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GITEX Global 2022
Published On: October 12, 2022

Dubai is a leading tech ecosystem. It is the best to pitch for your tech-business expansion in the entire Middle East. 

The tech city keeps organizing different events and expos, which are mostly cut with flying colors. One such ongoing event is GITEX GLOBAL 2022.

Moon Technolabs is currently exhibiting trending technologies and solutions at Global DevSlam, GITEX. We joined the event two days back and are receiving awesome responses from the international visitors who are stopping by our booth.

GITEX Global 2022: What’s So Inspiring About It?

GITEX Global has expected approximately 100,000 visitors and exhibitors this year, which defines massive progress over its last few years. If you want to enter the next digital universe with the latest happenings, GITEX Global is the best place to step in. The tech event doesn’t only target businesses with its influencing ecosystem but also powers its digital effect on the economy, society, and culture. 

GITEX has different segments and categories for exhibitors. Moon Technolabs is successfully exhibiting at GITEX Global with Global DevSlam Community. The community supports all the leading IT startups and organizations that wish to showcase their digital services or solutions to the world. And we are lucky to be associated as an exhibitor profile with DevSlam. 

Celebrating 4 Days Code With Global DevSlam

DevSlam has organized a unique community for coders and developers to exhibit their best at GITEX Global from 10th to 13th October 2022. We have participated with DevSlam to target some trending technologies and services. Our visitors get the best knowledge from our experience while discussing trending technologies like Blockchain, AR/VR, AI and MI, VoIP & WebRTC, Python, and on-demand business solutions. 

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The Awesome Interaction @ GITEX Global 2022

Anne Morrow rightly said, “Good business interaction is just as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after.” We have been experiencing a stimulating interaction with our visitors in the first two days of the GITEX Global event.

Our CEO, Mr. Jayanti Katariya, and the business team have represented our most talked about services and solutions via digital presentation to our visitors. 

business interaction

We have got quite keen visitors who have been asking and discussing us back with any questions regarding our project experience, most-talked projects, challenges we have encountered during the development cycle, and much more.

Client Visits At Our Booth

We have been fortunate for the past two days in serving different visitors from across the globe. Also, quite lucky to have captured memories with a few of them by taking pictures. Well, a picture says a thousand words- so here are the pictures that portray the success story behind each interaction we had with our visitors at GITEX Global 2022.

Client Visits

Client Visits

The Best Is Yet To Come!

Our team explored a new digital universe in the first two days of the GITEX Global Event. Attended seminars presented by Microsoft on Cyber Security. We are getting closer to the best experiences as time and event advances. Everything presented at the GITEX is overwhelming for different industry startups, from robotics to MI. We are waiting for the best business relationships to begin this year!

If you are in Dubai and planning to visit the GITEX Global 2022 Event, please visit our representatives at Moon Technolabs, Booth H9:D8. We are presenting with Global DevSlam and look forward to seeing you there!

ceo image
Jayanti Katariya

Jayanti Katariya is the CEO of Moon Technolabs, a fast-growing IT solutions provider, with 18+ years of experience in the industry. Passionate about developing creative apps from a young age, he pursued an engineering degree to further this interest. Under his leadership, Moon Technolabs has helped numerous brands establish their online presence and he has also launched an invoicing software that assists businesses to streamline their financial operations.

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