iBeacon Technology Revolutionizes A New Vision for the Retail Industry

Will Apple’s iBeacon technology will actually bring a revolution to the retail industry? Let’s go in-depth to check out the market trends.

What is iBeacon?
Apple’s iBeacon is a technology that uses bluetooth low-energy(Bluetooth/LE/BLE) connection to communicate with nearby devices. This is a location sensing application connects with these in-store beacons while detecting enabled smartphones to send push notifications.

How iBeacon can change When you shop in Stores?
iBeacon technology is making its presence in the app-centric shopping and retail market.

iBeacon app help guide the shopping experiences and encourage purchases. Major retailers, such as Macy’s and American eagle outfitters, tested iBeacon using shopkick.

Using shopkick, iBeacon’s signal to stores to test special promotions and product recommendations emitted through iBeacon. As customers walked in the store with shop-beacon enabled iPhone, they received these types of messages from the store.

Push notifications tailored to a shopper’s location could potentially transform the entire retail industry if retailers can manipulate consumer value with iBeacon.

iBeacon’s are easy to install and provide cost-effectiveness. iBeacons systems are more widespread about its privacy and relevancy.

iBeacon’s Benefits to Retail Industry
Not only offering coupons to customers, but much more over it with iBeacon.
Check out the 3 major ways how retailers can get benefit with iBeacon.

  • A push notification in the app shooting in mobile to people out there in stores to express their feedback towards the services they receive in the store. All the information can be stored and can be viewed by managers in the form of reports so that they can improve later.
  • when customer willing to purchase a new product, they would like to check out info about the product in that case, they would like to see a video on their phone rather than some user manual or agent explaining features.
  • iBeacon would also make it easy to find your favorite store location to buy some of your choice products.

There would be many other benefits which is not here, but you can read more on iBeacon here. There is a small info, which we would want to share with you about our company Moon technolabs. We have developed an app for windows, where a person comes near the PC and has that app installed in iPhone(4s or above) than iBeacon will recognise and trigger a start call to that windows app and it will start running. When a person moves away, iPhone would trigger a stop call and windows app would stop functioning. (Only needed is iBeacon chip is must to be placed in windows Pc).

If BLE and iBeacon is successfully implemented, expect to see some basic shifts in in-store shopping. This is definitely bring a change in Retail industry.

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