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How Can Automation Transform A Ticket Booking Business?

How Can Automation Transform A Ticket Booking Business? - Moon Technolabs

Automation has a purpose to serve in just about every kind of business right now. It has the power to transform your business of travel and tourism too.

Automation is currently changing modern businesses right down to the core. These changes have altered the way business owners promote their products or interact with their customers. Some companies have even managed to change the way they manufacture products. It goes without saying that the worldwide industry of travel and tourism isn’t any different.

The travelers of today expect tourism companies to offer smooth, streamlined, and customized services. That’s why forward-thinking tourism firms don’t hesitate to work with a travel app development company to build applications powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, machine-human interfaces, and other kinds of cutting-edge technologies.

Business owners pay for the IT services of software development companies because they have to do everything within their power to augment the overall experience of booking tickets or hotel rooms for customers. Otherwise, they won’t think twice before approaching another tourism company.

At the same time, software programs and apps for tourism companies, accommodation property management, and other automated systems are helping business owners save time, money, as well as human resources.

This topic will explain to you the perks of automation for hoteliers, travel agencies, tour operators, and every other business associated with traveling. Once you finish going through this write-up, you’ll definitely feel like contacting a travel app development company.

The benefits

So, what will you gain from the services of an IT agency with expertise in automating the processes of travel and tourism companies? How can an agency help your business, as well as your customers?

Selling faster

In the business of tourism, urgency and immediacy in making sales are mandatory. It’s the only thing that can guarantee the survival of the business. An all-inclusive system for tour operators and travel companies can automate and increase the speed at which they complete their tasks.

These include creating the tours & complicated travel groups or packages, managing reservations, booking travel products from worldwide distribution systems and third-party providers, and communicating with suppliers.

An appropriately designed system for travel management processes should set up the entire sales process, offer a massive collection of inventory-related options, and provide the easiest booking experience for customers.

What do consumers do? Typically, they send requests to multiple agencies at the same time because they don’t like to wait. Your business can cater to the requirements of these people if you automate your sales features using an ERP software solution. It will allow you to respond to customer inquiries faster than others.

Just think for a moment that you’ve got an inquiry from a custom concerning three different items – transfer, accommodation, and a three-day tour. When you have the necessary information about the inquiry and client in one place, you can create and send a quote instantaneously.

The software solution will seek out the necessary products available in the inventory of the company or third-party providers. Agents should also get the chance to compare the prices quoted by each. With advanced modules for suppliers, you can access different products offered by every provider available at that moment.

You won’t even have to log in to the system to do it. Furthermore, if you gain access to special packages and exclusive deals, you’ll become more competitive almost instantly. The system will also answer email inquiries automatically so that you can confirm availability as quickly as possible.

Once the confirmation phase is over, the software program will send itineraries and price quotations to your customers and confirmations to your suppliers.

Selling more

The services of a travel app development company won’t just allow you to sell your products and services faster. It can also help you sell more than usual.

If your business takes customer inquiries during working hours only, you’ll start losing clients sooner or later. You can solve this problem if you can keep replying to customers all the time.

By sending quotes and fully-customized and appealing travel itineraries in the language of the customer, you’ll increase your conversion rate. Specialized software programs for tourism companies will allow you to send several product offerings at the same time.

You’ll also be able to create coupon codes, special offers, discounts for early bookings, and final-moment offers. When you automate your operations, your employees will acquire the power to manage hundreds of reservations every day.

Instead of contacting every potential client separately, your travel software will facilitate automated communication via email directly from its interface. Client and supplier interactions will take place from inside the system. As a result, everything will get faster and free from errors.

Tourism ERP solutions allow online businesses to reach out to customers in every corner of the world. You’ll also be able to accept payments in every currency and in multiple ways.

You can upload and handle complicated price lists, additional services, special promotions, and policies. You can sell your products through B2B and B2C online booking, branch offices, call centers, and the websites or apps of your business partners. With a modern system, you can add these channels and manage them faster.

Businesses can further broaden their client base by integrating their system with social media platforms. Integrating your website or app with Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics can help you retarget visitors to gain additional bookings.

You can identify the web traffic segments performing better than others to build similar audiences. After that, you can initiate highly targeted promotional campaigns.

Making customers happy

When it’s about providing the highest levels of travel experience, you have to ensure your customers enjoy more freedom. You must give them the opportunity to control their trips, as well as the expenses associated with them.

To that end, you need a company of custom travel and ticket booking apps development, such as Moon Technolabs. After all, an app can facilitate mobile booking, travel product accessibility at excellent prices, customized offers, and several other abilities. These things will work together to delegate control and freedom to customers.

With a specialized piece of software designed for travel management, companies can offer the best services at the lowest possible cost to customers spread throughout the world. The module of business-to-supplier will allow providers to manage every product you purchase from them.

You can update photographs, descriptions, as well as price lists, apart from uploading packages and deals to provide accurate and updated info to every new reservation. Your system will store useful information about the preferences of your customers. By using this data to your advantage, you can customize offers for your consumers.

As your company’s employees will be able to access this data easily and swiftly, they can prioritize providing better services to every customer and manage queries or solve problems with greater efficiency.

You can also integrate your system with different providers of credit and debit card payments while adhering to the newest security standards. The program can encrypt sensitive billing information to protect the payment details of every customer.

As soon as someone makes an offline or online payment, the system will deliver invoices or vouchers or both to customers. It can also deliver useful information regarding travel destinations and products right before the trip.

You can even sync your customers by using newsletter software solutions to provide updates about disruptions, promotions, news, etc. The system will request customers to provide reviews the moment they check out of their accommodation facility. You can use the feedback to improve your services and everything else you have to offer.

Employee productivity

With an ERP system, you can streamline every business procedure, starting from bookings to yearly performance reports. Everyone knows that a machine can complete repetitive, high-volume tasks quickly and more precisely than a person.

Machines will be in charge of searching, collecting data, and analyzing the same. In doing so, they’ll save your employees’ time and allow them to focus on more important business tasks.

It may seem insignificant when you consider the fact that it takes about twenty minutes to process an airplane ticket. When you multiply it with 5,000 sales, you’ll find that nine employees have to spend more than 1,600 hours to complete an entire month’s work.

When you integrate your existing system with travel APIs, you can save time by booking flight tickets directly from the interface of your system.

Once you automate your operations workflows and sales, most of the communication with customers and providers will take place in the background. Some of these processes include sending invoices, automatic emails for inquiries, alerts, reminders, etc.

Travel-management software programs built to operate via the cloud are accessible from anywhere, and you can do it whenever you want to. These systems can enhance the flexibility and mobility of your employees too.

More efficiency

Thanks to the services offered by custom travel and ticket booking apps development agencies like Moon Technolabs, you can automate your sales operations and communications. In turn, your employees can dedicate most of their time to getting more leads and bookings.

In other words, you can increase your operations without adding more people to your payroll.

Automated systems can facilitate ordering process management, role assignments, inventory management, and create rooming, bus, transfer, and flight lists. These systems can help in organizing passenger arrivals and departures, improving efficiency, and reducing expenses.

The operation modules of such a software program can replace all MS-Excel files. The management department of your business will have a clear, centralized overview of every service booked and product sold. It can also segregate all consigned and non-consigned reservations.

The management department will be able to pinpoint unconfirmed reservations, assign reservations to some of the employees, notify them immediately, and track ongoing status. Availability reports can further help to prevent more bookings than the business can manage safely. It can also signal you when you need to restock your inventory.

You mustn’t forget that an ERP system can automate your company’s accounting processes and associated requirements. Automation can even increase the efficiency of your business ledger.

The software solution designed by custom travel and ticket booking apps development firms can send bills to the customers, scrutinize invoices sent to you by your suppliers, and track all payments and invoices.

For instance, it can create invoices individually for every customer included in the reservation, as well as in batches, at the same time for multiple reservations.

It will get easier for you to enter payments to see paid, due, and overdue accounts of each reservation and customer, apart from the unbilled bookings. If you expect your customers to pay as quickly as possible, just use the software program to automate reminders.

Importing payments linked automatically to reservations from bank accounts will help you save time.

Saving money

Not many business owners would turn a blind eye to strategies that can help them save some money. If you choose to create an app like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Hotels, ClearTrip, your initial costs will inevitably be high

However, in the long run, it can help you save a lot of money. Previously, you had to spend on data collation, mining, and analyzing everything. Now, your software will do these things for you, including supplier inquiries and the confirmation process.

With travel software solutions, you can generate precise reports on every KPI of your business while empowering the management department to reduce costs across the whole enterprise.

According to experts, almost every intelligent automation strategy can reduce expenses anywhere between 40% and 75%.

Data centralization and documentation

Problems will start cropping up if your customer communication information and inventory, human resources, and reservation-related data don’t remain in a centralized spot.

If you’re fortunate, you’ll only face difficulties in finding something present in your MS-Word or MS-Excel files or your inbox. If you’re unfortunate, you’ll end up accepting more bookings than you can handle, fail to offer the right service, or make other pricey mistakes.

Of course, you can curtail all these issues if you simply create an app like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Hotels, ClearTrip. It can facilitate smoother customer and supplier interactions by keeping everything within the system. It’ll also store all sales-related documents in one spot.

Businesses can synchronize communications from an email application connected to the system and explore a centralized page containing the history of all interactions. In other words, it can increase the speed at which you complete sales processes while reducing errors.

Your software solution will track client information based on relevance and empower companies to build in-depth customer profiles. This feature is particularly useful to travel agencies dealing with corporate travelers more than leisure tourists.

No more errors

If you create and send invoices using manual systems, one accidental mistake will lead to trouble. The moment you realize that you’ve sent an invoice to the wrong customer or an incorrect invoice to the right customer, you’ll have to start the process from the beginning.

Apart from that, you have to apologize to the customer, fix possible complications, and take care of many other issues. Situations like these can be profoundly dangerous for businesses because they may lose their clients.

However, you can eliminate this problem entirely if you simply create an app like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Hotels, ClearTrip. After all, such programs can generate invoices and process the same automatically. The moment you get rid of the human element from invoicing, you’ll decrease all possibilities of errors.

The same goes for the invoices submitted by your providers. You have to verify them to gauge authenticity. To do that, you can enter the relevant data quickly into the system. It will compare the invoiced value with the contracted value. You can also set up due dates, as well as automatic payment norms for invoices from suppliers.

Closing thoughts

The task of travel management incorporates several moving parts and associated parties. With a specialized mobile app or computer software program, business owners and their employees will receive a holistic view of the company. They’ll also have greater control over the whole process.

The ever-evolving sector of travel has become a cutthroat business. You need something to keep your business afloat in such inclement conditions. To that end, automating various business and customer-side processes will ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

While an ERP solution can do a lot of things for your business, combining it with a customer-side app can unleash its true potential. After all, the customers of today prefer using mobile applications instead of visiting mobile websites, even if they’re mobile-friendly.
If you want to build a mobile app, then app developers should be your choice. However, if you need an ERP, as well as a customer-side app, you require a software development company, such as Moon Technolabs.
The cost of building tourism apps can range from $25,000 to $55,000.
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