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Mining companies that participated in surveys reported that they were able to reduce their headcount significantly through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. It isn’t, of course, the only benefit AI has to bestow upon this industry. However, mining firms should possess the foundational blocks they need to enable AI in the first place.

Businesses spread throughout the world are gradually adopting Artificial Intelligence or AI based on this survey. Experts define AI as a machine’s capability to perform functions cognitively. Everyone knows that cognitive abilities are an entirely human thing.

Humans can perceive, provide reasons, solve problems, and learn something in the process. Today, Artificial Intelligence can help machines do the same thing, albeit at a lower level but high enough to solve numerous problems affecting a business.

The survey mentioned earlier asked nine participants, and around half of all respondents said that their organizations managed to incorporate at least one AI system into their standard process of doing business. Another group comprising 30% of the participants reported piloting AI.

1. The mining industry

Whenever someone mentions the mining industry, you fail to contemplate how a blockchain application development company can help it. The moment you hear the word “mine,” you think of a pitch-dark tunnel below ground supported by shafts and beams of metal. You picture a group of people walking around inside with lights attached to their hardhats.

Even if you’re part of the mining industry, you can’t begin to imagine how Artificial Intelligence can do something for it. However, the specialty of AI crops up from the fact that it can replicate human functions of solving problems and learning something while doing it.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that AI is suitable in every situation where iterative and incremental learning is necessary to solve various issues. It would be a mistake to look at mines from a stereotypical perspective. They aren’t primitive and obsolete spaces. Many mines out there deploy the highest standards of technologies and incorporate profoundly advanced processes.

The entire operational cost of the largest mining firms across the world amounts to $15 billion right now. Understandably, extracting raw materials and minerals efficiently is crucial.

No one can disagree that the contribution of human labor is irreplaceable in the sphere of mining. Then again, researchers from McKinsey believe that mining operations will become autonomous by 2035.

Within the next fourteen years, McKinsey estimates that the age of smart mining will arrive. Via autonomous mining systems powered by Artificial Intelligence and data analysis, the mining industry will be able to save somewhere between $290 billion and $390 billion every year.

2. The old and the new

Just like the sphere of agriculture, the industry of mining minerals, raw materials, and ores are mandatory to the survival of humanity. Other industries need these minerals to use as raw materials to fabricate their products.

Then again, mines all over the world have to put up with numerous obstacles in a bid to maintain their operations sustainably. Minerals, in particular, are resources that’ll run out sooner or later. Furthermore, extracting them incorporates using heavy machinery and skilled labor.

Hire professional and skilled developersT for old and the new - Moon Technolabs

This industry is even fraught with stringent regulations of environmental compliance, volatile prices, and the lack of human resources for staffing purposes. All these problems have been pressurizing the mining industry for the last twenty years or more.

While it’s perfectly possible to bring in a blockchain application development company to get rid of the dilemma affecting this industry, you should take a closer look at the two most significant challenges affecting the field of mining.

3. The hurdles

Here are the two common issues preventing mining companies from adopting technologically advanced solutions like Artificial Intelligence.

  • Lack of confidence in the product

The problem with most of the new software solutions popping up now and then for the industry is the unavailability of the opportunity of a “test drive.” Mining companies want to validate a digital solution and gauge their ability to implement it into their operations before buying it confidently.

  • Trustworthy vendors

Mining executives have to be certain about partnering with a blockchain application development company. You can fix the situation by gathering as much information as possible about the vendor. If it has been catering to high-profile clients, you’ll know it’s an excellent choice for your mining company too.

4. AI and overcoming operational issues

Here are the primary pathways that an Artificial Intelligence-powered system can open for your mining company to get back in business.

AI and overcoming operational issues - Moon Technolabs

  • Processing data faster

In almost every mining operation, the people in charge of collecting data do so manually. Manual methods are naturally slower and they have a higher error margin too. By using AI or Machine Learning, these individuals will be able to deliver crucial pieces of data faster while reducing error.

  • For the workers

With Artificial Intelligence, mining companies can incorporate enhanced standards of health and safety for their employees from the highest to the lowest level. An excellent method of doing this is to use simulation platforms powered by AI to train the people.

AI can also help in creating surprisingly realistic yet digitally simulated environments. In these environments, your workers will hone their skills or learn new ones. After all, if a miner is more skilled than another, he/she will be able to deal with real-world mishaps more proficiently.

  • Neural networks for predictive maintenance

Artificially designed neural networks will come in handy while pinpointing mining machinery and equipment pieces in need of maintenance. Additionally, this technology can help you measure the quality of the materials you excavate with precision. You can train the system to keep tabs on certain characteristics.

Based on what you dictate the program to do, it’ll segregate materials fulfilling the necessary criteria. In turn, your operational costs will go down, and you can avoid all unwarranted errors caused by the human element of your establishment.

  • Discovery strategy optimization

The most noteworthy reason why Artificial Intelligence holds so much sway in mining is that it can lay everything down in the form of a descriptive blueprint. It works even for those companies that recently entered the venture of mining.

If you hire professional and skilled developers to create AI-powered solutions, you’ll be able to distinguish every opportunity, as well as the trends of the mining industry. With the relevant information, you can plan every short and long-term strategy for your business.

5. Achieving sustainability

You can easily hire professional and skilled developers from Moon Technolabs today. Every mining company should start using AI-powered systems to enhance operational sustainability in this sector.

  • Reducing the impact on the environment

As already mentioned earlier, the industry of mining had to face a lot of problems during the last two decades associated with the ecological footprints it leaves. By incorporating AI, your company will comply with every environmental regulation enforced by the government of your country.

You’ll achieve your business objectives with relative ease and encounter fewer business-related hiccups.

  • Innovation infusion

Conventionally, the sector of mining has always been abiding by the tried-and-tested methods of operation to reduce losses. As it depends heavily on capital, it always ends up resisting new-age tech as it contributes to operational expenses and eliminates innovation.

AI helps mining companies to incorporate neural networks and machine learning to innovate the way a mining company excavates ores at lower overhead expenses.

6. The disruptive power

Once you hire professional and skilled developers, you can embrace the innovative prowess of AI. Before you even realize it, your company will start dominating your competitors.

Blockchain application development company for The disruptive power - Moon Technolabs

  • Autonomous tech introduction

It goes without saying that automatic tech is inevitably the area with the highest potential to disrupt the current condition of this industry. Some companies are already using autonomous technology, such as the VIST Group.

It has been inspecting a fleet of automatic trucks that keep working twenty-four hours at a stretch and in extreme temperature conditions. Rio Tinto also released the first self-directed train at its mine that yields iron ore.

  • Exploring more and discovering resources

When AI first penetrated the field of mining, business owners found it profoundly powerful in its ability to assist in the drilling process. However, AI can also come in handy in gathering knowledge, contemplating the terrain, and mapping the area.

When you connect predictive analysis and pattern matching with Artificial Intelligence, you’ll be able to analyze massive quantities of geological data to unearth the locations with the highest levels of mineral deposits and associated resources.

There’s a Canadian organization called GoldSpot Discoveries that has been using AI to scrutinize immeasurable quantities of data. With this data, the company managed to discover new locations for mining gold in Newfoundland.

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  • Advancements in sorting raw materials

The best companies have always attempted to use technologies that allowed them to sort materials. They use machines and systems like X-ray, infrared sensors, electromagnetic sensing, and laser scanning to increase the speed and effectiveness of the process of sorting.

However, if you employ the top mobile app development company to create an AI-powered solution, you can use it to monitor the mass and size of stones and rocks before transferring them to the crusher. You won’t have to rely on the machines mentioned above.

There’s an organization called TOMRA Sorting Solutions that has been using this particular form of tech to augment the sorting process.

  • Environmental impact reduction

No matter what you do, you won’t be able to eliminate every kind of environmental impact of mining. The activity is destructive, but there are ways to reduce the destructiveness of the activity.

AI can mitigate and bring down the negative effects of mining on the environment. Cameras and sensors will help you garner data that you can analyze later to find out ways to reduce wastage and pollution while achieving higher levels of energy efficiency.

The company called Shyft Inc. is already doing it with a combination of data, ML, and AI to estimate energy peaks.

  • Safety and security

With technological improvements and advancements, the safety standards of the sphere of mining have also become better. Of course, it has only benefitted companies using Artificial Intelligence.

AI designed by the top mobile app development company can leverage real-time data, sensors, and analytical data to ascertain changes in factors, such as vibrations and temperatures that may eventually lead to dangerous situations.

Your AI solution will warn machine operators and vehicle drivers in advance, prevent mishaps and injuries of all kinds and even stop machines from sustaining irreparable damages.

There’s one company that has set the benchmark in the use of AI for safety and security through the Motion Metrics and Loader Metrics systems.


Artificial Intelligence is augmenting mining safety in other ways too, such as driver monitoring. Drowsy drivers are usually the primary cause of mining accidents. It isn’t always possible for them to understand when they must stop. Besides, drowsiness isn’t something you notice until you face the situation.

One solution to this problem is to leverage the drowsiness detection capability of AI built by the top mobile app development company to alert drivers when they start falling asleep. A company called BHP uses smart caps in one of the copper mines it owns in Chile. The caps simply analyze the brainwaves of the driver to determine if he/she is about to fall asleep.

As you can see, there’s a lot for Artificial Intelligence to bestow upon the industry of mining. So, if you have a stake in it, or if you own a mining operation, you must consider incorporating AI at the earliest.

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Some of the best companies using AI-powered systems include Vale, BHP, and Goldcorp.
The only way to find a reliable agency for such a project is to research service providers in your area, as well as in foreign countries. However, you can also contact Moon Technolabs.
AI will become a must-have form of technology within the next fourteen years. Just take a look at what market researchers like McKinsey have to say.

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