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The EPC Industry Gaining Productivity with Mobile Apps

gain productivity using mobile apps

EPC is a prominent way of procuring contract agreements in the construction business. With a huge consumer base, the industry is always running a race against time. It needs a digital solution that streamlines the whole process and helps in completion of the task in a timely fashion.

EPC involves various stages:

The innovations in the mobile app development industry have aided the EPC industry and the mobile technology is constantly developing disruptive solution that is providing the scalable solutions to the EPC industry.

The mobile technology has been a reliable assistant to the EPC industry let’s find out how:

Collaboration and Decision Making

Collaboration between project stakeholders is a crucial part as it helps in timely completion of an EPC project. Many mobile apps are present in Android as well as iOS market that are termed effective because of their seamless nature of collaborating the stakeholders.

Such apps help in

Employee Management

In many projects the manpower requirement is enormous; even if they all are on the same site the managers will need an apt solution for supervising the employees. Many latest mobile apps help in tracking the time spent by the employees on-field. These apps track the employee activity via GPS giving the manager a precise update of time, employee location and the overall costs.

Bid Management

Some mobile apps enable the contractors in:

The mobile app helps the contractors, subcontractors and companies offering quick access to crucial project bidding information.

Project Analysis and Management

The mobile apps designed by various Android and iOS app development companies are helping the contractors and EPC industry to gain idea of the market and to grow themselves in the coming future. The mobile apps are their best companions helping them in tracking daily logs, contact directories, submittals, punch lists and other such crucial updates related to the project at hand.

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Some of the features that many of these apps provide to the industry as mentioned here:

These are just a few ways in which mobile apps have made an impact on the EPC industry and with the technological advancements and adoptions the industry will get heavy benefits from mobility.

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