and web application proprietors with quality and impeccable solutions.
Huge undertakings regularly request complex features and usefulness combination that at last consumes a lot of time and exertion. You can unhesitatingly use Laravel for such undertakings yet ensure that you're utilizing the best development rehearses so the task's quality doesn't hamper.
No, Laravel isn't a CMS rather a framework gives developers an efficient and strong method for developing quality web applications.

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