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Drupal is one of the trending CMS to build websites for business purposes. Understandably, it’s perfect for e-commerce websites too. If you wish to start your company as quickly as possible, Drupal will help you build robust solutions and even iterate with time by gauging the market requirements. Then again, everything boils down to how much you can spend. In that regard, this write-up will be of use to you.

Just like every other advanced digital tool, the Drupal platform, according to experts, is incredibly simple yet capable. It provides more than enough of everything you need to manage different tasks and solve issues quickly. However, business owners can’t just choose a framework simply by knowing their perks. They also need to find out whether it will be lucrative enough. You must gather information on how much it will cost you to create an eCommerce store using Drupal.

Of course, everyone is aware of the fact that developing a corporate website is a crucial step to business growth. Once you cross the threshold of the online market, your popularity and income will increase profoundly. Due to the features possessed by Drupal, it’s excellent for anyone planning to start an e-commerce business.

This framework is an open-source CMS or Content Management System. As already mentioned earlier, many IT specialists believe that Drupal is a highly useful CMS, and its strength comes from its extensibility. The framework bestows a massive range of capabilities upon developers. Additionally, the module-driven architecture of Drupal aids PHP programmers in implementing unique functionalities in your customized website.

The fundamentals

Being an open-source framework, there’s no acquisition cost involved in developing websites using Drupal. Developers can download and use it for free from the official website. They also have access to as many contributed modules as they need. Now, with all these core functionalities available for free, along with various contributed modules and augmented features, how much do you have to spend if you wish to build your e-commerce site? You must be thinking that you can get it at a negligible price, but it isn’t so. Several factors will dictate the price, other than the service charge of the developers.

As it’s an open-source tool, the community of Drupal made significant contributions to enrich it. They created several new modules that allow developers to take care of the most complicated demands of their clients. It’s also worth mentioning here that Drupal isn’t a ready-to-use solution. Therefore, if you download it for free, you won’t gain much from it.

Developing a website incorporates investing both time and effort. You need to start with running an analysis of your business and understanding its needs. Once you get the results you seek, it will help you pinpoint the functionalities of your site. After that, you can turn your attention towards hiring dedicated Drupal website developers and programmers. Or, you can outsource the project to a third-party development agency.

The benefits of outsourcing

The owners of medium and large business companies want to expand their business, reach out to their targeted audiences, and earn success. These business owners should consider outsourcing development work. Since you belong in the same group, you should follow in their footsteps. By outsourcing the work to an experienced and skilled team of developers, you can tend to your core business tasks. They will customize your website according to your business requirements so that it attracts customers and help you profit from sales.

outsourcing of Drupal projects

    • Saving money: When you outsource Drupal e-commerce website development, you can save almost 20% of the entire development cost. It doesn’t mean that your site will appear lacklustre or important functionalities will be missing. You’ll get a cutting-edge, new-age, and responsive website at a relatively pocket-friendly price.
    • Focusing on your business: If you choose to keep the development work in-house, you need to look into the requirements of the developers. It means you often have to turn your attention away from core business tasks and help your employees. Why would you take such risks when you can outsource the project and tend to other things?
    • Solution ready for the market: A team of knowledgeable and experienced developers will cater to your website. They will do everything necessary to create something worthwhile. You only have to elucidate your ideas and needs in detail in the beginning. The overall cost of development will depend on the complicatedness of the solution.

The cost

After Magento and WordPress, Drupal is the most preferred framework for eCommerce website development. However, using Drupal can be a bit costlier than others. Based on your requirements, you may have to shell out a couple of thousand dollars. Outsourcing web development agencies usually take around six to eight weeks to finish the job and ask for somewhere between $30,000 and $40,000 for their services. Complicated websites, on the other hand, may cost up to $100,000. There’s only one thing to infer from the data provided here – if you want something that will work, you must be willing to pay for it. Besides, if you stick to the right business strategies, your Drupal-based e-commerce website will start generating a lot of money within a short period.

Final considerations

If you manage to seek out the best Drupal developers, it will work for your benefit. It may even turn out to be the stepping stone to success. Those who are thinking about creating a complex yet attractive e-commerce solution should turn to Drupal.

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