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Top IDEs and Tools for Efficient Golang Development in 2023
Published On: March 03, 2023

With Google’s reputation, app developers are already familiar with Golang. Golang, developed by Google, is a programming language for creating elegant and effective web-based applications. Golang was first designed to create monoliths for Google. Still, it has since shown its specialization as the best-suited service-oriented structure, with advantages such as quick deployment, productivity, and scalability. In a nutshell, it’s the static web development language built around the same set of 25 keywords that won’t change over time. New libraries and features will be implemented as separate functions.

Golang is not the most widely used programming language. Still, many large organizations use it as Uber, Google, Daily Motion, Uber DropBox, and many more. As a web development language, Golang is preferred for several reasons: ease of use, short learning curve, speed, support, and breadth of available tools. Many Go IDE and other tools exist for Go that may streamline the development of Golang for you.

This blog features Golang IDE and tools that facilitate the creation of advanced and promising applications. So, while working with Golang, remember this IDE for Go.

Top IDEs and Tools for Efficient Golang Development in 2023

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a suite of programming tools combined under a single graphical user interface (GUI) application. It’s a terminal emulation program with integrated code editing, compilation, and debugging capabilities. 

Developer productivity is increased with IDE for Golang due to the tool’s integration of functionality, such as software editing, building, testing, and packaging. Programmers and developers of all stripes often use integrated development environments (IDEs) to facilitate their work.

Using an integrated development environment (IDE) is not required in any way to write code or build software. To write code, even a basic text editor like notepad is sufficient. Nonetheless, IDEs provide several impressive capabilities beyond the scope of standard text editing.

Without the hassle of manually setting and integrating the development environment, one can get right into creating apps thanks to the consolidated set of commonly used developer tools provided in a single, straightforward interface.

Suppose you’re working on a massive corporate project. In that case, a Go IDE (integrated development environment) may help simplify your code and speed up your testing procedures. With the best Golang IDE in the spotlight recently, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of the best IDEs for Golang currently available for the language.


The Golang IDE GoLand was developed by the commercial software firm JetBrains. The tool’s features include smart completion, inspections and rapid repairs, refactoring, fast navigation and pop-ups, code generation, recursion detection, expression types, exit point highlighting, use discovery, and formatted.

GoLand is a top-tier Golang IDE with helpful features like autocomplete, themes, and plugins. It also has various in-built development tools for Golang, including a debugger, coverage analyzer, and test runner. It supports CSS, TypeScript, React HTML, Dart, and JavaScript for back-end and front-end work.

 The GoLand features include:

  • Includes pre-installed features and integrations
  • Support for Coding (Quick Fixes, Quick Pop-ups, Smart completion, Exit Points highlight, etc.
  • Ecosystem for add-ons
  • Code Editor
  • Parameter hints & Semantic highlighting
  • Design and implementation of user interfaces and back-end infrastructure


  • Conveniently simple to learn
  • Improved, error-free coding environment with a faster editor and auto-completion.
  • No delays occur while switching between files.
  • The top choice for fixing bugs and streamlining production
  • Intuitive interface with adaptable settings
  • Helps save a lot of hassle and wasted time.


  • As it reaches its limit, it begins eating up more RAM.
  • Improvements are necessary.

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Visual Studio Code

In 2015, Microsoft launched Visual Studio Code. This best editor for GoLang editor is the primary way programs are written on Unix-like systems like Linux and macOS. Code Refactoring, Debugging, syntax highlighting, Snippets, intelligent code completion, and an integrated Git are just some of the capabilities of Visual Studio Code. 

Visual Code’s Go add-on provides a wealth of features that aid with Go development, such as IntelliSense, code navigation, symbol search, testing, debugging, and more. Go also benefits from a vibrant and helpful community of software engineers who routinely contribute to its evolution. Using add-ons designed for Visual Studio Code expands the editor’s capabilities.

 The features of Visual Studio Code are:

  • It has a built-in CLI
  • Allows for the use of a wide variety of languages
  • AI-driven features for writing code, including auto-completion, refactoring, and pre-built snippets
  • File and folder hierarchies that maintain responsive and reliable web application architectures.
  • Equipped with a robust application programming interface that facilitates debugging tools
  • The Code Has Been Updated and Enhanced
  • With its built-in Git support, you can pull, commit, and publish with a little learning curve.


  • Excellent compatibility with a variety of settings.
  • It has a straightforward user interface.
  • There is a syntax highlighter explicitly designed for the Golang programming language.
  • Usable on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.
  • The enhanced performance brought to you by your chosen add-ons
  • There was Git integration.
  • Consumes memory at a relatively low rate.


  • The UI for creating graphs might need some work.
  • Some people find AutoSave to be quite frustrating.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is an open-source text editor on Mac OS X and Linux. It’s also an excellent IDE, ranking among the finest available. Its toolset, user interface, potent capabilities, and exceptional performance are also noteworthy. 

You may get the greatest Golang development tools from Sublime Text with the help of the IDE-like plugin GoSublime. GoSublime’s primary functions consist of the following; 

  • GoCode’s code completion is top-notch (fork)
  • Real-time command output based on context-aware snippets
  • Lint check/syntax check


  • Autocompletion, Syntax Highlight, Code Folding
  • Customizability       
  • Lightweight, Fast, and Stable
  • Simultaneous Editing


  • Not Always Beginner Friendly
  •  Slow Development

Top Text Editors and Plugins for Efficient Golang Development in 2023

The purpose of a text editor is to allow the user to make changes to text documents. To create the program’s foundational Text, we use a text editor.

Integrated development environments (IDEs) are commonplace in today’s software engineering world, and this name often refers to the text editor. A big project means a significant quantity of code and an extensive database. For this reason, IDEs categorize the code and make it simple to find what you need.

The best Golang IDE also provides testing and corrections based on mistakes (if they occur in compilation). Many IDEs may be found in the current market. Any of these options will work well when writing your go program. There are many different text editors, but some of the most popular are as follows.


Emacs is one of the vital text editors accessible for worldwide usage across all of our remote build servers and is used for that purpose. Because of this, engineers can alter files on a system with an intuitive user interface, which they may access from their personal computers.

Emacs is quite good at recognizing different languages and sensibly highlighting the grammar. In addition, users can define their unique settings for their user profiles, and the software is extendable via installation packages.


  • Fast
  •  Syntax highlighting


  • Shortcuts are not standard.
  •  Sometimes certain key combinations put it into an unfamiliar state.


Vim is an open-source IDE for Golang, and web developers are increasingly using it due to its flexibility. It’s compatible with all the leading platforms and functions similarly. In addition, it can quickly process any huge file while being lightweight. 

It’s a one-stop shop for the vast majority of established text editors. Vim is perhaps the most versatile Golang IDE since it enables almost every plugin, including autocomplete and syntax highlighting. In addition, you may quickly alter the settings by replacing the file /.vimrc.

 Vim offers features like:

  • Define Shortcuts
  • Quick and easy to carry
  • Modularity and the capacity for frequent revisions
  • Significant Key Bindings
  • Keyword Suggestion
  • VIM Multi-Window Mode


  • A more rapid and lightweight operation
  • After you’ve mastered it, it’s a breeze to use.
  • Personalization is available.
  • Quick edits and the possibility of combining modules
  •   Bindings of significance that influence


  • Learning it at first might be challenging.
  • There is no information on the auto-completion feature available.


Atom is the best Golang IDE since it supports both Git and GitHub. Like many other customizable text editors, Atom has an extensive package system and support for third-party themes.

Its main features are made possible via a collection of plugins that can be easily installed and updated. Also, the integrated development environment’s intuitive controls make it accessible to those less familiar with computer programming.
The Go-Plus Golang plugin extends Atom with support for Go development tools, including linters, coverage analyzers, and linters, installation tools, build pipelines, and linters. It also has tools for testing, documentation, and auto-completion. The capabilities of Atom include the following:

The properties of the supported item will be shown in more detail when you hover over them.

  •  As a user, you may easily alter the look and feel.
  • It’s open source, readily available, free of charge, and integrates with GIT quite well.
  • There is a color-coding system available.
  • Specific error reporting and debugging
  • Autocomplete
  • Critiquing Syntax
  •  A Bird’s-Eye Perspective


  • It integrates well with GIT and provides a lot of useful features.
  • Available for simple personalization.
  • Advantages in saving time and efficiency
  • There is a color-coding system available.
  • Solving bugs and sending in reports on specific malfunctions.
  • It’s open to the public and available at no cost.


  •  There are occasions when the search engine is slow to react.
  •  Relies heavily on long-term storage

Top Tools for Testing and Debugging for Efficient Golang Development in 2023

Debugging is crucial to developing stable and secure systems in any programming language. Suppose you’re weary of adding print statements to your code only to test whether they provide the desired result.

Your Go code can be debugged with the help of the best Golang IDE for debugging. GDB offers developers access to several standard procedures to aid debugging. Among the tasks that may be performed include displaying the file and line number of the code and placing breakpoints at specified locations in the code.

To ensure the software consistently produces accurate results, testing is required. There is support for automated testing in Go.

The full set of Go’s built-in tools for test automation cannot be accessed without importing the testing package.


If you’re having trouble with your Go program, try using Delve, the original and most popular debugger. Delve’s purpose is to provide a user-friendly and feature-rich debugger for Go.

Unlike other debuggers of a Go IDE, which may be used with several languages, Delve was designed and developed specifically as a debugger for the Go programming language.

This is quite useful since it can deal with Go’s unique Goroutines, grammar expressions, data structures, and runtime, among other features and functions.

Delve is a desktop application that must be downloaded and installed.


  • It understands Go data structures better
  •  It can handle expressions better
  •  It doesn’t get confused by goroutines, etc.


A second Go debugger, GDB, is also developed by The GNU Project. It’s not as Go-optimized as Delve.

Providing GDB with the right debugging information will allow you to examine your built Go package. In addition, GBD monitors your application as it runs, so you may debug without modifying the source code.

When debugging, GDB may provide several facilities (features), such as:

  •  How to start your program and define the factors influencing its operation
  • Your software should be able to halt at predefined locations.
  •  Examining the output of your program
  • Changing your code and seeing its effects is a great way to determine its accuracy.


  •  Helps in debugging Cgo code
  •  While debugging the runtime itself


  • It does not provide comprehensive support for or understanding of the Go programming language.
  •  GDB on Windows may be a little more challenging to set up.
  • There are claims that the Eclipse IDE does not completely support GDB.


So, we have provided and explained the best IDEs for Golang. The original Golang was somewhat different from where it is now. Nowadays, it benefits from a robust ecosystem that provides developers with several choices in their coding atmosphere. We’ve looked at the top Go IDE for Golang development, but there are many more.

Moon Technolabs provides end-to-end Golang development services for building applications with cloud-based infrastructure, microservice-oriented design, and high-performance web front ends. Our expert Golang programmers are committed to realizing even the most ambitious software concepts.

Our developers are capable of everything related to the development of Golang applications, including but not limited to unit testing in Golang, the building of databases, online gaming, grid computing, and the development of Golang AI/ML applications.


Well, there are many Go IDEs that work with Golang. But according to your use, you can use GoLand or Visual Studio.

Yes. There is extensive usage of Go in Google's production environments. The server that hosts is a simple illustration of this. The only thing on Google App Engine is the godoc document server.

Check the IDE kit reviews and get enough support and information from the community. And the best way to choose the best Golang IDE for development is to try and test.

Atom, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, etc., are a few Golang IDE for Mac.
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