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Do you want to get into the business of classifieds? Then you should consider building an app like Dubizzle for your business. This write-up will cover all the required features, as well as the expenses associated with developing it.

Do you know anything about Dubizzle? Since you’re planning to start a classified business, you probably want to develop a mobile application for your venture. If that’s the case, then you can’t ignore Dubizzle, one of the most successful platforms of its kind. Building a clone app of Dubizzle will allow you to kick start your business and build your marketplace with classified goods and services. Also, such an app will let you offer a massive variety and services and products, including vehicles, jobs, and properties for rent or sale, and other classified services.

The business model is quite simple. Your seller base will set up advertisements on your website and application. Buyers will encounter those ads and buy whatever they want or need. An app like Dubizzle will be a platform and a meeting place for buyers and sellers, virtually, of course. It’s an opportunity to build your own classified services on the world of the web. At the moment, the cost of building an application like Dubizzle is probably what you want to know about. Well, if you continue reading, you’ll find it.

About the app

Dubizzle is an extremely popular online community for classified web portals. It’s a platform through which folks buy and sell products from different categories, including properties, furniture, vehicles, and many other commodities.

How does it work?

Dubizzle appeared as an online marketplace designed to sell and purchase things. Soon after it started gaining fame, Dubizzle reappeared in the form of a mobile application to make things more convenient for users.

how it works Dubizzle application

An individual can join the application via Facebook or Google credentials. Once the registration process is out of the way, users can post advertisements based on location.

Posting classifications

Dubizzle accepts a wide variety of post classifications, including the following.

    • Motor: Vehicles of various types, such as utility vehicles, heavy vehicles, motorcycles, vessels, and more.
    • Jobs: It’s specifically for those who are looking for jobs. An enrollment specialist can also use it to inform about vacancies. Competitors can recognize activities while the selection representatives will be in charge of detecting willing applicants.
    • Community: It provides an all-inclusive rundown of the various classes, exercises, and workshops. Even freelancers can enlist their administrations for fixing, upkeep, composing, and more.
    • Property availability: As you can probably guess, this section lets individuals inform buyers and renters about properties available for sale or rent without including dealers or paying their charges.
    • Leasing: The owner of a house or building can locate the appropriate occupants in an attempt to include their property under lease classification.
    • Classifieds: This one is for posting classified ads to sell furniture pieces, family unit gear, extras, utensils, and more.

The features

If you’re going to build a clone of Dubizzle, make sure that your app development service provider includes these features.

1. Registration and logging in

Users should, of course, be able to register themselves on the app. You should also consider making the login system as simple as possible by connecting it with the users’ Google or Facebook accounts.

2. Profile manager

It will allow users to manage their profiles after modifying them the way they want to.

3. Setting location preferences

Users can set any location as their preferred location by entering it into the search box or using GPS maps.

4. Image uploading

It will dictate the number of images users can upload, remove, and edit with descriptions.

5. Categories

It will allow users to select the type of product or service they want.

6. Buyer interaction

A user should be able to interact with the buyer directly to clarify questions and discuss everything associated with the product for sale.

7. Seller’s page

After creating an account, a seller can start selling by adding details about products, including images and written descriptions on this page.

8. Buyer’s page

This one is for the buyer. Purchasers can purchase products online after verifying specific details about the seller and view product images, details, descriptions, and other pieces of information.

9. Enhanced searching

An advanced or enhanced searching system should be there to help users find products based on their requirements. It will allow a buyer to filter products using brand name, product name, location, or something else.

10. Push notifications

Push notifications are a must-have in every mobile app these days. In the case of a Dubizzle clone, notifications can inform buyers about featured products, payment methods, product queries, and more.

The alternatives

For grouped applications, there are two options for you to consider.

1. Vertical applications

Apps like Dubizzle mostly deals with the same kind of products, such as vehicles, electronic devices, and several other things. In short, this app will cater specifically to a unique market. Users will find it useful and easy enough to use for transactions.

2. Horizontal applications

Dubizzle is the perfect example of a horizontal application where proprietors work with a massive customer base and numerous deals. It’s a kind of grouped application that bargains in every type of business product, solution, and everything in between.

The cost

Building a clone of Dubizzle of the vertical type and having on the basic features will cost you around $10,000. Conversely, a horizontal variant with high-quality features can go up to $30,000. Finally, if you want an all-inclusive solution with additional features, apart from the basic ones, you have to shell out at least $50,000. Of course, these values tend to differ from one app development service provider to another.

To conclude

At the moment getting into this particular line of business can be quite worthwhile. However, if you want your Dubizzle clone to be as successful as the original one, make sure to work with a reputable and experienced mobile app development agency.

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