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If you’re going to utilize the features of the Yii2 framework, you must learn about its advantages and disadvantages. Here you’ll learn about it.

When it comes to PHP, most folks tend to have a stereotypical understanding of it. They think it’s a backdated solution that’s unnecessarily confusing and disruptively inconsistent. Therefore, the top mobile app companies want to begin with this aspect before entering the thick of it. You have to know it if you’re willing to work with one of the top mobile app companies.

PHP is part of around 79% of all the websites you see on the internet with a server-side or backend language. The creators of PHP designed it specifically for building interactive web resources and to do the same as effectively as possible.

The top mobile app companies also remind you that PHP is at the foundation of the planet’s most recognized and widely used content management system – WordPress. It already holds 60% of the market share of CMS. Brands like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Facebook, and Tumblr use PHP.

Therefore, if one of the top mobile app companie resorts to PHP to work on your project, you shouldn’t believe you’ll receive a digital product designed using this outdated technology.

Rest assured, PHP is the perfect choice for every task associated with the web. You can sleep easier at night knowing that one of the top mobile app companies uses PHP to work on your project.

The choice of the framework

If you expect the top mobile app companies to create a website or web app for your business, they’ll require a framework to work on the project. According to the definition posted on Wikipedia, a framework works as an abstraction where developers can change the software-providing genetic functionality selectively. They can do it by leveraging additional code written by users.

Now, some of the top mobile app companies may suggest using Yii2 for the project. Naturally, you have to learn what it is. Yii arrived on 1st January 2008, and its creator is a Chinese expert called Qiang Xue.

2008, as you know, was a terrible year for the entire world, but Yii remained unaffected by the tumultuous happenings. Yii is a lightweight framework with clearly-written documentation that added to the swiftness of web development processes. In other words, if one of the top mobile app companies uses it, it’ll complete your project much faster.

Then, in October 2014, the first stable version of Yii 2.0 arrived. At this point, you probably wish to find out why you should go for Yii2 and what makes it special.

Just like every other PHP framework, such as Symfony and Laravel, Yii is open-source that provides support to both backend and front-end programming. As mentioned above, it comes with more than enough explanatory documentation that can be exceptionally useful to the top mobile app companies. It also receives constant support from a massive community.

The advantages

Here are the advantages a web app development company can reap from Yii2.

  • Speed

Undoubtedly, Yii is one of the fastest frameworks a web development company can use to build applications for Web 2.0. They use it to enjoy an optimized experience of development, and they can use it for designing every kind of web application.

It’s perfect for creating web portals, forums, e-commerce sites, content management systems, etc.

  • Architecture

Yii2 comes with the MVC architecture that supports a web app development company in creating technologically smart applications. This feature further assists the developers in isolating the server database from the “view only” state and renders it so that it can be cleaner and more effective than usual.

Architecture for Yii2 Framework - Moon Technolabs

The controller incorporated into this framework supports managing various libraries and packages during development periods. The whole system works like an object in which the slightest codebase changes lead to the alteration of the entire code. That’s why this framework facilitates a systematic process of app development.

  • Security

Another advantage of the Yii framework is that it provides high security integrated with MVC architecture. As long as you hire a web app development company that knows what it has to do, you won’t have to worry about security-related matters. The best web app development company always suggests using Yii if you’re going to build a website or web app dealing with sensitive information.

Yii possesses features, including cross-site request forgery prevention, cross-site scripting prevention and cookies attack prevention. As this framework comes with authority controls and authentication systems, it allows a web app development company to bestow thorough security upon every project they undertake.

  • Community assistance

Every web app development company receives community assistance when using this framework. As you know, it’s an open-source framework that lets developers connect with others and share their constructive suggestions to solve development-related issues. This feature further makes Yii2 a valuable learning platform.

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  • Caching support

Here’s another reason why Yii Framework Development Services providers prefer to use Yii. It offers component-based clean and elegant support for caching. It helps the experts of Yii Framework Development Services write simple yet efficient code that works perfectly for all developers.

Furthermore, the caching feature aids developers in creating surprisingly optimized web applications. It’s of the utmost importance for developers to create cross-platform websites because they receive the most traffic from smart devices. Yii handles this necessity exceptionally well and supports the providers of Yii Framework Development Services to build user-friendly and optimized web applications.

  • Themes

If you choose to work with the best Yii Framework service Company, you can be sure that you’ll get the most attractive designs and themes. They will assist developers in building a uniquely designed web app or website.

Themes of Yii2 Framework - Moon Technolabs

It comes with a highly designed controller that helps the Yii Framework service Company in linking various packages and libraries. It eventually decreases the load of programming exerted on the developer.

  • Technical soundness

If you hire dedicated web app developers, they can utilize rigid yet appropriately planned structure of this framework to create technically sound web applications and websites.

When you hire dedicated web app developers, they can isolate the embedded database servers to create effective and clean web applications.

The disadvantages

If something is advantageous in one way, it can be disadvantageous in another way. You have to accept it because the providers of Yii Framework Development Services do. Here’s a list of the drawbacks of this framework.

The disadvantages of Yii2 Framework - Moon Technolabs

  • Static programming strategies

According to the providers of Yii Framework Development Services, the first problem is that it depends heavily on the static programming strategies. Most web developers find it uncomfortable.

  • More attention

Another issue pinpointed by Yii Framework Development Services providers is that it has an exclusive design different from every other PHP-based framework. Naturally, it needs developers to give more attention to the job when developing a project. If they fail to do it during coding, the resulting solution will be full of problems.

Furthermore, it may lead to oversized code.

  • Not properly drafted

The Ajax features included in the system aren’t exactly drafted appropriately. Every Yii Framework service Company has to deal with this issue when working on a project. It makes the work of even the best developers more challenging.

  • No support

The Yii Framework service Company you hire won’t get support for multiple reactions or the AR queries in this framework.

  • Not suitable for rookies

Here’s another problem with this framework – it isn’t suitable for any new developer working with a Yii Framework service Company. It won’t provide anything to the amateur developers of a Yii Framework service Company. They’ll find this framework extremely challenging as they must build their understanding and mastery of the PHP language first.

Anyone without the highest levels of programming skills won’t be able to operate Yii.

Final considerations

When you hire dedicated web app developers, they’ll surely tell you about an article published by Qiang Xue called “Philosophies that Shaped Successful Frameworks.” There, he said something particularly insightful.

“Building a framework that’ll be successful should be about striking the perfect balance between simplicity and power.”

If you hire dedicated web app developers from Moon Technolabs, you can be sure that the experts will be able to prioritize the logic and design of the application they need to build for your business.

Moon Technolabs has been working with Yii for a long time. If you hire dedicated web app developers from this organization, you won’t get a reason to feel disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yii is a lightweight PHP framework that comes with clearly written documentation that made web development much faster than other frameworks. The enhanced version of Yii called Yii 2.0 came out in October 2014.
While Yii is the framework, PHP is the programming language with which developers will write the code of the web app or website you wish to build.
Some of the best developers specializing in the Yii framework work with Moon Technolabs – an app and software development agency with offices spread throughout multiple locations across the world.

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