Users like to have an app that is fast, reliable and consistent. An app with too much of lag or interruption in operation is not welcome in today’s world. Such inconsistencies produce a hindrance for the app to be successful in the market.

Thus, it is recommended to take your app through rigorous testing before launching it in the app stores. Most mobile app developers test an app for its functionalities, usability and overall performance of the operation. However, when you ask the following important question to build a bug-free app, you might reconsider adding, deleting or editing a few features and/or UI-UX elements, etc. But in the end, the top mobile app development company ensures to check the app working on different devices, OS, data networks, screen resolution which are all the part of basic of app testing.

Still, there are often a few scenarios which are left out and it becomes imperative for you to ask your mobile app developers to make sure that it is a quality app and also a bug-free.


#1 Does my app can endure all types of users?

Your app will be used by all kinds of users, i.e, from beginners to experienced users. Your app should be tested keeping in mind the usage behaviour of all kinds of users. Some users might tap multiple times or input incorrect details or not follow the flow of the app as you want them to use and thus, your app should have the flawless user experience and design in place to accommodate all types of users.


#2 How the app coordinates with other functions?

While some apps crash and others resume it from the point of disconnect, this happens when the app is interrupted with an external function or event say for e.g, receiving a phone call, text message/email alert or any other notification. Your app along with the phone perform many operations at a given time and it is important for mobile app developers to test your app keeping all possibilities in mind such as OS upgrade, data cable plug in or out or change in data network strength, etc. Don’t let this be the part of the discussion at the last stage or prior to the app launch.


#3 Have you checked performance optimization of the app

An app’s performance can be affected by either the server or user’s side. We have already seen the reasons that account for downtime from a user’s perspective but what if the performance lag is from the server side? Test the app in the likelihood scenarios wherein, if it is not able to connect to backend systems or your app is consuming extra phone’s memory and excessive bandwidth. Is your app able to handle the load when too many users log in or use it at the same time? To avoid all these and to make sure that the app’s performance is optimized, your mobile app developers need to ensure of operational testing i.e, evaluation of a software application prior to the prior to the production phase.


#4 Can your app blend with local preferences?

In order to cater to a wider range of audience and increase your profit margin, your app must adhere to regional traits such as time zone, language, currency and design preference. Hence, while testing the app, your mobile app developers should consider all the challenges in localizing the app. Would the app be affected when a user changes time zone or if the user’s timezone is changed due to travelling? Ensure with a developer to check the app’s compatibility with different languages it supports. Also, the UI might be impacted with a length of the text changes for every word in every language, affecting your app’s layout and design.    

A top mobile app development company has QA and testing team in place to make sure that your app is not only bug-free but also seamlessly integrates with additional functions and does not affect the user experience. Checking these few questions before hiring mobile app developers would result in timely and robust mobile app development.

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