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If you’re looking to develop an Optical Character Recognition scanner or OCR, you need to know what you’re getting into. Here you’ll learn everything associated with building such a mobile application.

With the arrival and ensuing popularity of everything digital, the entire world has undergone significant changes. Odd jobs that required plenty of paperwork are now simpler because one can share scanned documents with ease. Just like everything else, there’s an app designed by the top software development companies in USA for scanning purposes called OCR or Optical Character Recognition.

“OCR can read notes and quotes from images easily and allow you to store them easily”

The presence of such an app lets people convert their smartphones into document scanners. With this technology, you can convert documents scanned using the device’s camera or album stored in the phone’s memory into textual information. This scanner can be a profoundly useful tool, but only if developed by the best Mobile app developers.

This particular app leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence or AI to do the same. It converts images to texts and the texts into printable word format that you can save using your computer’s Notepad or MS Word. Several OCR scanner mobile solutions are available these days designed by the top software development companies in USA that you can use to convert bills, documents, warranty cards, etc.

You can also convert hard copies of various pieces of information into digital copies. So, what do you need to know about building such an application? What are the costs and the benefits of investing in OCR scanners? What are the features you need your mobile app development agency to include? You’ll find the answer to all these questions in this write-up.

An explanation

You already have an idea of OCR, but an in-depth explanation from the experts of Custom Software Development will serve you better. OCR or Optical Character Recognition refers to a procedure that involves recognizing symbols and characters from images automatically. These apps primarily prioritize alphabets and numbers, and these apps utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies harnessed by the best mobile app development agency.

After identifying the text in the image, you can do the following.

  • Save it on your device
  • Process or edit it
  • Translate the info into other languages

The popularity of smartphones combined with enhanced cameras has resulted in the rise of this particular form of technology. The top mobile app development firms also have a hand in the popularity of these applications.

Businesses need it

Business owners often hire Mobile app developers to build OCR apps for organizational purposes. After all, it has the power to change the way folks share documents and handle documentation chores. If you’re the owner of a business, and if you remain neck-deep in papers every day, you’ll benefit more than you can imagine from an OCR solution.

You can save time that you can utilize for other mission-critical business tasks. Due to the technological advancements achieved by the top software development companies in USA today, people always turn their gaze toward the more sophisticated system. For instance, most folks will vouch for an app powered by AI that can convert speech to text.

These individuals tend to overlook the abilities of an OCR app and everything it brings to the table. You can easily find numerous OCR applications and computer software programs built for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. However, if you choose to fabricate one specifically for your business with the help of Mobile app developers, you’ll put yourself ahead of your competitors.

“With OCR, businesses can efficiently lookup numbers, names, addresses, and other parameters that separate the document which they’re searching.”

The benefits

With more and more businesses investing in the development of mobile apps to keep their business operations flowing smoothly, the presence of scanner solutions for mobile devices has become a necessity.

According to market researchers and the best mobile app development agency, the worldwide imaging industry will expand to 155 billion and will also enjoy a compound annual expansion rate of 15%. Most of the business owners that use OCR solutions do so because of the advantages they have to offer.

The benefits of An OCR Scanner App With Trending Features - Moon Technolabs

Productivity enhancement

OCR isn’t paper-centric. Understandably, this feature added by the top software development companies in USA allows it to increase the staff members’ morale and adds suppleness to the work environment.

Customer service improvement

Once you start using OCR apps, you can improve the level of customer service you offer to users. Customer service representatives can gain access to the information within moments using OCR tech to provide appropriate solutions to your customers.

Improved cost-effectiveness

OCR applications designed by the best Mobile app developers help to improve the way your business operates by reducing processing expenses and enabling you to manage your utilities easily.

More time saved

When you compare OCR systems designed by the best mobile app development agency with conventional methods, you’ll realize how they can decrease the time you would’ve otherwise spent on processing various tasks manually. Gaining access to digitized versions of hard copies of various files makes your chores easier and time-saving.

The features of OCR apps

When it comes to the features an OCR mobile application designed by top software development companies in USA should possess to function adequately, you need to break them down into two categories. The first category will include the features specific to the users, while the second category will incorporate the features required by the administrators. Make sure that your Mobile app developers create the following.

The features of OCR apps With Trending Features - Moon Technolabs

Features for the users

  • Registration – The users have to register with this feature by adding their email ID and a few other details they won’t mind sharing. They should also get the opportunity to use their social media accounts for the purpose.
  • Login – Once the registration part is over, users need to be able to log in to use the application.
  • Converting the document formats – Users should be able to convert various document formats into texts, images, or PDFs. The app designed by the mobile app development agency should allow them to scan different papers using their phones, tablets, or laptops.
  • Profile management – After completing the registration process, a user becomes the app’s member. Naturally, they should receive the opportunity to manage their account info and password.
  • Multi-format documents – Users of an app designed by top mobile app development firms should get to save their documents in any format they want to.
  • Multi-page documents – This feature will let users scan several pages and convert the same simultaneously.
  • Converting documents into text files – This feature of the app created by the mobile app development agency will let users convert any document format into text using document scanner apps, book scanner apps, image scanner apps, or receipt scanner solutions. Once the conversion process is over, the user should be able to manage the text.
  • Detecting files in real-time – You need to add this feature to your OCR. Once a user scans a document, the app should be able to detect it in real-time and perform an action based on the activity of the user.
  • Multiple languages – OCR applications fabricated by top mobile app development firms should be able to convert documents into the language preferred by the user. The app should provide a list of different languages from which the user can select the one they like.
  • Filter usage – Once the scanning and uploading aspects are over, the user should be able to apply filters to the documents, such as brightness, colors, and other visual effects.
  • Different output formats – After choosing a language, editing the document, and uploading it, the user may want to choose the outfit format in which they need the file.
  • Saving and management – Users should be able to save the converted files in the applications and should be able to perform various actions on the saved files.
  • Sharing the documents – The only way to make your app worthwhile is to incorporate this feature into your OCR app, along with the others. Don’t forget to remind your Mobile app developers about adding notifications systems, either.

Features for the admin

  • Login – This feature will let the admin login to the application.
  • Dashboard – With this feature, the admin will be able to monitor and manage users, and keep tabs on the most preferred languages, documents, widely-used formats, and document conversion.
  • Managing languages – This feature created by the top mobile app development firms lets the admin manage the document languages chosen by the user during conversion.
  • User management – The admin should possess the feature to manage the user and every piece of information associated with each user.
  • Viewing the conversions – This feature lets the admin explore and manage file conversions. It provides records consisting of data regarding converted documents.
  • Document sharing management – The sharing system designed by the top mobile app development firms helps the admin to monitor the users who can share the necessary data and content in the application.
  • Reporting and analytics – Real-time analytics and reporting systems designed by Mobile app developers allow users to generate reports of the application’s functioning, document conversion, and the most-used formats.

Cost of development

You have to hire Mobile app developers to build OCR applications, and the cost of development depends on several factors. The first one is the technology stack you wish to use. Apart from that, the costs will depend on the features you hope to integrate. Building a relatively simple OCR application for iOS or Android with the basic features, high-quality UX design, and neat navigation will cost you about $5,000 to $7,000.

With added functionalities and features, it can amount to $30,000.

Final words

Well, there you have it – an all-inclusive guide to building an OCR mobile solution powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. However, you have to seek out the top mobile app development firms, such as Moon Technolabs.

The Mobile app developers of such an organization will diagnose your business’s requirements and your specific needs in detail before they start building. If you have any more questions, you should get in touch with the agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

OCR or Optical Character Recognition applications automatically recognize textual information present in images. It can separate characters, alphabets, and numbers from pictures and hard copies of documents and convert the same into text files.
Indeed, the sphere of document imaging is extremely popular right now. According to reports generated by market researchers, the document imaging market is currently growing at a CAGR of 13.8%.
Moon Technolabs is one of the best app and software development agencies you can rely on for your OCR application.

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