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Healthcare is one of the most comprehensive segments that we can talk about. It is one of the sectors where the revolution is expected and observed now and then. The on-demand healthcare app development is one such digital revolution that has made the entire medical and health industry more feasible and convenient.

Many factors have triggered the demand for medical app development. Few examples are the Covid-19 pandemic, long-distance doctor-patient relationship, busy lives of people around the globe, offers and discounts on purchasing service consultation and medicines, free medicine delivery, scheduled blood sample pickup, etc. So, let us understand what the future holds for healthcare app development.

What is an On-demand Medical-Healthcare App?

Like any other on-demand mobile application, a healthcare application also offers a service to its patients/customers for booking or buying the services and products online. We have all been quite familiar with on-demand healthcare apps like Practo, 1Mg, ZocDoc, Lybrate, etc. These apps are a perfect example of how an on-demand medical application works.

A healthcare mobile app development refers to the digital platform where the patient and the doctor or hospital can connect. Here the patients can schedule a consultation with the doctor online and offline as per the doctor’s availability. Indeed, the patients can also purchase medicines online via the mobile application. An on-demand healthcare app seeks permission to sell the medication online with the help of connected pharmacists.

What Does the Future Hold for Healthcare App Development?

A healthcare mobile app development company can rightly project to this answer because only a mobile app development company can tell you about its demand. Below is a research image that depicts the North American mobile applications market size for 2016-2027 (USD billion).

invest in medical apps development

As we can observe in the image, the mobile healthcare market is expected to grow huge in the coming years. People are accepting the digital revolutions laid by the healthcare industry with time. Nevertheless, the ongoing pandemic has enhanced the use of medical apps concerning both safety and convenience.

The on-demand healthcare applications concentrate on the following internal segments such as:

  • Online doctor consultation
  • Offline appointment scheduling
  • Online medicine delivery
  • Diagnosis and testing
  • Fitness products & training
  • Nutrition and diet chart
  • Medical Insurance

Bringing all these segments together under a single roof is one of the beautiful things and is possible only by designing and developing an online healthcare mobile app. The most important thing to note about the on-demand apps is their exciting features. It is the features that make the most of any on-demand app to be successful and trending.

Healthcare Mobile App Development Features

Clients who wish to invest in medical application development must be sure of the following features. A total of three apps needs to be designed for running an online healthcare company. The below three apps are designed differently but in sync to allow the online medical appointment and medicine delivery service to be complete.

  • Doctor/Hospital App: An app that is managed or operated by doctors or healthcare providers.
  • Patient App: An app for patients who wish to consult doctors online or buy medicines online via the medical app.
  • Pharmacy Store App: An app for pharmacy store owners to help the patients get their medicines delivered.

These are the essential yet crucial features for the success of any mobile healthcare app.

Login with Verification

The very first thing that is required for any healthcare application is mobile verification and login. The feature gives access to the mobile app user to verify the login credentials via the OTP.

Schedule Consultation

A mobile healthcare app like Practo is designed to allow you to schedule the consultation both online and offline. The offline consultation enables the user to schedule the appointment as per the dates available on the application. Selecting the correct date and time slot will permit you to move further by confirming the app.

Audio and Video Integration for Calls

Audio and video integration is one of the most integral parts of the healthcare medical app. Here the doctor can conduct an audio or video call with the patient. To help the doctor conduct an in-app call with the patient’s app, it is crucial to embed the features, including the video call integration.

In-app Chat

In-app chat is one of the exciting features. It is just like a live chat option where the patient can talk via the text medium with the doctor or the healthcare provider. Here, the doctor can text and accept pictures or videos sent by the patient. Likewise, the patient has the authority to send images, videos, and other PDF supported reports via the in-app chat.

Share pictures, reports, and videos.

As described above, the ability to share and accept pictures, reports, and videos is incredibly important as the doctor needs to check the patient’s condition via an image, report, or video call. Sharing documents and media files from one phone to the other phone via a healthcare mobile app is a must-have feature.

Upload & Download Prescription

Many healthcare mobile apps are also dealing with the sale of medicines. Here, the patients can select the nearest pharmaceutical store and upload the prescription to buy the drugs online. One of the essential features to help the pharmacist send the medicine delivery in exchange for the prescription received.

Add Health Reports

Health reports including X-ray, Sonography, Blood sample lab reports, images, color doppler files, and much more. The healthcare app development company must design the healthcare application to send and receive the various types of health reports in different supported file types.

Payment Integration

Either it is booking an online appointment with the doctor or buying medicines online; the patient must choose from the various payment methods for completing the transaction. A medical app development must include different third-party payment APIs, including debit card, credit card, UPI, PayPal, online net banking, etc.

Purchase Medicines

On-demand applications like Practo and Lybrate also deliver medicine at the doorsteps. It is one of the essential features. For the same, the healthcare app needs to be synced with various medicine dealers and stores. Uploading the prescription, paying for medicine online, and free delivery is a few of the benefits patients adore while accessing any healthcare mobile app.

Update Address/Profile

Every application is accessed via a unique phone number or email ID. Hence, each application user needs to update the profile details for completing the verification process. 100% updated profiles on the healthcare mobile app can access more benefits from the provider.

Summing Up

If you are interested in launching your next online medical application like Lybrate or Practo, you must consult an ideal healthcare app development company. Moon Technolabs provides different types of on-demand app development services, including healthcare, food, grocery, medicine, liquor, cake and flowers, laundry, etc. Consult our business head ( for medical app development details, including cost, team size, technology stack, and more.

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