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Angular is a new-age web development framework that also has a decades-long history of success to boast of. With every passing day, it’s taking over almost every traditional framework, even jQuery. Even companies like Microsoft and Samsung are using the platform. As you can see, you’ll have everything to gain from Angular.

There’s enough evidence available to prove how Angular is on its way to supersede almost every conventional framework in existence, including jQuery. While it’s easy for business owners to get entangled in popularity trends and an almost decade-long history to showcase, you probably want to know how Angular earned the fame it enjoys now. So, what’s the deal? Why are Fortune 500 companies leveraging this frontend web framework?

Tech magnates, such as Samsung and Microsoft are using Angular. Other renowned brands, such as PayPal, Gmail, Fobes, Deutsche Bank, and Upwork are also reaping the benefits of this framework. Whether it’s an online payment system as popular as PayPal or an airline company like Delta Airlines, the number of business houses that are using it has been increasing exponentially over the past decade.

A bit about Angular

Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons are the due that first developed Angular, also called AngularJS, back in 2009. Today, it’s a renowned open-source programming framework. It’s the first choice of numerous spread across the world for web applications with just one page.

about Angular establishment

The initial release of Angular took place in 2016, and, at the moment, Google is in charge of maintaining it. The original documentation of this framework states that it’s more or less a structural framework used by developers for creating dynamic web applications. It allows developers to use HTML as the base template language, apart from letting them extend the syntax of HTML to express the app components with just a few lines of code while maintaining clarity.

The data binding and dependency injection features make Angular eliminate excess code developers often have to write. As all these things happen within the browser, this framework is one of the best partners to combine with just about every server tech.

The way companies use it

Numerous businesses use this framework with the support of the top angular development company to build the front end of their MEAN stack. It consists of the following.

  • Angular.js for the development of the front-side
  • Node.js server runtime environment
  • MongoDB database, and
  • Express.js web app server

The main features

Angular has an all-inclusive collection of core features. These features make it the strongest competitor standing against the framework called React. Here’s a list of those features.

1. Cross-platform development

The framework of Angular allows developers to build progressive web apps or PWAs. By releasing a PWA, developers can deliver experiences resembling using an app to the website audience. The framework even has a staple hybrid software development kit for mobile devices called Ionic. Ionic lets developers deploy apps on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and web applications at the same time without creating apps separately for each platform.

2. Two-way data binding

Angular has the power to synchronize data automatically between the view and model components. This feature allows developers to create interactive apps seamlessly without bothering about pushing or pulling data manually. If you resort to angularjs development services, you can save a lot of time and money. After all, you won’t need an army of web developers just to push and pull various sources of data.

3. Superfast performance

Angular can convert templates into semantic code easily. This feature made this framework redefine the modern virtual machine of JavaScript. Angular utilizes code written by the hands of a developer to another level through incredibly fast page loading times and optimal abilities of rendering.

4.,Framework with low code

Compared to every other frontend tech stack, Angular is a low code framework. It’s the way its creators built it. Developers won’t have to write code separately to link all the model view controllers or MVC layers. Furthermore, app developers can isolate the directives from the code, which, in turn, reduces the time they need to complete a project.

Companies using Angular

As already mentioned several times earlier on this topic, businesses of all kinds have been drawing from the immense pool of Angular for their websites. Everything from email platforms to airline customer transaction systems utilizes this framework.

The developer portal of Deutsche Bank, for instance, leverages Angular to showcase relevant API data. Conversely, one of the world’s most renowned email clients, Gmail, uses it to display the single-page inbox system, and you probably know that this inbox system contributed to its popularity. Currently, more than 1.5 billion users spread across the world rely on it every month.

There’s enough evidence to prove that this framework can go beyond all industries because of its simple and ready-to-use components to organizations spread across the globe. If you continue reading, you’ll find the names of several business firms with one common objective – using web applications and scaling the same to satisfy the demands of their clients. All these companies utilized angularjs development services to get where they are right now. Angular allowed them to accomplish what they wanted.

1. Gmail

The creators of Gmail developed it as a single-page application for sending and receiving emails in 2004. Naturally, it’s one of the best use cases for integrating Angular. Whenever a user enters Gmail, this web application loads just one HTML page while updating information dynamically based on new notifications and messages.

2. MS Office

Everyone knows about Microsoft – the incredibly large multinational tech company. It initially released the MS Office back in 1998. In the month of April, Microsoft recorded 75 million users using MS Office every day. While several business companies use Angular, Microsoft is probably the only one that resorted to the boldest approaches. The expansion of MS Office into the 21st century was mostly due to its effective migration to the world of the web. Seven years ago, Microsoft released two new standalone web apps. These apps leveraged the framework of Angular by using Office 365 API. Then, in 2020, MS Office became available to users in a packaged form containing an online yet free-to-use web application called Microsoft 365. This web app all almost all the features of MS Office brought together into a single-page view. It lets businesses and users establish cooperation between teams and create documents.

3. Forbes

Last year in April, Forbes, the world-renowned subscription-based magazine, pushed all limits by reeling in 173.5 million visitors to its pages. This publishing company favours reduced webpage loading time and responsive user experience. That’s why it uses Angular in its frontend. You can do the same if you hire dedicated angular developers. Forbes chose this framework to ensure its website can self-update articles and stories within seconds of publication for subscribers to read. In reality, the company established a clear model as one of the largest publishing organizations that use Angular. After all, this framework has the power to manage the publishing requirements of 21st-century journalism.

4. PayPal

Another leading company from the USA called PayPal Holdings Inc. operates a huge online payment system spanning the entire world. It facilitates swift online money transfers. It also works as a third-party electronic payment method that proved itself as an excellent alternative to conventional procedures, such as money orders and checks. PayPal utilizes Angular to build dynamic web pages that can support the feeds of PayPal transaction data in real-time. It goes without saying that the framework functions as the pillars to uplift the responsive mobile and web app experience delivered by PayPal.

5. Samsung

It didn’t take long for Samsung to establish itself as a monumental competitor in the industry of electronics since its inception in 1938. Of course, the brand resonates with physical hardware more than anything else, but it did create responsive front-page sites powered by Angular. Among all the businesses using Angular, Samsung managed to set itself apart as the primary leader in the sector of electronics.


Indeed, the first few stable releases of this framework didn’t exist longer the four years. No matter how weird it sounds, it’s the truth. In less than ten years, Angular earned a reputation in the whole world because it got associated with some of the most recognized names, including Microsoft, Google, and PayPal. So, if you want a takeaway from this write-up, it’s this – Angular is a framework with a universal presence and it can convert interactivity and functionality of web applications for the better. That’s why you should hire dedicated angular developers right now from the top angular development company.

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