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Do you want to learn more about the phenomenal offline messaging application called Bridgefy? It works just like every other mobile messaging app, but it doesn’t require internet or phone-based services. Does it intrigue you? If so, you should continue reading to learn more.

It’s a digitized world where almost everything needs an internet connection to function properly. Naturally, nothing can be more disruptive or distressing as an internet blackout. Bridgefy is an app built by a San Francisco-based startup that aims to fix this situation once and for all by building digital solutions that allow users to send messages from their devices without resorting to the internet or their network service provider.

Bridgefy is gaining enough popularity by the second. Understandably, it won’t sound surprising if business owners are already looking to hire dedicated developers for startup and build something similar. The app is extremely popular among the people of Myanmar, especially after the military coup that took place recently. Apart from that, folks from Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Indonesia are also using and loving it.

About Bridgefy

So, what is Bridgefy anyway? What’s all the hype about? What can it do and why should you bother with the cost to develop an app like Bridgefy? Well, as already mentioned earlier, it’s an offline communications solution for mobile devices. It allows a user to contact other people without using the internet or the network provider’s SMS systems. Instead, it works on a mesh network. Basically, it relays every message you send to the other device through Bluetooth.

Of course, there’s going to be specific limitations. After all, the Bluetooth systems don’t have enough range. As long as the recipient is within 330 feet, the messages you send will reach their destination. This app’s builders resolved the situation, though. They say that the program will work better than usual as the number of Bridgefy users between you and the recipient keeps increasing. In the beginning, the app will need an internet connection to initiate its core functions. Once you take care of this requirement, you can start texting other users.

Bridgefy also lets you share your location in real-time with another user. There’s even a broadcast system that lets you converse with users close to you physically even if they aren’t in your list of contacts.

These features make Bridgefy special. It also proves why numerous business owners and entrepreneurs are ready to hire dedicated developers for a startup to get such an application developed. Bridgefy is perfect for scenarios where numerous users will be present. Whether it’s a function taking place on the premises of your college, a concert, or a protest march, Bridgefy will keep everyone connected.

1. How to use

Bridgefy works on a mesh network and it utilizes Bluetooth technology, as you know now. Once you install the program, you simply need to follow the instructions as they appear. You need to connect to the internet the very first time you use it. After that, turn on the Bluetooth of your device and close the app. Finally, turn off the internet connection, open the app, and enjoy the services it has to offer. Just remember that this program will work properly only when other folks surrounding you use it too.

2. The popularity

Bridgefy gained inestimable fame in Myanmar in the midst of a military coup that happened on 1st February 2021. The country is under military occupation, and Myanmar is currently going through a state of emergency. Once the militia cut off all communications, the citizens turned to Bridgefy. Within a few hours, more than 600,000 users downloaded it. You can probably guess that this value is much higher now.

3. Security standards

This one is, of course, an extremely important point of consideration. Multiple parties will partake in delivering your message to the receiver. Naturally, you may wonder whether security will even exist or not. The developers, however, assure their users that it isn’t possible to break through the security barrier of Bridgefy because they used the highest-quality encryption to make it impenetrable.

4. User base

The distressed citizens of Myanmar aren’t the only users of Bridgefy. Folks from all over the world are already using this program. According to its creators, this app has been downloaded 2,000,000 times. Users say that they found it useful in more than one situation. There’s also in-depth information on this program on a world-renowned website. It tells readers about how this app helped users to remain connected in huge crowds without an internet connection or mobile network services.

Wrapping it up

Messaging apps are indescribably popular programs that can help users stay connected with each other, regardless of the distance. Bridgefy is the odd-one-out because it doesn’t require an internet connection or a mobile network. It allows its users to send messages offline. The best thing is that it will transport the message as swiftly as any other internet-based application. While it gained more fame in Myanmar than others, technology experts and business owners know that it has the power to be a revolutionary. Everyone will soon find out how influential it can be as time passes by.

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