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If you’re wondering what modern technology has in store for grocery businesses, this topic is for you. Here you’ll learn all about it.

The last two years haven’t been particularly great for the retail industry. Business owners dealing in groceries probably suffered the most. Also, the industry underwent significant changes – far more than anyone anticipated.

Just when most retailers were planning to shift from their brick-and-mortar stores to web-based stores, every grocery delivery app development company came forward and took the whole industry by storm.

One of the businesses in the sphere of retail that didn’t pay attention to the web-store part and jumped directly to mobile technology was the sphere of groceries. Instead of just selling from a store, the business started delivering its products to customers directly at their doorstep whenever they put an order through a mobile application.

There isn’t anything new about online grocery, though. In reality, people have had access to this feature since the late 90s, but it didn’t receive much attention until recently. The pandemic-related events of the last two years made online grocery shopping a necessity in most parts of the world.

The necessity of an app

If you hope to shift your grocery business online, you’ll need to hire a grocery delivery app development company to create an app like Shipt, Beelivery, Big Basket, Grofers.

In this tech-forward world, the presence of a powerful mobile app is mandatory for a conventional grocery business. Here’s a list of pointers that’ll help you understand why it’s so important.

  • It helps you build your presence in the digital world.
  • It expands your business’s reach effectively.
  • It helps you retain customers, particularly the tech-savvy ones.
  • It improves customer engagement and experience.

The shopping behavior of people is no longer what it used to be in the past. Even two years ago, online grocery platforms were present but most folks preferred to walk around the aisles of supermarkets while pushing their shopping carts.

Today, the online grocery shopping graph projects that the entire grocery sales via apps will rise to 21.5% in the USA by 2025.

It’s a promising forecast that gives a quick insight into the effectiveness, as well as the urgency, of getting a mobile app created for your grocery business.

The reasons

Why should grocery businesses invest money in a mobile app development company in Atlanta? Here are a few compelling reasons.

Maintaining competitiveness

Innumerable grocery chains are currently utilizing the power of mobile technology to stand up to competitors. To the customers of today, mobile devices are a means of accessibility, along with convenience.

Businesses with the ability to adapt to the changes in the world and offer seamless shopping experiences by integrating mobile solutions will inevitably convert users into loyal customers, sooner or later.

Brand enhancement

In a bid to promote their brands, grocery chain businesses often adhere to an omnichannel approach to make their companies appealing to all groups of consumers. Mobile devices and applications are now a significant part of this approach.

Brand enhancement - Moon Technolabs

By offering tech-savvy buyers interactive, mobile, and high-speed customer service, businesses can improve their chances of creating a long-lasting effect. In turn, it’ll amplify their brand while resonating with users.

Data-centric marketing

Even a few years ago, customers would prioritize brands and shops that sold reasonably priced products. Today, they prefer value-driven companies. To put it simply, you must provide your customers with easy access to product info. In doing so, you’ll increase the chances of customers buying something from you.

Grocery mobile applications can give the customer the necessary information. At the same time, the apps will collect analytical information to help businesses adapt their products and services based on the needs of the consumers.

Data-driven marketing strategies will allow grocery businesses to keep tabs on and plan product supplies depending on customer demand and feedback.

Making personalized offers

It’s safe to say that digitization has transformed the way people purchase things drastically. Today, purchasable merchandise is more accessible than ever before. Through mobile applications, businesses can provide customers with an opportunity to have unique shopping experiences.

Making personalized offers - Moon Technolabs

Every customer will be at the center of their individual purchasing scenario. Through this strategy, grocery businesses can engage with customers personally and provide them access to products 24/7 while helping them curate their exclusive shopping experience.

Appropriately crafted loyalty programs

Business owners have to reward purchasing behavior if they hope to increase the loyalty of a customer toward their brands. To do that, grocery companies can leverage the mobile environment to offer loyalty programs to provide unique benefits to entice customers and retain them. Customer retention is much more important than acquiring new ones.

According to researchers, existing customers spend 67% more money than new customers.

Through loyalty program gamification, using the techniques of the Endowed Progress Effect, retailers can leverage the power of push notifications to inform customers of new rewards or limited-time offers. If customers choose to spend money on them, they’ll earn bonus reward points.

Mixing with the in-store experience

Companies can use the services of a mobile app development company in Atlanta, even if they wish to continue to operate through a brick-and-mortar store. Grocery brands can use mobile applications to improve in-store shopping experiences. You can make things more efficient and enjoyable for first-time buyers, as well as regular customers.

Mixing with the in-store experience - Moon Technolabs

For instance, grocery chain businesses can use mobile application development to offer in-depth product info instantly or help customers find specific items in the store. Apps that use location-related information can also provide alerts for exclusive offers as buyers walk down the aisles. 

Such features provide extra value to shoppers while making their shopping experience more pleasant.

Mobile payment systems

At the moment, different types of mobile payment systems are available in various countries. As a result, tech-forward mobile users are shifting from credit and debit cards to completing transactions through mobile applications. Payment platforms are easy enough to integrate into any app through which a business owner sells products.

Payment platform integration will make the shopping experience even more seamless than before. Integrated mobile payment systems add convenience and the capability to cater to customers who wish to order and buy products directly through an app and not in-store.


If you create an app like Shipt, Delivery, Big Basket, or Grofers, it can help you contemplate how your grocery business is operating from the viewpoint of shoppers. Retailers can allow customers to send requests to provide reviews regarding items that will aid them in improving their offerings.

Feedback - Moon Technolabs

Gathering data directly from customers will allow every grocery store to tailor in-store or online shopping experiences. At the same time, business owners of grocery chains can oversee the overall supply and demand at a specific outlet.

A few examples

If you’re going to work with a grocery delivery app development company to digitize your business, check out the following brands operating in Atlanta first. You may just be able to extract the best ideas from these businesses, which may help you surpass them.


Instacart lets people buy groceries from a massive selection of stores. Once purchased, the sellers deliver the items to the doorstep of the buyers on the same day. Buyers can use the app to create an account for free, purchase groceries, and plan delivery times.

Some of the markets served by Instacart include Publix, Kroger, Sprouts, Aldi, the Fresh Market, and Costco.

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This brand delegates the task of handpicking the items chosen by a customer to a personal shopper. This shopper will gather the grocery products from a grocery store close to the buyer. Unlike Instacart, however, customers have to pay for a membership plan.

After that, they can choose the items they need, make payment, and schedule the delivery. Only local outlets of Costco, Target, Publix, and Kroger will deliver products ordered via the app of Shipt.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is a customer benefit that comes with an Amazon Prime membership. Customers of the brand who become members of Amazon Prime can place grocery orders and receive delivery of the items on the same day. Amazon prompts a two-hour delivery window for customers.

Prime members can even purchase items from regional stores of Whole Foods and schedule delivery or pickup.


If you’re thinking about the time required and expenses associated with building a grocery app for your business, you can stop now. Moon Technolabs will take care of you. It’s an app and software development agency with a lot of experience in building grocery solutions for businesses operating in different countries.

It will include the latest features in your platform, including payment integrations, push notifications, and more. The work of this app development agency will create and deliver the app of your dreams and help you take your business to newer heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people think that these two are the same. However, in terms of underneath coding, grocery apps need a lot more in terms of coding efforts than an e-commerce application.
There are several compelling reasons to do it. For instance, these apps increase customer convenience, provide them with a massive variety of products to explore, lets the business owner offer discounts & personalized offers, and more.
Moon Technolabs is an app development agency with enough experience and understanding of the grocery industry to belt out a stellar app loaded with the best features.

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