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The mobile device revolution created a new buzz in the sphere of business, particularly in the e-commerce phase. Such applications have changed the way folks purchase goods or avail services. If you wish to stay ahead in the competitive retail sector, only an app can help you.

Do you think you’re running at the same pace as this new-age digital world? If you are, then you probably know that having a website alone won’t get you far. There was a time when businesses could make do with roadside hoardings, newspaper advertisements, email marketing, website banners, and even social media ads. Unfortunately, they won’t work anymore. You need something with a little more punch to attract prospects and customers, especially if you own an eCommerce business.

At the moment, mobile apps play a crucial role in establishing relationships between customers and businesses. In reality, e-commerce applications for mobile devices earned recognition for knowing their customers better. After all, users can purchase whatever they need by just tapping the screens of their smartphones. For business owners, on the other hand, an app can help them target customers, regardless of time or location, and this statistical info should prove it.

Here are few other pieces of data that will reveal the necessity of opting for eCommerce mobile app development solution for online retailing.

    • Almost 35% of all customers in the USA use their smartphones or other mobile devices to buy products over the web.
    • In reality, while purchasing something from brick-and-mortar stores, consumers in the US compare prices using their phones.
    • According to market researchers, 72.9% of all e-commerce sales will generate from mobile devices in 2021.
    • Even after knowing about websites, 78% of all users want to access a digital store through an app instead of a site.
    • Almost 50% of the profits of an e-commerce business come from about 10% of its patrons.
    • One market research group has evidence to provide that the field of e-commerce will generate $3.5 trillion this year. In 2019, it was already on the $2.3-trillion mark.

The necessity

If you want more compelling reasons as to why you should attempt to build an e-commerce mobile app architecture, you will find them below.

1. A direct channel for marketing

As almost everyone has a smartphone in their pockets these days, people remain connected to their favourite brands 24/7. Mobile devices changed the way folks interact with brands, gather information, and purchase products. For a brand to benefit from this connectivity, it has to come up with a consistent and steady platform, such as a mobile application. Apart from keeping customers connected with the store, the app can deliver information about exclusive deals, special offers, discounts, and coupons instantly.

2. Better experience for customers

Modern customers demand personalized experiences, and they expect e-commerce companies to be consistent about it. With e-commerce app solutions, it won’t be possible. If you want your customers to return to you every time, a mobile app will do the trick. You can also take advantage of emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence AR/VR, and Machine Learning to accumulate valuable insights, such as the preferences of your users, the time of day they make purchasing decisions, and the amount of time they take to decide to buy something.

3. Conversion rate enhancement

E-commerce applications for mobile devices deliver better conversion rates. Why else will business owners spend money on e-commerce app solutions? Besides, improved conversion rates are the only thing that matters because it converts to revenue. Therefore, if you want your conversion rate to be better than what it is now, you’ll need a mobile application.

eCommerce app for your business

Whenever someone purchases something over the internet, he/she expects a seamless buying process, and there isn’t anything that does it better than a mobile application. Features like push notifications, easy checkout processes, online payment options, and the ability of an app to use a device’s onboard systems contribute to conversion rate improvement.

4. Recognition

Finally, with a mobile application for your e-commerce business, you can increase brand visibility. It’s one of the most noteworthy advantages of app development services. Most customers spend several hours every day on their mobile devices. Naturally, it’s quite easy for brands to connect with their prospects over an e-commerce platform. Then again, every brand has to offer an exceptionally high-quality mobile app experience to make users fall in love with the platform. The small size of the screen is annoying to most customers. Market researchers say that almost 32% of all users will uninstall an application if they face problems while using it. That’s why you must leverage smart branding methodologies combined with visually appealing UI/UX designs to leave long-lasting impressions on customers, as well as prospects.

Promoting the app

Now that you understand the importance of having a mobile app for your e-commerce business, it’s time to find out how you should promote your application.

1. Store submission

The first thing you need to do is to publish the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Now, the process isn’t going to be simple. You need to optimize your listing with screenshots of the products. You also have to add matching keywords and use other tried-and-tested organic strategies. Doing these things is mandatory if you expect customers and prospects to find your app easily on relevant app stores.

2. Landing page creation

While mobile apps are now more popular than websites, business owners often have to turn to the latter to promote the former. You should ask to eCommerce app development company to create a landing page for promotional purposes. This separate landing page should have a download button for your users, along with a clear CTA.

3. Write blogs

When it comes to driving traffic to websites and landing pages organically, blogs posts can do a lot for you. You should publish blogs and articles on subjects preferred by your target audience. Don’t forget to add targeted keywords to your write-ups to ensure they pop up on Google whenever someone searches for products or services relevant to your business. Blogs are a must-have for every promotional venture because they can traffic from search engines.

4. Uniqueness

Just because there are hundreds and thousands of e-commerce businesses operating these days don’t mean you can’t create something unique. If your app can do something no other platform of its kind can do, promoting it will become easier for you. Just make sure it has the power to fill the gaps in the market and offer the experience sought by your users.

5. Exclusive offers

Sometimes, your users will need a push to do something. That’s why you should give them an incentive to make sure they download your application. You have to make them believe your app is worth using. Before you try to advertise your app, you should come up with an exclusive offer your users won’t be able to resist. For instance, you may consider offering a discount to those who install the app and purchase products worth a specific amount.

6. Surprise them

Incentives work better when you add something surprising with them. You need to give your users a reason to keep using it by improving it continuously. For that purpose, you can work on the images, user interface, and content. If your audience finds something new every time they use your app, it will surprise them. However, you should test this strategy on a handful of users to see how they receive it.

7. Blog advertisements and reviews

If you think you can manage it, you should consider including a few paid promotion tactics. For instance, you can get in touch with bloggers to write something about your application. After that, you can pay for the feedback you get or for banners on their blog page.

8. Ad networks

Almost every e-commerce app development company suggests their clients turn to ad networks. They work exceptionally well and will get you featured on the websites of other publishers. Individuals using social media platforms will also stumble upon your advertisement.

9. Facebook advertising

Finally, you can advertise your app on Facebook. Facebook ads can increase the number of installations you get.

Wrapping it up

Well, everything should be clear to you now. With an app, sustaining an e-commerce business will become next to impossible. Naturally, you can’t make the mistake of avoiding app development services. Once created, you have to promote the app to make sure everyone learns about what you’ve created. If you stick to the guidelines elucidated above, your e-commerce business will inevitably succeed.

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