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Are you wondering how you can seek out the best team of dedicated developers for your startup? Then you’re in the right place. This topic contains an extensive description of the process of hiring development specialists for established businesses, as well as startups.

These days, it’s all about outsourcing. This particular strategy is the best for businesses of all kinds, especially if the owners of the companies wish to incorporate new and innovative ideas, build digital products for the core business processes, or support customers through technologically enhanced digital systems.

When it comes to startups, in particular, the most crucial aspect is about creating a clean and efficient minimum viable product or MVP. Being an entrepreneur of the present day and age, you’re probably aware of this fact. So, the only question that remains is this – how do you hire a dedicated developers team in India ?

It’s quite a challenge to seek out a reputable, trustworthy, experienced, and knowledgeable team of developers to help you achieve your company’s vision while adhering to a stringent budget and deadlines. Nonetheless, there are a few things you can do and even more to learn about it. So, continue reading to unearth the info you need.

1. Your options to build a team

Everything changed with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Whether you choose to agree or not, the truth won’t change – times have become much more uncertain. The entire world is struggling to adopt the so-called “new normal” way of life.

Numerous businesses experienced a significant decline in their growth rate, while others suffered from profound financial losses. The most unsuspecting and unprepared organizations simply vanished off the face of the earth.

In other words, every business of every kind sustained damages. Even after an entire year, almost going into two, business firms aren’t entirely aware of the extent of the damage to the worldwide economy. Most organizations chose to let their employees operate remotely and outsourced several jobs to handle the situation.

Based on information accumulated by researchers, the IT industry stands above others in terms of outsourcing with more than 50% of the entire market. Another group of researchers predicts that within the following four years, the sphere of outsourcing will keep growing at a rate of 5% and hit the $500 billion mark.

Global IT Outsourcing Market -2020-2024

So, what do these statistical pieces of data mean for your business? How should you hire dedicated developers from the top mobile app development company ? What should be your choice of collaboration model that’ll aid you in completing your objectives?

2. The structure of the team

Here’s a basic explanation and a pictorial representation of a development team’s structure. You’ll also find an account of each service provider’s role.

Software Development Structure

  • Project manager

This person will be in charge of planning the project and executing it while overseeing every process and delegating tasks to the members of the team. The project manager also communicates with the client.

  • Business analyst

The business analyst will be responsible for setting objectives, scrutinizing and documenting the primary processes, and ascertaining that everything gets directed to achieve the goals of the business.

  • Designers

These people will dictate the overall appearance of the product and the way users will interact with the same.

  • Software developers

These specialists are the ones that’ll lift the heaviest stuff by writing code and programming the digital product. Frontend developers will take care of the portion customers will interact with. On the other hand, backend experts will cater to the elements users don’t have anything to do with.

  • Quality assurance

Another group of engineers will be in charge of assuring the quality of the digital product. They’ll test it to ensure it meets all the requirements.

You may also need more members for the team.

  • Tech lead

This one is the most skilled developer among software experts. This person will be in the driver’s seat of the development process. He/she will be responsible for making all technical decisions.

  • Solution architect

This individual will build the architectural solutions for every member of the team to follow. The solution architect will partner with the project manager in overseeing the whole venture.

  • Local teams

If you have an entire team under your own company’s wing, you won’t have to hire dedicated developers team in India. Having an in-house team is beneficial in several ways. For starters, there won’t be any linguistic barriers. Everyone will have the same background and beliefs. As everyone is of the same culture, you’ll be able to integrate the team members faster.

Furthermore, the presence of the whole team on-site will ensure everyone connects with each other. It will help to eliminate misunderstandings, solve arguments faster, and even prevent them. Developers can change things and make adjustments to the project within a shorter period as everyone will be in the same time zone, and, sometimes, in the same workplace.

This approach isn’t devoid of drawbacks, of course. For example, the expenses associated with hiring and maintaining an in-house team will be much higher compared to working with an outsourcing company. You’ll have to pay salaries, offer benefits, and train them too.

  • Outsourced teams

You’ll learn about the perks of working with an outsourcing company shortly. For now, you have to acknowledge the problems of working with such a team. You won’t have full-fledged control over the project, for starters. Apart from that, communication can also turn into a problem.

While it’ll be difficult to keep tabs on the progress rate or make decisions quickly, you have to resort to outsourcing if you wish to survive in a pandemic-ridden world. In fact, it’s perfectly possible for your startup to be successful if you manage to seek out the best developers that can understand the objectives and goals of your business.

3. The benefits of outsourcing

Here are the advantages that you’ll enjoy if you choose to hire skilled developers from an organization like Moon Technolabs.

The benefits of outsourcing - Moon Technolabs

  • Expense reduction

One study conducted by Deloitte found that about 59% of all businesses look at outsourcing as an effective yet cost-reduction tool. Every startup in the USA can bring down IT-related expenses by more than 50% if it relies on a third-party team of dedicated developers.

  • Gaining access to the best services

At times, it can turn out to be almost impossible for you to find developers in your region. Even if you do, you have to pay the specialist a lot of money. It won’t be feasible, especially for startups. Third-party offshore development agencies, however, have the same level of expertise if not more.

  • Flexibility

You’ll enjoy the highest levels of flexibility as you’ll be able to change the composition of the team based on your current business objectives. You can do it whenever the need arises.

  • Scaling faster

If you wish to grow as fast as possible, outsourcing should be your choice. You should resort to the services offered by development teams with the talents you require to fulfill your objectives, achieve your goals, and turn the vision of your business into a reality.

These benefits prove why Peter Drucker once said, “Do what you do best and outsource the rest!”

4. The engagement model types

Names can change with time and every IT agency has its own unique method of cooperating with partners. Nevertheless, here are the most common engagement models.

  • Managed product

The managed product model can be an excellent choice for you if you don’t want to relinquish your controllability. You’ll be in charge of every process associated with the job, along with the highest standards of predictability.

If you’re perfectly aware of what to expect from the project, have a mental picture of the outcome, and can ascertain the budget and deadlines, managed product model is perfect for you.

  • Extended team

This model is for those who know their business objectives and the methods of achieving them. Such business owners and entrepreneurs won’t need a team of developers to work on the project because they already have an in-house group of experts.

However, these business owners often lack a few additional specialists needed for the project. Therefore, the extended team model is appropriate for the chief tech officers in search of a team of specific experts for a predetermined timeframe.

  • Dedicated developers

You should hire skilled developers based on the dedicated development model if your final objective is unclear. You can also work with a team of dedicated developers if you already have a group of in-house specialists already working on the project.

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5. The advantages of dedicated developers

As this topic prioritizes hiring dedicated software development experts, here’s a list of the benefits of working with such a team.

The advantages of dedicated developers - Moon Technolabs

  • Delivering more without spending more

It should be clear to you by now that the field of outsourcing is all about reducing organizational expenses. Naturally, when you bring in a team of dedicated developers, the project will become cost-efficient. You’ll get better results without spending an arm and a leg.

  • Controlling everything

You will be able to control every step of the development process and receive updates continuously. You can choose to share your task of decision-making with other people and even delegate the chore of making specific decisions to the team you hire.

  • Team of agile developers

The primary difference between conventional and agile development procedures is in the way the experts collaborate with each other. Most of the dedicated developers of today follow agile development standards. This particular approach to development is the heart and soul of its flexibility.

  • Cost prediction

The dedicated development team will inform you in advance about the hourly rates. As a result, you’ll be able to prepare your budget accordingly and rigorously.

  • No more hassle

As third-party software development agencies have their own HR people and recruiters, you don’t need to concern yourself with HR-related tasks. You just have to hire skilled developers from Moon Technolabs and pay the hourly rates.

  • Starting quickly and easily

Initiating a project will only encompass knowing what you don’t have for the project, how the scope changes, and what the latest requirements are. You can simply jump directly to the interviewing process and seek out dedicated software specialists.

  • Faster marketing

When the time required to promote a digital product is crucial, you can alter your tactics accordingly by hiring dedicated development experts. They’re the most proficient people as they’ll strive from the beginning to help you achieve this goal.

  • Always available

Due to the time-related differences between countries, third-party offshore developers will be able to continue working on your project twenty-four hours every day.

  • Focusing on operations

When you have a dedicated development team, you don’t need to recruit in-house software developers. In other words, you can wave goodbye to the hassles associated with recruitment.

You’ll get more than enough time to pay attention to the core aspects of your business. After all, developing a new piece of software, mobile application, or website won’t yield the results you seek if your business isn’t ready to cater to the needs of clients and customers.

The structure

What should the structure of a dedicated development team look like? Jeff Bezos, the founder of the largest e-commerce platform in the world – Amazon – solved the dilemma of the structural appearance of development teams with just one sentence.

“You’ll know that the team is too large – larger than you need – if you can’t satisfy the hunger of the members with two pizzas.”

A dedicated team of developers should comprise of six to eight people, including the following.

  • A project manager.
  • A team of dedicated developers specializing in this field. They should possess the expertise you seek.
  • UI/UX designers and developers.
  • QA engineers and QA automation specialists.
  • A few other experts, such as external tech leads, data scientists, business analysts, solution architects, consultants, etc.

7. Things to consider

Before you hire developers for a startup, don’t forget to pay attention to the following pointers.

  • The process of development

You have to be fully aware of every detail associated with the process of development. You must contemplate all responsibilities clearly to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

  • Their abilities

Your tasks won’t end after you hire developers for a startup. You have to find out what they’re capable of. Knowing what they can do will help save your time in the future.

  • Ask for an NDA

Software programs, mobile applications, websites, and other similar digital products are intellectual properties. You have to maintain the confidentiality of the methods, processes, and tech stacks used to create what you wanted to. By asking for an NDA, you’ll legally bind your development team from disclosing classified info.

  • Contract details and transparency

The NDA, as well as the contract you sign, should clearly elucidate the following.

  • The rate of development with in-depth breakdowns based on expertise.
  • Discounts and applicability of the same.
  • Invoicing and payment protocols.
  • Credit limits and time durations.
  • Warranty periods and conditions.

Final statements

It doesn’t matter whether you already have an in-house team or don’t have anyone at all. You should definitely consider working with a third-party offshore software development firm. This strategy is suitable for those on a tight budget, unsure of the technical requirements, but still want to go down this path.

So, when you hire developers for a startup, you’ll receive a group of partners that’ll share their vision and goals with you and support you in launching your business off the ground. Be sure to get a FREE quote from the software development companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Software development teams operating remotely can help you save time and money. You’ll gain access to a worldwide pool of experts and enjoy the flexibility to change the project’s direction whenever necessary without recruiting anyone.
It’s perfectly possible for you to dial down your expenses even further by hiring freelancers. However, they aren’t as proficient as a dedicated team of developers. You may also think about opting for the other development models elucidated in this write-up.

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