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Are you wondering whether healthcare and fitness applications designed for mobile devices are making a difference at all or not? Just consider this for a second – today, it’s possible to diagnose illnesses using sensors that an individual can ingest and wearable devices. How do these technologically enhanced wonders operate? They work with the power of applications.

Understandably, these disruptive solutions for the wellness industry are taking things to the next level regarding patient treatment.

In this digitized age, folks spend most of their time using smart devices. A smartphone is now an integral part of almost every person’s life. You depend on them to organize your personal chores and business processes, manage your schedules, stay informed, and connect with others through social media. You also book doctor appointments and health checkups.

Such levels of innovation brought forth by top mobile app development companies in Los Angeles are now a luxury, as well as a necessity.

Groundbreaking transformations

The industry of healthcare witnessed monumental and groundbreaking transformations, thanks to technological interferences and advancements. Over the last few years, the disruptive role played by mobile apps has become clearer. Also, the pandemic is still a menace, and it’s continuously paving the way for mobile apps towards tremendous growth.

Here are a few facts you should check out before moving on to the next segment.

  • Two years ago, the worldwide digital market of healthcare was about $106 billion. Market researchers expect it to grow at a rate of 28.5% from 2020 to 2026. This growth rate will expand the market’s size by six times. Within the next four years, the digital healthcare market will increase to $640 billion.
  • Here’s another report – the number of healthcare app downloads increases by 50% with every passing year. Recently, the demand increased further due to telehealth applications and coronavirus-tracing solutions. The number of downloads crossed the 3.2 billion mark across mobile apps for healthcare.
  • The graph presented below displays how the digital healthcare industry earned $21.6 billion in 2020in the form of investor funding. Until now, it’s the largest sum of money generated by this industry until now.

Total digital health industry funding worldwide from 2010 to 2020


  • Market researchers from Accenture say that the rate of digital healthcare platform adoption is constantly on the rise. Around 74% of the user base is happy with the services they get.

Now that you know that the apps built by the top mobile app development companies in Los Angeles are trending, it’s time to take a look at the benefits they offer to patients and doctors.

For patients

A commoner may say that the pandemic didn’t bring anything other than distress and destruction. However, others believe that it laid the foundation of digitization for hundreds of industries. Digitization of the healthcare industry improves the whole patient-centric approach. It’s also maintaining the health of the patients by facilitating a smooth UX.

Whether it’s about purchasing medical products, searching for qualified doctors, or looking up ways to make lifestyle healthier, these apps can provide everything. Opting for a fitness and wellness app development solution is beneficial to investors, entrepreneurs, and established business owners as it plays an integral role in bestowing power upon patients.

For health professionals

Healthcare mobile applications made the lives of patients as easy as they did for medical professionals. Whether it’s an emergency response, maintaining health records, documenting clinical information, health administration & surveillance, treatment monitoring, or establishing direct touch-points with patients every day, everything is possible with these solutions.

For Health Professionals applications -Moon Technolabs

For instance, medical facilities empowered by mobile application-based services can manage emergency issues with enhanced efficiency. By using such an app, doctors get notified about emergencies. As a result, they get all the information they need on their respective devices. It saves time and lets doctors prepare for such situations in advance.

The game-changer

This section will tell you how an appropriately built fitness and wellness app development solution can be a game-changer.

Monitoring from a distance

In today’s digital world, numerous fitness brands keep people connected to online health platforms through health applications. Folks use these apps to keep tabs on their activities, such as the number of steps they walk every day, hours they spend sleeping, the number of calories they take through food, etc.

Wearable technology, on the other hand, revolutionized the field of healthcare by supporting doctors and patients in their critical activities. These include providing access to EHRs in real-time, unearthing patient history, and more.

Fast access to healthcare services

Before smartphones and mobile apps, people had to visit doctors physically only after booking an appointment over phone calls. Today’s mobile apps don’t just help people make appointments digitally, but even consult medical professionals remotely via digital visits.

At the moment, patients can find doctors via mobile apps with ease. They can book appointments within seconds. Also, interactive mobile applications let patients ask general health-related questions to doctors without making an appointment.

Making payments quickly

Health and fitness app solutions in the USA facilitate making payments easily and efficiently, and it happens to be the primary advantage offered by these applications. Conventionally, folks had to wait in long queues to complete the payment procedure.

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Mobile technologies provide patients with highly secure online payment platforms. By using them, people can complete payments for themselves or their loved ones within seconds.

Easy accessibility

Technological advancements have always taken the center stage in revolutionizing healthcare services. Right now, it’s changing the way people take care of themselves at home. The IT industry isn’t the only field participating in this race. Real-time technology dictates medicines, medical equipment, and other healthcare necessities.

With the aid of healthcare applications, patients can opt for at-home healthcare. Elderly individuals aren’t the only ones who can benefit from them. Folks with special needs or disabilities can also use them to live independently. Such solutions will also come in handy for people recovering from medical conditions or suffering from chronic problems.

Report accuracy

While it may seem unexpected, even doctors can make mistakes. After all, they’re human too. However, one wrong judgment can lead to lethal consequences. Fortunately, ML or AI-based healthcare solutions, along with data analytics can increase the accuracy of reports and eliminate possibility of a wrong diagnosis.

Medical report accessibility

Thanks to medical applications, doctors and patients can access medical reports whenever they want and from any location. During situations where patients change healthcare professionals, getting access to this data will be mandatory. The new doctor will be able to get to this data quickly and make decisions quickly.

Doctor selection

Mobile apps will allow patients to gain access to all the data they need to finalize a medical professional for their treatment. They can segregate professionals based on the fee, ratings, expertise, reviews left by previous patients, and their experiences. Patients can explore all these things to make informed decisions by themselves.

Apps worth mentioning

If you’re planning to invest in fitness app solutions in USA, you should check out the following examples. They’ll help you get an idea of what to create.

Apps Worth Mentioning for healthcare - Moon Technolabs

Medisafe Pill Minder

It’s one of the best health applications of 2022. It has several benefits to offer to users. The primary purpose of this app is to ensure that an individual takes his/her medications every day at the right time. It’s perfect for people who forget to take their daily dose for whatever reason.


Diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. According to medical researchers, around 422 million people across the world suffer from it. This particular mobile app lets people keep tabs on the glucose levels of their bodies. Apart from the glucose level, it even helps individuals monitor the insulin content in their blood.

Medical ID

A lot of people claim that this health application is the best one released in 2022. It’s an exclusive solution that lets people communicate their medical conditions with doctors. What makes it special is that it’s right for people who have difficulties explaining their problems to medical personnel.

To conclude

The healthcare industry has been consistently evolving for the last few years. Healthcare app development experts are only taking things further with their work. You can join the bandwagon too if you’re looking to invest in an industry that’ll benefit everyone while helping you take your business to the next level.

Moon Technolabs is an app and software development agency that’s perfectly aware of healthcare mobility solutions. It knows how to build world-class wellness and fitness app solutions in USA. You may consider visiting the website of this organization to learn more about what it can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they can undoubtedly enhance the sphere of healthcare. The way people depended on mobile apps when the pandemic was at its worse proves this fact.
Some of the best healthcare apps in Los Angeles include Medical ID, Diabetes:M, and Medisafe Pill Minder.
Some of the best healthcare app development experts are available at Moon Technolabs.

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