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Most people believe that Netflix is the first online video streaming service provider. Hulu appeared right after it in 2006. While it never expanded beyond the United States’ borders, it happens to be a top-notch video streaming platform; particularly it offers both video-on-demand and TV. If you wish to invest in building an app like Hulu, you should continue reading.

You’re probably aware of the transition through which the entire world shifted from television to online platforms to consume video-based content. If you aren’t, then you’ll surely learn everything by the time you reach the end of this write-up. Almost every person you know doesn’t watch cable TV anymore. Even if they do, they don’t spend as much time watching TV as movies and shows on OTT platforms. Video streaming applications make up for an exceptionally hot topic at the moment. It opened the doors for folks to enjoy fascinating content uniquely.

When it comes to examples of video streaming applications, you’ll find more than enough. Also, most of them took the entire world by storm. These include HBO Now, YouTube, Netflix, and, of course, Hulu, which has become extremely successful. There are several profound reasons why most people quit satellite TVs and move on to applications like Hulu. You must be wondering why this topic is discussing on Hulu. Well, if you’re planning to hire an on-demand video streaming app development company to work on your video streaming app, you should consider building something similar to Hulu. The following pieces of information will tell you why.

Analytics and reports

Reports generated by tech research agencies say it all. For instance, there’s one that says that Hulu had an estimated subscriber list consisting of 24 million users during the early days of 2019. Additionally, the growth of this platform proliferated by more than 70% in terms of gross revenue, which is constantly increasing with every passing year. Back in 2017, the app managed to bring in $132 million.

There’s another report, which says that the total amount of time spent by TV show lovers on the 10 best video streaming applications crossed the threshold of the 12-billion-hour mark. Based on the information gathered by yet another tech research agency, this application has been gaining the attention of an incredibly large population. Today, almost every resident of the US has Hulu on his/her smart device.

The speciality

So, what makes Hulu so special? You can forget about the reports elucidated above for a few minutes. If you do, you’ll realize that the Hulu app is extremely simple to use. Furthermore, it allows users to segregate and choose content based on what they prefer. This incredible experience created by the platform allowed it to become one of the top-grossing applications in USA.

Now you can probably guess why you should ask your on-demand video streaming app development company to create a clone of this particular application. However, before you move on, you must take a look at specific requisites. It’s crucial to pay attention to them. Only then you can think about delving into the developmental strategies.

The must-have features

This topic aims to shed some light on a few must-have features. You’ll need them if you’re serious about building and monetizing a video streaming platform like Hulu.

1. Registration, onboarding, and language requirements

The first step of creating something like Hulu is making the registration procedure as simplistic as possible for users. Most people consider the registration process somewhat disturbing and time-consuming. Naturally, simplifying it will go in your favour. After that, you need to look into the matters concerning onboarding. It’s mandatory in today’s day and age. The onboarding experience you can offer will usher you through a brief path displaying the app’s features and accommodate you to adjust everything according to your choices and needs. Finally, make sure your app is available in multiple languages, which will ensure that everyone from every part of the world can use your video streaming platform.

2. Searching and exploration

The search option should be available in your application, and it has to be in a place where everyone can see it. By using the search option, viewers will be able to pry out their favourite movies and shows. This facility is what you need if you want to provide your user with his/her preferred choice directly. Similarly, the exploration task has to be easy. If it works, your audience will keep on using your service for a long time.

3. Watch-list and user profile

With a user profile, every user can make modifications to their personal information, including their generic profile, passwords, emails, etc. It will make data management easier. Also, many users will expect you to offer something with which they can create more than one profile without altering the number of accounts they own. If these profiles belong to different individuals, it will be crucial to track the interests of every member and provide them with relevant suggestions. Hulu has a system with which it ascertains a specific threshold for the addition of several user profiles.

4. Real-time analytics and social media integration

When it’s about important features, calling it a day would be a mistake without mentioning real-time analytics. Hulu has this feature integrated into it to monitor the presentation of every video in real-time. Social media integration is as vital as real-time analytics because people enjoy sharing their interests with their friends and family. By integrating social media, you will increase the popularity of a specific movie or series when shared among others.

Final words

So, if you think you understand the points highlighted here, you can move on to the next step, which incorporates hiring a reputable and experienced on-demand video streaming app development company. Don’t forget to research service providers before choosing one.

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