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How to Increase Celebrity Look alike App Downloads in 2022?

How to Increase Celebrity Look alike App Downloads in 2022 - Moon Technolabs

All of us have our own favorite celebrities. And we all must have thought about which one of them do we look alike, right? There has certainly been a time when you stumbled upon someone who resembles your favorite celebrity or even your friend who must have told you that you look a bit like that guy from “Breaking Bad” or any other celebrity for that matter. 

This is where the celebrity look alike app comes into the picture. Your fantasy of actually getting to know which celebrity you look like can become true with the help of this app. We must have seen many doppelgangers of celebrities on the internet, but with this app, it’s time to become one.  And with the app becoming pretty famous in the USA, one must go with the top mobile app development company in the USA. to start your own business. That’s right. Let’s just understand what exactly is a celebrity doppelganger app in brief. 

What Is A Celebrity Look Alike App?

A celebrity look alike app works like a charm for those who want to know which celebrity they look like. Their dream can finally be true because this app’s functionality allows users to let them know which celebrity they look like. The process is simple yet magnificent. The user will just have to upload their favorite pic and let the app do its magic. The automatic process of the app allows them to know which celebrity the person resembles the most. 

Now, before we get a chance to see how to increase celebrity look alike filter app downloads, let’s just check out the number of mobile app downloads from 2018 to 2023(estimated). The below figure will let you know the number of downloads. 


And the below figure shows the entertainment industry and its market segment from 2016 to 2027(estimation). 


The above figure tells us that the entertainment industry is thriving and so is the celebrity doppelganger app. 

So, without much further ado, let’s check out the necessary steps to increase celebrity look alike app downloads in 2022. 

1. Content Marketing

In the present social business world, content is everything. Content is the explanation search started in any case. Individuals don’t watch YouTube or surf the web with the goal that somebody will come and show their promotion. It causes users to feel like somebody is attacking their own space. Be that as it may, with content, the whole situation can be unique. You can draw in your users even without letting them know that you need them to download your app.

You can follow many methodologies for content showcasing. Yet, before that, you want to distinguish your specialty, your interest team. If you could comprehend them better and what they need from your app, you can get the chance to make content that can connect with them more and can enhance their lives.

If you are a beginning up, you want to design your content. In any case, assuming you are as of now they’re on the lookout, and you have content, you want to distinguish which content has worked for you previously and how might you utilize that in the future. The most effective way to make content is to remember your team for the interaction. Nonetheless, assuming you don’t have the ability, re-appropriating can be a decent choice.

Distributing content and examining its arrival at utilizing social media can do ponders for arriving at another user base. In contrast to other advertising strategies, the impacts of content showcasing last longer. Your content will be noticeable and continue engaging, moving, or instructing your users as long as it holds its importance.

2. In-app Referrals

The on-request taxi service has been the precursor of in-app references. Numerous apps utilized references as a method of helping informal exchange before Uber and Lyft. Be that as it may, this industry transformed in-app references into a business staple.

For instance, we should investigate Uber. At the point when you send a solicitation to your companion for an app download, the message they get peruses: ‘A gift from me to you. Guarantee your Uber first ride free, up to $10. Followed by the connection to download the app. In addition, when your companion joins and books the principal taxi, you get $10, also. This reference framework helps every one of the three individuals associated with the app. You get the motivating force. Your companion gets a complimentary lift, you get a credit, and the company gets another user. It’s a shared benefit win for all.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t be in the services business for in-app references to work with your system. To check whether this system will work for you, take a gander at your user excursion to check whether a motivating force like a reference would appear to be legit to pull new users in.

3 App Store Optimization

app Store Optimization is one of the most financially savvy and basic strategies for expanding your app downloads. While app store rankings rely upon metadata—like catchphrases, depiction, appraisals, and surveys—ASO can be more successful. Before we get to the variables that influence it, going for the best ASO company is a must in order to get benefits for your mobile app. 

You want to see how watchwords work in each app classification. It creates quality traffic, further develops perceivability and transformation rates, and builds natural downloads. While doing ASO you want to remember not many things.

You can likewise play out A/B tests to get top to bottom experiences which will provide you with a thought of user conduct, market trends, and so forth, so you can keep refining your app store page.

4. Social media Communities

Always remember social media. Your adherents are there. Keep them drawn in and associating with your image, by advancing your app in different ways inside your internet-based networks. social media assumes a crucial part in the achievement of your app since it offers important freedom to deliver a higher commission rate.

Develop content for different platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Instagram that prompts more downloads. Disclose to your users why they ought to download your app, grandstand the astounding highlights. Try not to make over development and get natural reach. Offer some benefit to your social media devotees and accept us this can give you the most ideal app rankings and a higher pace of downloads.

Each social media channel may not suit your app. Your business ought to decide to appoint the most time and work to the platform that will arrive at your main interest team. For instance, LinkedIn is an incredible platform if you are searching for business relations, however assuming you have an app zeroed in on style or sports, you should leap to Pinterest and Instagram or even Facebook.

Utilizing infographics and videos to receive your message out. In this cutting-edge period, nobody has the opportunity to try and catch a breath, so how would you anticipate that they should peruse 300 words about your app? Infographics and brief video clasps can help here as they are short, straightforward, and intriguing, which might turn out better for likely users.

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5. Influencer Marketing

social media users are profoundly affected by celebrities or online forces to be reckoned with. social media powerhouses can influence the purchasing choices of an enormous crowd. Audits or supports from perceived social forces to be reckoned with carrying more openness to your app, however, they likewise build up more confidence in your image. You want to look through the right force to be reckoned with for your local area and can set up a company that will assemble your image and increments app downloads.

Remember 3 things;

6. Excellent UI

An Incredible plan is exceptionally vital for an app. How your app shows up from a visual and configuration perspective, assumes an extraordinary part in users’ discernment. The symbol you use, the cover pic you use, within pictures every one of these ought to address your thought and arrangement. Try not to attempt to accomplish something too showy in a little picture. It ought to demonstrate your business. Zero in on basic yet dynamic Icon to get a bigger number of downloads. Zero in on the visuals. Stay away from functionalities that will make your app hard to explore and utilize plans alluring to the eye.

An all-around planned Cover Image can truly help your downloads. Make Cover Image interesting and don’t utilize the same pictures which you have utilized in the screen captures. Look at the size and goal.

Genuine Screenshots are the most ideal way to expand your app downloads. Your screen captures should look proficient and clean. In case it is a Smart Business App, ensure you are telling the elements and the best way to utilize them. Whenever required put 6 screen captures and each screen capture ought to contain an alternate example of your app. Pictures talk stronger than content.

7. Marketing Of Your Product

You can go for different methods of promotion to absolutely build the user downloads. Online missions can be exceptionally powerful. companies endeavor to make their app arrive at the most elevated spot. One strategy is by utilizing a CPI (Cost-Per-Install) crusade through various platforms. mobile promoters like AdMob, Waypedia, Mobpartner can likewise be utilized.

Pay-per-click is an advertising method that works efficiently. Based on the clicking, the advertisers will have to pay for the click, to gain traffic to your app. This model is quite helpful in various ways for a business to accelerate. Subsequently, there are many PPC companies, but not every company gets your requirements. And given the increasing PPC in the USA, it is always advisable to go with the top PPC company in the USA


To put it succinctly, these tips will make up for the celebrity look alike filter app if you know your vendors right. So, you can always hire dedicated developers to develop your own celebrity look alike app.  And if you’re wondering about the estimation of developing a celebrity look alike app, get in touch with us and you will get the best idea.

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