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Healthcare industry has also lately started to take benefits of technology in terms of outreaching to patients. It still hasn’t picked up the necessary pace for which Indian mobile app developers and top mobile app development company are working day in day out.

The need has arisen because not every time a patient could visit the medical facility and in such cases, they can get the medical attention right at their doorsteps. In the wake of providing a good and proper diagnosis to the needy ones, telemedicine could actually pave the way.

Still, mobile app developers have to take a lot into consideration while developing such apps and here we have listed few to address the concerns:

1) Device Security

The two major mobile platforms are Android and iOS and both of them deal with the different level of security measures when it comes to device specific. Today’s generation is more aware and varies about their personal data especially when it is pertaining to their medical records. No users would want the fiasco of losing their medical information and data exposed or leaked just because of the device security.

A little in tweak in the coding lines is all it takes for security precautions. It becomes the prime duty of mobile app developers to do enough research about code lines so as to make it most secure and safe.

2) Data Security

Do not get confused between data and device security as they both are very different from one another. Each presents its own areas of concern. It is in general benefit for not to store any app data on the device but it also depends upon the healthcare institution operation and function system that the app is going to be connected to.

Data needs to be stored on different servers in certain situation such as if there are series of API requests that need to be sent simultaneously. Moreover, end-to-end encryption is the key here to keep the data secured. If the patient and physician communication channel isn’t secured and the data can be easily intercepted or breached than the app developers needs to pay proper attention and take necessary steps in encrypting this information.

3) Application Program Interface (API)

It is one the crucial element in any app development process. Indian mobile app developers who want to make sturdy apps in the healthcare segment has to pay utmost attention to this factor. Additionally, app developers in India also need to focus on that their application programming interface is able to operate, function and perform all the ideal tasks of an app before making it available to everyone.

Once, the API request is made then the authentication for the user to log in the app takes place and from there, the user’s device is connected to the proper server. API is essential in order for users to continuously feed information. Not always, that an API can be accessed by third parties and most of the times if the API components are incorrect then a repository for central patients are also shut down and can’t be accessed.

4) Compatible With Current System

Nowadays, it is quite common that most of the hospitals and clinic are using smartphones, tablets and other devices and many of them have their own management systems placed in the cloud. Hence, there is a good amount of chance to create ease of operationality between hospital management system and the healthcare app solutions.

In a few of the cases, hospitals or medical facilities are not able to afford cloud-based hosting and to counter that, extra software installation can be done.

5) Multiple Platforms

Indian app developers planning to venture into healthcare and fitness apps needs to consider acquiring segment across different platforms. They also need to weigh all the pros and cons related to such app development.

Mobile app developers need to realize that users are accessing apps from all the various means available such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc and none of them gives the same feel and experience as compared to others.

Conclusively, app developers in India who are trying to achieve benchmark in this segment by providing a cutting-edge solution and robust performance needs to concentrate on targeting each platform. They also need to ensure that the app provides the same level of service across all the mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad, MacOS, Android and Windows, etc otherwise their reputation could be in trouble.

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